Wednesday, May 3, 2017



Democrat Candidate for Congress says Climate Skeptics should Commit Suicide

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CNN Refuses to Air President Trump’s “First 100 Days” Advertisement

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Democrats in Georgia have Delusional Reaction to Latest Polls

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Rush Limbaugh Wonders if this Budget Deal Proves that the GOP will Cave to Democrats on Everything? 
Hillary Clinton says she takes “Personal Responsibility” for Election Loss… but it was Comey and Putin’s Fault! 
DNC Chairman says “No Human Being is Illegal” 
Red Lines, Folly, Lies, Weakness and Strength: Obama’s Syria Failures 
The GOP’s Worst Enemy? 
Christianity Under Atheist Assault in Pennsylvania 
Celebrate Jewish Independence, Happy 69th Birthday Israel! 
News You Can Use for May 3, 2017 
Berkeley Students Take Absurdity of Censorship to Next Level, Blame Police for “Triggering” Minorities 
Hawaii Struggling to Meet Adequate North Korean Nuke Preparations 

California Taking Gender Fluidity To Strange New Level 
CNN Refuses to Air Trump Ad on Television, Censors President’s Message 
North Korea’s Diminutive Dictator Responds to Trump’s Offer to “Meet” in Signature Psychopath Fashion 
Ivanka and Family Show Serious Class In Treatment of Secret Service 
Could New Bill Prevent Unvaccinated Americans From Getting Jobs? 
Hillary Clinton Slithers Back into Spotlight to Formally Join “Resistance” to Trump 
DNC Admits to Shady, Backroom Politics During Class Action Lawsuit 
Speaker of the House Paul Ryan Promises Funding Fight for Border Wall this Summer 
Dirty Jobs’ Mike Rowe Mocks Store for Selling “Pre-Dirtied” Jeans 
MSNBC Intimates that President Trump is Insane 
A Successful First 100 Days 
Ben Stein Rips the Unfair Media Coverage of President Trump 
House Conservatives are Almost Unanimous in Support of New Obamacare Repeal Bill, but Moderates Holding Out 
“It was an Invasion!” How Hungary Ended Flood of Illegal Immigration in Just a Few Months 
The Politics of Prayer – is it a Republican/Democrat Thing? 

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