Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Balking Advertiser Comes Crawling Back to Hannity After BRIEF Hiatus

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Pentagon Puts Down Pretty Penny To Upgrade Arctic Air Base After N. Korea Threats

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Chelsea Continues Obvious Grooming For Clinton Throne

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Could The Leaks Be Flowing From U.S. Intelligence Agencies? 
Manchester Benefit Concert Gets Massive Boost by Bieber and Cyrus 
Pentagon Knocks ICBM Out Of Sky – Test Deemed Rousing Success 
Liberal Comedienne’s Gruesome Trump “Beheading” In Poor Taste 
More Experts Warn of Civil War Should Trump Be Ousted 
Blockbuster Report Proves Congressmen Bribing their Way to the Top 
Brits Surprised to Learn that 23,000 Jihadists make their Home in the UK 
Shock Report: Comey’s FBI Broke it’s Own Rules Over and Over Again 
President Trump Fires Corrupt VA Official, but the VA Brings Him Back!
President Trump BLOWS UP at Palestinian President Abbas 

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Check Out the Awesome Highlight Reel of President Trump’s First Trip Abroad 
President Trump’s Memorial Day Speech: ‘Tell their Stories for 1,000 Years’ 
Secretary of Defense James Mattis Delivers Moving Speech in Honor of Memorial Day 
Has the War on Terror been Counterproductive? 
Bernie Sanders goes FULL Marxist 
Liberal Hypocrisy on Political “Back Channels” Exposed 
News You Can Use for May 30, 2017 
Heineken Joins Growing Globalist Movement With “Borderless” Advertisement 
Japan Ready to “Take Action” Against North Korea After Missile Test 
Twitter Feels The Wrath of Keyboard-Bound Social Justice Twerps 
ISIS Takes Over Southern Philippines, Unrest Grows 
North Korea Continues Contentious Missiles Tests, Aims For Japan 
President Trump Marks Memorial Day Honoring the Fallen at Arlington National Cemetery 
Lone Conservative Destroys NBC Panel on Russia-Trump Collusion 
Liberals only Pretend to be Tolerant says CNN’s Fareed Zakaria 

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