Friday, May 5, 2017


Abbas Responsible for High Salaries to Terrorists; CLICK for Latest Israel News
United with IsraelBlock Attempt to Remove Israeli Teams from Intl Football; Texas Governor ‘Proudly’ Stands with Israel; Israel’s Population Increased by 1000% 
Netanyahu Slams Abbas for Lying to Trump
WATCH: Abbas Responsible for High Salaries to Terrorists
WATCH: A Muslim Woman's 'Never Ending Love’ for Israel
ACT FOR ISRAEL! Block Attempt to Remove Israeli Teams from International Football 
Texas Governor ‘Proudly’ Signs Anti-BDS Law on Israel’s Independence Day 
WATCH: ‘My Insane Israeli Road Trip’ 
Judea and Samaria Construction Increased 40% in 2016 
George Washington University Students Reject Anti-Israel Boycott 
Israel’s Population Has Increased 1000% Since 1948 
WATCH: Young and Old Return to Zion – A Dream Come True! 
OPINION: At White House, Abbas Signals Change in Strategy 
WATCH: Israel’s Journey to Independence in 2 Minutes 
Living Torah: Holiness is Loving One Another 
Abbas Invites Trump to Visit Bethlehem 
Trump Envoy Meets with Palestinians, Israelis on PA Economic Strategy 
WATCH: Oliver North Says Media ‘gullible’ About Hamas 
Human Rights Group Slams Hamas for Holding 2 Israelis 
New Zealand Foreign Minister Seeks to Repair Ties with Israel 

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