Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Did 'America’s Rabbi’ Reveal Trump’s Agenda? CLICK for Latest Israel News!
World Israel NewsTrump Tells Abbas, ‘We will Get it Done’; Muslim Arab Expresses ‘Neverending Love’ for Israel; Hamas Tries to Fool World with Revised Charter 
Israel Slams 'Absurd' UN Resolution Denying Israeli Sovereignty Over Jerusalem
WATCH: Trump Tells Abbas to Stop Paying Terrorists in Israeli Jails
Did 'America’s Rabbi’ Reveal Trump’s Agenda? (Read Bannon's Whiteboard...) 

Trump Optimistic About Peace; Tells Abbas, ‘We will Get it Done’ 
WATCH: Muslim Arab Expresses ‘Neverending Love’ for the Jewish State 
Even Before Meeting Trump, Abbas Demands ‘Palestinian State on 1967 Borders’ 
‘We Deny UNESCO,’ Netanyahu States Upon Its Rejection of Israeli Sovereignty Over Jerusalem 
Hamas Trying to Fool the World with Revised Charter 
WATCH: New F-35 Stealth Fighters Join Israel Independence Day Airshow 
New Zealand Foreign Minister Seeks to Repair Ties with Israel 
Israeli Minister Calls for Closure of UNESCO Mission in Jerusalem 
Pence: US ‘making Valuable Progress’ on Middle East Peace 
WATCH: IDF Performs Moving Rendition of Israeli National Anthem 
Israel Summons Swedish Envoy Over Anti-Israel UNESCO Vote on Jerusalem 
WATCH: Israel by the Numbers on Its 69th Birthday 
Saudi Leader: No Room for Dialogue with Iran
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