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Subject: Your Morning Intelligence Brief (May 31st, 2017)

Ed Note: The big story hitting the digital airwaves is the despicable act by CNN's Kathy Griffin (YouTube Video) of her holding a fake and bloody head of President Trump. This has outraged both sides of the aisle and we are calling for AG Jeff Sessions to make an example of Kathy Griffin by bringing her to justice for inciting a terrorist act against the president. If anyone had done the same to Obama, the ramifications would have been enormous. However, the Dems feel they have a "right" to be thumb sucking disgruntled morons to the eyes of the world.

Not reported by corporate FakeStream Media....France has dispatched their "Special Forces" teams to Iraq to go after French citizens that joined ISIS. Why not? --Dave Bertrand  (Twitter) #DaveBertrand (@bertranddave1)

Today's Featured Article / Report

France is ‘hunting down its citizens who joined Isis’ without trial in Iraq

France is allegedly providing crucial intelligence information to Iraqi ground forces fighting Isis in order to target and exterminate French nationals who have joined the jihadist organisation, it has emerged.

An investigation by the Wall Street Journal found that French special forces have allegedly enlisted the help of Iraqi units to ensure that French nationals fighting in the country do not escape to pose a terror threat on their return home.

Photographs, alibis and location coordinates gathered from surveillance drones and radio interception intel have been provided to assist in the hunt, the WSJ reported. 

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KATHY GRIFFIN ISIS GAG (D.B.: Just imagine what would have happened to ANYONE if Obama's head was on display....Kathy Griffin needs to be made example of and should be arrested. This is way beyond free speech. A despicable act)


Tucker Carlson Immolates Suspected Antifa Bike Lock Attacker's Activist Attorney

Amazon is Now Worth More Than Every Store in the Mall Combined

Trump Has Reportedly Decided To Pull Out Of Paris Climate Accord (D.B.: Put that in your pipe Al Gore and smoke it !)


Anthropologist Says “White Genocide” is a “Good Plan”  (D.B.: Considering that Whites are the most armed race in America?)



Stop inventing fictional threats from Russia – Putin to Le FigaroRT - With bombings in Paris and elsewhere across Europe and war in the Middle East, it’s strange to hear speculation about a fictional Russian threat, Vladimir Putin said in an exclusive interview with Le Figaro. The Russian president, who visited Paris to meet with his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, on Monday, expressed the belief that Moscow and Western capitals “all want security, peace, safety and cooperation.” “Therefore, we should not build up tensions or invent fictional threats from Russia, some hybrid warfare etc.,” the Russian leader in the interview to be published in full on Wednesday. “What is the major security problem today? Terrorism. There are bombings in Europe, in Paris, in Russia, in Belgium. There is a war in the Middle East. This is the main concern. But no, let us keep speculating on the threat from Russia." “You made these things up yourselves and now scare yourselves with them and even use them to plan your prospective policies. These policies have no prospects. The only possible future is in cooperation in all areas, including security issues,” he added. Fighting international terrorism is among the issues on which Russia and the West must work together, Putin said.

ISIS attacks an ICE CREAM parlour packed with women and children celebrating Ramadan: At least 27 dead and 100 injured in Baghdad car bombings 
Daily Mail - At least 27 people have been killed and more than 100 wounded after two car bombs ripped through Baghdad, including one that targeted an ice cream parlour. Sixteen people died in the first blast as ISIS militants detonated a car bomb outside an ice cream shop as it was packed with women and children breaking their Ramadan fast shortly after midnight on Tuesday. A few hours later a second bomb the exploded by a government-run pension officer near the city’s Al-Shuhada Bridge, killing a further 11 people. More than 100 people are thought to have been wounded in the two attacks in total. No group has claimed responsibility for the second attacks, but ISIS regularly bombs the city and had called for ‘all-out war’ during the holy month of Ramadan, which started on May 26…. The bomb was placed inside a parked car and remotely detonated, according to Iraqi officials who spoke on condition of anonymity…. Ramadan is often marked by an uptick in violence in Iraq. Last year, Baghdad was rocked by a huge truck bomb that targeted a popular retail district in the city center.

Philippines crisis: Military launches air assault on ISIS-linked fighters (PHOTOS)
RT - Philippine Armed Forces are carrying out airstrikes against Islamic State-linked militants as fighting intensifies in the city of Marawi on the southern island of Mindanao. The military unleashed a barrage of attacks Tuesday in an effort to regain control of the area after it was was overrun by insurgents from the Maute group last week…. Despite the military effort, Philippine news agency ABS-CBN reports that IS flags are still on display around key bridges into the city. Areas in neighboring Iligan city are also on lockdown, according to a statement posted on the city's official Facebook page. Padilla claimed that 65 terrorists have been killed during the eight days of fighting, while tens of thousands of civilians have been forced to flee their homes.

Sweden: Three Out of Four ‘Child Refugees’ Are Actually Adults
Paul Joseph Watson - A new study by the Swedish National Board of Medicines has found that three out of four so-called child “refugees” are actually adults, another illustration of how European people are being massively deceived about the true nature of the migrant crisis. The organization was given 4,200 orders from the Swedish Migration Board to conduct medical assessments of asylum seekers who claim to be under the age of 18. Of these, just 4 per cent were female, illustrating again how the clear majority of migrants entering Europe are men…. The results are important because of controversy over European countries accepting so-called “child refugees” who are clearly not children.
Election News
Watchdog Claims 5K Noncitizens Registered to Vote in Virginia
Breitbart - A new report released shortly after the forming of the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity finds that more than 5,000 individuals were determined to be non-U.S. citizens registered to vote in Virginia. Dubbed a “sequel” to a similar 2016 effort, the latest study found 5,556 voters were “quietly removed” from the records for reasons related to non-citizenship “between 2011 and May 2017,” according to an advanced look at the findings provided by the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PILF). Of the total registered, one-third of unlawful voters managed to cast ballots—leading to a total of more than 7,400 illegal votes cast, according to the report. The organization points out that it was unable to find any evidence that illegal registrations or votes were ever prosecuted…. In order to obtain the information necessary to perform the study, the Public Interest Legal Foundation filed a total of three lawsuits across the commonwealth in 2016. The group claims that political interference from officials loyal to Governor Terry McAuliffe (D) initially stalled the research effort…. The “alien voting” report arrives at an interesting time. In addition the presidential commission announced that plans to study similar problems around the country, Virginia is also due to hold statewide elections in November 2017.
Veteran News
Leftist Media Attacks Marines on Memorial Day over ‘Toxic Masculinity’
Breitbart - Left-wing news outlet Vox attacked Marines on Memorial Day, claiming in an article that the Marine Corps has a “toxic masculinity problem.” The article, which was simply titled “The Marine Corps has a ‘toxic masculinity’ problem,” continued to claim that the Marine Corps often “marginalizes or mistreats female troops.” Citing the Marines United nude photo sharing scandal, Vox staff writer and defense correspondent Alex Ward attempted to link the Marines with systemic sexism and listed ways how the Corps could get rid of their “toxic masculinity.” “And to be fair, it’s not just the Marines. Sexual assault has increased in other services, and even in military academies,” concluded Ward in the article. “According to one Pentagon review, there were 6,172 reports of sexual assault last year.” “So as the service tries to win battles around the world, the most important fight may be the one closest to home,” he continued. “The battle for the soul of the Marine Corps.” The article was criticized by numerous other journalists on Twitter…
Restaurant Sign Stating ‘We Have 619,300 Reasons to Be Closed’ for Memorial Day Goes Viral
Breitbart - Mayberry’s, a restaurant in Washington, Kansas, posted a sign that read, “We have 619,300 reasons to be closed Monday!” in reference to those who died fighting in World War I, World War II, and the Korean, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan wars, KSDK reported. Brandon Lee, a customer at the northern Kansas establishment, posted a picture of the sign on Facebook Thursday that went viral. As of Monday evening, the post has been shared over 157,000 times…. Ray said he got his inspiration for the sign while working for a restaurant in Missouri. “I mentioned to the owner that we should be closed for Memorial Day, and he said, ‘I can’t think of one good reason why we would do that, because people are going to be out and they’ll want to eat,’” Ray said. “I saw a post on Facebook with the number of people who have died in our wars, so I basically just put that on a sign and showed it to him.” The restaurant’s owners decided to close on Memorial Day as a result.
Video: 98-Year-Old Grandmother Writes 7,000 Letters to U.S. Troops Abroad
WGN9 - Alleen Cooper started sending letters to American troops back during World War II. They’ve gone to injured soldiers and to those who still sacrifice their lives every day. Cooper started counting her letters six years ago. Since then, she’s sent nearly 7,000, many of which are up to four pages long. Her hands are getting tired, but this grandma to the troops tells us her mission is far from over. She also video chats with soldiers to express gratitude for their bravery. “I decided I’m going to write as long as I can. And I just respect everything that you do,” Cooper said.




Trump Blasts Russia 'Witch Hunt'


NBC News          Hispanic Lawmakers Call For Removal of Official from "Anti-Immigration" Group 
The Congressional Hispanic Caucus is criticizing the appointment of a Citizenship and Immigration Services ombudsman who previously worked for a group that supports immigration restrictions as "offensive, insensitive and malicious" -- The caucus has called for the removal of Julie Kirchner, a former executive director of the Federation for American Immigration Reform. Lawmakers said she "made a career of attacking immigrant communities" during her time with FAIR. ......
San Angelo Live        Escapee With Multiple Charges Arrested at The Del Rio Border 
U.S. Border Patrol agents assigned to the Brackettville Station arrested an escapee from the Kinney County Jail. -- On May 24, Border Patrol agents assisted the Kinney County Sheriff's Office in locating and arresting an escapee. The 26-year-old man, originally from Mexico, was being held on Unauthorized Use of Motor Vehicle, Theft of a Firearm, and Burglary of a Habitation charges when he escaped. Agents were able to arrest the man after tracking him through a brushy area near his last known location. -- “Having strong partnerships with local law enforcement is a priority that Del Rio Sector will continue to uphold,” stated Acting Del Rio Sector Chief Patrol Agent Matthew J. Hudak. “I am very proud of the contribution these agents made in ensuring a safer community for our residents.”......
NY Daily News         Federal immigration agents forced to call for backup after residents attempt to stop arrest in Queens 
More than 30 angry Queens residents tried to stop federal immigration agents on Tuesday from arresting a neighborhood construction worker accused of burglary and illegally reentering the country. -- Residents demanded to know why Immigrations and Customs Enforcement officials had swooped in to arrest Hardat (Ryan) Sampat, 35, near 101st Ave. and 112th St. in Richmond Hill about 10 a.m. -- The Guyanese native was driving away from his family's home on 112th St. when federal agents in unmarked cars boxed him in with their vehicles and took him into custody, witnesses said.......
David Olen Cross -- Salem         Oregon Department of Corrections: Foreign National Drug Crime Report -- April 2017Information obtained from the Oregon Department of Corrections (DOC) indicated that on April 1, 2017 that 104 of the 962 foreign nationals (criminal aliens) in the state's prison system were incarcerated for drug crimes, 10.81 percent of the criminal alien prison population. -- Using DOC U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) immigration detainer numbers, the following table reveals the total number criminal alien inmates along with the number and percentage of those alien inmates incarcerated on April 1st in the state's prisons for drug crimes.......
Casper Star Tribune         Alien arrests and deportations up in Wyoming, Colorado  
Significantly more immigrants were arrested and deported from Colorado and Wyoming in the first few months of Donald Trump's presidency than during the same period in 2016. -- The biggest surge was in arrests of immigrants suspected of residing illegally in the country without a criminal record. -- One hundred thirty-four individuals were detained between President Trump's inauguration on Jan. 20 and the end of his first 100 days in office, April 29. -- That figure is more than four times the number a year ago, when 28 non-criminal immigrants were arrested.......
Breitbart          Majority of Swedes Think Media Lies About Impact of Mass Migration 
The majority of people in Sweden believe the media is dishonest about problems in society associated with mass migration, according to research presented by the nation's Institute of Media Studies. -- The institute's new book Mistrust of the Media, presented at a seminar on Monday, details that whilst confidence in the media is relatively high, Swedes are sceptical of reports on issues connected with immigration. -- Fifty-four per cent of respondents agreed with the statement: “The Swedish media doesn't tell the truth about social problems associated with immigration,” whilst only 27 per cent said they disagreed.......
Newsline        U-Haul Loaded with Illegal Aliens Busted by Texas Cops 
Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) Highway Patrol troopers pulled over a U-Haul moving truck in Odessa. Inside, troopers found 16 illegal immigrants, including a one-year-old. -- The suspected illegal aliens were from Mexico, Guatemala, and El Salvador, officials stated. In addition to the infant, there were 15 adults in the back of the truck, CBS7 reported. -- The local CBS affiliate noted that Border Patrol agents believe that the human smuggling operation came out of El Paso, on the Texas-Mexico Border approximately 283 miles away. A citizen notified DPS about the truck.......


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