Thursday, June 1, 2017


Today's Top Stories

Muslims ENRAGED by anti-terror Ramadan ad

A music video which shows a would-be suicide bomber confronted and apparently deterred by the faithful has made waves in the Middle East.

New York high school setting aside classrooms for Muslim prayer

Again and again and again, sharia in the public schools. We see no such accommodation for Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, etc. This is Islamic supremacism in action. It's a violation of the establishment clause. If these Muslim kids want to pray in school, they should go to madrassas (Islamic schools).

NYC: Muslim college student lied to cops, claimed islamophobes abducted him in robbery

The hoaxes and "anti-Muslim" lies are encouraged by the enemedia and liberal elites. Splashed across the front pages of elite newspapers, the bogus propaganda of islamophobia is promoted, once again, to an unsuspecting public. When exposed as a hoax is rarely makes the news.

Fake Document Dump on Trump’s So-Called Prima Donna Demands Fools Reporters

A faked document about President Donald Trump's supposed ridiculous demands while visiting Israel apparently suckered in quite a few journalists, who believed it real.

Report: Secret Service Opens Investigation into Kathy Griffin Beheading President Trump

Trump hate and ritual Islamic slaughter. Griffin should be jailed - enemy of the state.
Of course many of the leftwing destroyers and traitors are standing with this human garbage: Al Franken: I Stand with Kathy…
The country is under siege -- a coup without so much as a shot fired. It's war.

Anti-Trump Network Funded by Soros Group Tied to Ex-ACORN Workers

A massive anti-President Donald Trump campaign is being funded by -- wait for it, wait for it -- a group tied to George Soros.

Filmmakers Pull From Tel Aviv LGBT Film Fest Over Israel BDS Boycott

Several filmmakers have pulled from a LGBT festival in Tel Aviv, saying the production is simply a way for Israel to distract from its so-called illegal settlements in the West Bank.

New Jersey town forced to pay $3.25 million to mosque

The price of not caving to Islamic demands. Not only is this town forced to pay 3.25 million dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood-tied group, but the rabat is going to be built. The Islamic society in New Jersey is allowed to move forward with plans to build a mosque, and the town that had denied it permission will pay $3.25 million.

German Finance Minister Responds to Manchester Jihad Attack: Christians Can LEARN from Muslim Migrants

The growing number of Muslims in Germany represents not a threat but a learning opportunity, said Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble, discussing Islam in the wake of the Manchester attack.

Muslim featured in UK media condemning Manchester jihad attack BLOCKED anti-terror plan at killer’s university

Neither the BBC, nor the Express, nor The Sun informed its audience that Ullah was instrumental in sabotaging the UK's Prevent anti-terror scheme at Manchester University, where Salman Abedi was a student, because it "demonized Muslims."

Acquital in brutal honor killing: “You have released Allah’s wrath!”

Twelve years after the brutal "honor killing" on Berlin-based artist Hatun Sürücü, a criminal court in Istanbul on Tuesday released her two older brothers Mutlu and Alparslan, cleared of all charges despite their confessions.

CNN: “What should you do if you witness a racist or Islamophobic tirade?”

CNN wouldn't dream of running a story entitled, "What should you do if you witness an Islamic jihad plot?," or "What should you do if you witness Sharia-based abuse of women?"

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