Wednesday, May 3, 2017


 Today's Top Stories

Attempt to set Pro-Israeli activist ABLAZE in Germany

Chancellor Merkel imported millions of Jew-hating Muslims who mean to finish Hitler's work.

Italy First EU Country to Publicly Reject UNESCO’s Anti-Israel Resolution

Italy has become the first country in the European Union to say no to an anti-Israel resolution before UNESCO for vote.

Muslim James Bond jailed for eight years: One-stop-shop for terrorists, jihad USB cuff-links

Samata Ullah, who was described by police as a "very dangerous individual" created online instructions on how to build explosives and avoid detection by the authorities. Those instructions were then downloaded onto USB sticks disguised as cufflinks.

VIDEO: May Day (Leftwing) Protesters in Philadelphia Chant: KILL TRUMP, PENCE

Imagine if we chanted "Kill Obama!" Leftwingers would have opened fire on us.
How are these traitors not arrested en masse for treason?

Iranian Female Footballer Thrown Off Team For Not Playing in Hijab

An Iranian female soccer player -- footballer -- was tossed off her team because she refused to wear the hijab.

Sacramento May Start Paying for Legal Defense of Undocumented Immigrants

California legislators may soon start paying for the legal defense of illegal and undocumented immigrants -- to the dismay and outrage of taxpayers.

“I’M SO SICK OVER THIS” says Mother of girl raped by Muslim migrants as local paper wins award for its “coverage” of the incident

Lacy, the poor little victim's mother, wrote me and said, "I'm so sick over this," regarding the award given to the newspaper. That says it all.

FBI Translator Marries Brutal ISIS Fighter, DOJ Cover-Up

I have seen the enemy, they is us.
An FBI translator, with a top-secret security clearance, traveled to Syria and married a key ISIS operative who she was supposed to be investigating.
Questions are now swirling as to why the FBI translator received what appeared to be very favorable treatment by the DOJ. Why? In a word - Obama.

Germany: Mother shopping with children THROAT SLASHED, STABBED TO DEATH for leaving Islam

Der Speigel is reporting that a young mother had her throat slit and was stabbed to death while grocery shopping with her children for converting out of Islam. Respect it!

UK: Devout Muslim Mocked Orlando Victims, Called for Jihad Attacks on Non-Muslims

An ISIS supporter who posted videos on Instagram calling for terror attacks on Christians has been jailed for four years.
Akeem Samuels, 22, openly promoted Islamic State and mocked the 49 victims of the Orlando terror attack who were shot dead at a gay nightclub in June.

Scotland TERROR warning: Military cadets told not to wear uniform in public

Scotland is not the first Western country to bow to Islamic terror, just the latest. Parents of youngsters in the army, air and sea cadet forces have been issued letters outlining steps to avoid being targeted by jihadis.

Macron Threatens Poland with Future Sanctions over Refusal to Take in Migrants

Polish lawmakers are furious at French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron who has proposed potential sanctions on the country for refusing to take in migrants from other European Union states.

Three Muslims Charged with Supplying Arms to Charlie Hebdo and Jewish Supermarket Jihad Killers

Three people have been charged with supplying arms to jihadists who staged deadly attacks in 2015 on a Jewish supermarket in Paris and the Charlie Hebdo satirical weekly, a judicial source said.

Missing lesbian couple from UK found in Turkish detention centre after ‘trying to flee from disapproving father who stole their passports’

A lesbian couple from London have been found in a Turkish detention centre after trying to flee from a disapproving father who is said to have stolen their passports.

Police patrol Norwegian school as students receive ISLAMIC DEATH AND RAPE THREATS on social media

Police officers are patrolling a high school (videregående skole) in the northern county of Nordland after students and teachers have been receiving online death and rape threats.

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