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Subject: Your Morning Intelligence Brief (May 3rd, 2017)

May 3rd, 2017

Ed Note: William Gheen of ALIPAC, an anti-illegal immigration group asked me how long should (we) give Trump to keep his promises concerning the deportation and DACA legislation, etc? Mr. Gheen announced yesterday that ALIPAC is suspending further support for President Trump. I responded with:

Reference "how long."

He's about to deal with a potential nuclear war and he has to meet the RINOS and DEMS halfway on getting a budget passed, (and many other things, like health care and tax reform) but also realize....he has ICE rounding-up MS-13 and others. Some Dreamers are in the mix.

He has a lot on his plate and everyone wants their "thing" taken care of now??

Also....the WALL needs to get going and more BP agents hired and trained before shipping-out thousands of illegal aliens that have financial and family ties in the U.S.

You and I know, they would be right back across the border as soon as they could. Wait until the border is secure more than it is now and then see what Trump does. It's been what?? 106 days??

Dave Bertrand

Today's Featured Article / Report

Islamism, liberalism & pseudo-communism threats to civilized world – senior Russian senator

Islamic fundamentalism, North Korea’s pseudo-communist ideology and Western liberalism are the triple threats currently facing the civilized world, Senator Konstantin Kosachev has warned.
“The three ideological fundamentalisms are currently as follows: Islamism, personified by Islamic State [IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL]; a pseudo-communism, manifested by the DPRK [North Korea]; and the liberal-globalization represented by certain elites of the West.

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Top Immigration Group Pulls Trump Endorsement Due to 'Betrayal' on Promises... (D.B.: I tried to reason with William Gheen, but like others, they want stuff done yesterday.)

Dr. Pieczenik Says Counter Revolution Taking Place Inside White House to Silence Alt-Right

Hillary Clinton: "I Was On The Way To Winning Until Comey And 'Russian' WikiLeaks"  (D.B.: Hillary has declared herself as part of the resistance)


Ex-Banker Claims He Was Invited to Take Part in Child Sacrifice Rituals (D.B.: This is Pizzagate and Pedogate on steroids)


Private Prison Corporation Wrote Texas Bill Extending How Long Immigrant Children Can Be Detained  (D.B.: Hello ALIPAC, why haven't you addressed this revelation instead of blaming Trump?)

Power in Military Black Budgets  (D.B.: What's not discussed here is the elephant in the room, secret off world operations so far advanced, makes Star Trek look like fiction)


DNC: We Had the Right to Screw Bernie  (D.B.: Right...and look at what the DNC has become anyway...a quasi communist party affiliate)

US Tells Citizens to Avoid Europe over ISIS Threat  (D.B.: Tourism to Europe is down 80%)

Democrat Candidate Tells Global Warming Skeptics to Commit Suicide (D.B.: Why is it that mostly Dems believe Global Warming is man made when the same exact affects BY THE SUN are occurring on Mars? David Rothchild the globalist said, the reason why Mars ice cap is melting is because Mars is closer to the sun...WHAT???)

Putin, Trump speak by phone, discuss Syria, N.Korea – Kremlin
RT - Russian President Vladimir Putin and his US counterpart, Donald Trump, held a phone call in which they have agreed to cooperate on promoting diplomatic progress in dealing with tensions on the Korean peninsula and in Syria, according to the Kremlin. “Vladimir Putin has called for restraint and decreasing of the level of tensions” on the Korean peninsula, the statement said. “It has been agreed to work jointly on a diplomatic solution that will settle the crisis.” Putin and Trump have spoken about coordinating Russia’s and US efforts aimed against terrorism in Syria, the statement adds. Putin and Trump have decided to “activate the dialogue between the heads of the foreign ministries of both countries who will seek variants to secure the ceasefire regime, stabilize it and control it,” the statement says. “The goal is to create the background that would help launch a real peace process in Syria. This means that Russia’s foreign minister and the US secretary of state would inform their leaders about progress in this regard." The call between the two presidents came a day before a new round of talks on Syria in Kazakhstan’s capital, Astana. This is the first time that Trump and Putin have talked to each other since the US missile strike on a Syrian airfield that set back US-Russia diplomatic relations.

North Korea says U.S. bomber flights push peninsula to brink of nuclear war
Reuters - North Korea accused the United States on Tuesday of pushing the Korean peninsula to the brink of nuclear war after a pair of strategic U.S. bombers flew training drills with the South Korean and Japanese air forces in another show of strength. The two supersonic B-1B Lancer bombers were deployed amid rising tensions over North Korea's pursuit of its nuclear and missile programmes in defiance of U.N. sanctions and pressure from the United States…. South Korean Defence Ministry spokesman Moon Sang-gyun told a briefing in Seoul that Monday's joint drill was conducted to deter provocations by the North. North Korea said the bombers conducted "a nuclear bomb dropping drill against major objects" in its territory at a time when Trump and "other U.S. warmongers are crying out for making a preemptive nuclear strike" on the North. "The reckless military provocation is pushing the situation on the Korean peninsula closer to the brink of nuclear war," the North's official KCNA news agency said on Tuesday. Tensions on the Korean peninsula have been high for weeks, driven by concerns that the North might conduct its sixth nuclear test in defiance of pressure from the United States and Pyongyang's sole major ally, China.

China Relations with U.S. Declining Fast    (
France24 - China demanded on Tuesday an immediate halt to a controversial US missile shield hours after Washington announced that the defence system was now operational in South Korea. Washington and Seoul agreed to the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) battery deployment in July in the wake of a string of North Korean missile tests. But its deployment has infuriated China, which fears it will weaken its own ballistic missile capabilities and says it upsets the regional security balance…. While Beijing lashed out at the shield's deployment, the foreign ministry expressed support for US President Donald Trump's surprise comments that he would be "honored" to meet North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un under the right conditions. "If it would be appropriate for me to meet with him I would, absolutely. I would be honored to do it," Trump said in an interview with Bloomberg. Asked about Trump's remarks, Geng said that China "has always believed that dialogue and consultation... is the only realistic and viable way to achieve denuclearisation." "We also said many times that the US and DPRK... should make political decisions at an early date, take action and show good faith so that we can create a better atmosphere for resuming the peace talks and settling the issue," he added…. Earlier, US Forces Korea said THAAD is "operational and has the ability to intercept North Korean missiles and defend the Republic." A US defence official told AFP, however, that the system has only "reached initial intercept capability". This initial capability will be augmented later this year as additional hardware and components arrive to complete the system, officials said…. Beijing has imposed a host of measures seen as economic retaliation against the South for the THAAD deployment, including a ban on tour groups…. Further complicating matters, Trump stunned Seoul last week when he suggested South Korea should pay for the $1 billion THAAD system.

U.S. issues travel alert for Europe, citing threat of terrorist attacks
Reuters - The U.S. State Department issued a travel alert for Europe on Monday, saying U.S. citizens should be aware of a continued threat of terrorist attacks throughout the continent. In the alert, the State Department cited recent incidents in France, Russia, Sweden and the United Kingdom and said Islamic State and al Qaeda "have the ability to plan and execute terrorist attacks in Europe." The State Department's previous travel alert for Europe, issued ahead of the winter holiday season, expired in February. A State Department official saidMonday's alert was not prompted by a specific threat, but rather recognition of the continuing risk of attacks especially ahead of the summer holidays. The alert expires on Sept. 1. Malls, government facilities, hotels, clubs, restaurants, places of worship, parks, airports and other locations are all possible targets for attacks, the State Department's alert said.

Belgium Bans Monsanto’s Weedkiller for Non-Professionals
Natural Blaze - Fresh on the heels of France’s glyphosate ban in public spaces, Belgium turned heads with the announcement by federal minister of agriculture, Willy Borsus, that he wishes to ban the use of herbicides by non-professionals – especially glyphosate. Borsus said there were safer alternatives, such as heat treatment, mechanical weeding, or bio-pesticides. “Considering the risk-benefit balance, there is no justification for the use of herbicides for individuals,” he said. EU member states are “forging ahead” with their own wave of glyphosate bans and restrictions even though the EU Commission is stalwartly defending the safety of glyphosate. This time period is an absolute showdown because glyphosate’s potential reauthorization at the EU level is ongoing.

Crushing Blow to Soy Processors as Chinese Grow Wary on GMO
Sustainable Pulse - A Chinese consumer backlash against genetically modified (GMO) crops is beginning to dent demand for soy oil, the nation’s main cooking oil, and could spell crisis for the multi-billion-dollar crushing industry, which depends on GMO soybeans from the United States and elsewhere. Soyoil sales account for about 36 percent of cooking oils used in Chinese kitchens, more than three times the next highest, and most of it is made from imported soybeans, which are nearly all genetically modified. The Chinese government says GM foods are as safe as conventional foods, but wealthier urban consumers are replacing soyoil with sunflower, peanut or sesame, all free of biotech raw materials.


**********************************************************************************************    (Bisbee, Arizona)


KRWG          New Mexicans Launch Campaign To Block Trump's Mass Deportation Plans
Today --- wearing their emblematic orange and yellow shirts with messages stating #HereToStay & #FightBack– immigrant youth, families and children staged a mock “immigrant detention center” outside the Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court to denounce the racist, anti-immigrant attacks being carried out by the Trump administration across the country through senseless deportations, family separations, and militarization of our southern border. -- Community members rallied together to showcase the power of community protection networks and empower more immigrants and people of conscience to join in the fight for sanctuaries of safety for all.......
KRGV        Mayor Addresses Security Prospects from Border Wall Completion 
One Rio Grande Valley mayor wants the government to finish the job they started. He said gaps in the border fence are leading dangerous smugglers into his town. -- Los Indios Mayor Rick Cavazos is talking about gaps where gates were supposed to be installed on the border fence. He said out of eight gaps in Los Indios, designed for gates to be installed, there are five yet to be built. -- A simple phone call opens the gate on the border fence near Los Indios. Cavazos said there's about six miles of fencing along Highway 281 near the town.......
Washington Times          Spending deal has border wall money after all, says Trump budget chief 
President Trump didn't get funding for a brick-and-mortar border wall in the spending deal with Democrats — but he got money to build a 20-foot-high steel wall, the White House budget chief said Tuesday. -- “That's what we got in this deal and that's what Democrats don't want you to know,” Mick Mulvaney, director of the president's budget office, said at the daily White House press briefing. -- “There's several hundred of millions of dollars for us to replace cyclone fencing with 20-foot high steel wall,” he said, pointing to a photograph of an existing stretch of the towering steel barrier along the southern border.......
TWC News        Some 20 Protesters Charged After Texas 'Sanctuary City' Sit-In 
Austin City Councilman Greg Casar was among the about 20 people charged with criminal trespassing after staging an hours-long sit-in at a state building to protest 'sanctuary cities' legislation. -- More than 100 people marched to the Texas Department of Insurance offices Monday. They chanted against a proposed measure that would require local police to enforce federal immigration law. -- The protesters crowded into the lobby and said they'd stay there until Governor Abbott agreed to veto the bill. -- "The fight is not over, it is in fact just beginning and so we're taking the fight to the streets and to the courts and we're ready to go,” said Amy Fischer.......
Breitbart          Mexican Authorities Arrest Sinaloa Cartel's New Boss 
Mexican authorities have arrested one of the top leaders of the Sinaloa Cartel who is believed to have taken power by force after the arrest of El Chapo. -- On Tuesdaymorning, Mexico's Attorney General's Office confirmed the arrest of Damaso “El Licenciado” Lopez, in Mexico City during an operation in the early morning hours. For the arrest, federal police officers and military forces raided a series of luxury apartments in the Anzures neighborhood in the Miguel Hidalgo sector of Mexico City, a locale where public officials continue to deny the presence of drug cartels. Details of the arrest have not yet been released. ......
Breitbart          John Kelly slams Democrats, media for celebrating lack of border wall funding 
Homeland Security John Kelly slammed Democrats and the media for "rejoicing" in the fact that money for President Trump's wall along the border with Mexico isn't in the omnibus spending bill. -- Kelly said the spending bill, which if passed before Friday will fund the government until the end of September, represents the biggest investment in border security in a decade. However, Kelly's ire was piqued by Democrats, though he didn't mention the opposition party by name, who celebrated that funding for the wall was not a part of that investment.......
NY Daily News         White House says budget deal provides border-wall funding --- but it does not appear to 
President Trump on Tuesday claimed that the bipartisan budget deal reached over the weekend contains funding for his promised border wall. -- There's only one problem --- it doesn't. -- Trump, giving impromptu remarks in the White House Rose Garden during a ceremony to award the U.S. Air Force Academy with the Commander-in-Chief trophy, bragged that the bipartisan deal reached Sunday night by Congress to avert a government shutdown would provide "enough money to make a down payment on the border wall." -- "The Democrats didn't tell you that," Trump said.......
Breitbart          Twice-deported Honduran Admits to Kidnapping, Raping Woman 
An illegal immigrant, who had already been deported out of the U.S. twice, admitted to kidnapping and raping a woman while he traveled from Missouri to New Jersey. -- José Amaya-Vasquez, 32, pleaded guilty in a Camden, New Jersey, federal court for one count of kidnapping his former girlfriend and a second count for “interstate domestic violence,” according to a Department of Justice (DOJ) news release.......
America Now         Judge Doesn't Deport Refugee Who Beat Wife With Hammer 
A man was allowed to stay in the country after he beat his wife with a hammer because she forgot to cook him dinner. -- Mohsin Akram beat his wife while he was drunk, smashing her with two hammers while shouting, "you've had your chance to be a good wife." She begged him to stop, saying that he was hurting her. -- Akron reportedly met his wife on Facebook and married her to get a visa, then treated her like a prisoner in their home. ......
Washington Times         Immigration courts say 12 percent of inmates can be deported: DOJ report 
Immigration courts have authorized the deportation of approximately 12 percent of inmates currently incarcerated with the Bureau of Prisons, according to figures released Tuesday by the Justice Department. -- Of the approximately 189,000 federal inmates in BOP custody, the data shows 41,554 are foreign nationals and another 3,939 were foreign-born but became U.S. citizens. Of those, final deportation orders have been issued for 22,541 foreign-born inmates, so they will be deported from the country once they complete their prison sentences.......
KRGV        Hidalgo Co. May Change Stance on Border Wall 
A possible change to Hidalgo County's position on the border wall is expected to be announced soon. -- Hidalgo County staff drafted a letter in opposition to any kind of wall for commissioners to sign. It could mean a reversal of the county's support for a kind of border wall that doubles as a concrete levee and helps with flood control. -- The Hidalgo County Drainage District came out in favor of a levee wall this February.......
WUSFS          Florida House Bill Barring Sanctuary Policies Lands In Senate  
Legislation banning so called sanctuary policies has passed the Florida House. But it's unclear whether the Senate will advance the bill in the final week of session. -- Legislation by Rep. Larry Metz, R-Yalaha, suspends state funding to local governments that don't comply with federal immigration officials. But critics said the bill raises serious constitutional concerns. -- Rep. Evan Jenne, D-Hollywood, said the measure doesn't define what a sanctuary policy is. He added only the federal government can regulate immigration laws under the US Constitution. ......
Sacramento Bee         Sacramento may start paying for legal defense of illegals 
Sacramento leaders are poised to spend up to $300,000 to boost the city's status as a sanctuary for undocumented immigrants, even as the federal government threatens to crack down on jurisdictions providing such immigrant protections. --The City Council will vote Thursday on a proposal to invest in an education and legal defense network for undocumented immigrants, with the money coming out of a general fund that supports most core city services. The plan under consideration would also strengthen Sacramento's status as a sanctuary city by turning into law privacy policies that prohibit city employees – including police – from making inquiries into immigration status.......
KXL -- Portland, Oregon        25 Arrested After May Day March Turned Into A Riot 
What started with a peaceful rally and march, ended with flash bang grenades and several arrests. -- Portland's annual May Day rally and march started about 2pmMonday with the gathering in the Park Blocks. Several hundred people gathered to hear speeches from workers right groups along with immigrant rights groups. -- About 3:30 p.m. the group started their permitted march through the streets of downtown Portland. Police on bikes where there to help guide the group and try to keep them heading in the right direction. -- The march was lead by several groups that brought families and it was peaceful. However in the back to the march was the anarchist group who seemed to have a different idea in mind....... [Related]
Breitbart          LA Times: Trump Should 'Revive' Gang of Eight Amnesty Bill 
The Los Angeles Times editorial board is requesting President Donald Trump to “revive” the infamous ‘Gang of Eight' amnesty legislation that would have legalized some 12 to 30 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. -- In the L.A. Times editorial, Trump's current immigration enforcement measures were blasted as “bullying” and the deportation of illegal immigrants was slammed for allegedly creating “more problems than it solves.”......

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