Friday, May 5, 2017


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INTERVIEW: Victim of Muslim supremacist lawsuit must pay 12K: “I have been victimized,” “They are using their religion to victimize me.”

This, too, is a form of terror, covert terror, and it is perversely enforced by the Canadian government under the Orwellian entitled, 'Human Rights Commission.' Actually it's the Savage Rights Commission.
Jihad has many forms and litigation terror is a critical front on the West.

Donald Trump Loosens Free Speech Cuffs on Churches

President Donald Trump opened the doors with his latest executive order for churches to start speaking a bit more openly about political matters.

Conservative Professor Under Administration Attack Now Facing Biased Review

So much for free thought on college campuses -- though this is not a surprise. One UCLA professor, guilty of being conservative, is now facing a biased performance review by the very same administrators whp've already been attacking him -- for his conservative beliefs.

UK: Muslima jailed on terror charge after downloading Isis articles on bomb-making and ‘What to expect in jihad’

A Tooting woman has been jailed for downloading Isis-produced articles, including instructions on how to make bombs.

FBI’s James Comey Highlights Arrests of Michigan Doctors for Performing Female Genital Mutilation

FBI's James Comey revealed tp senators during recent committee testimony that his agents just arrested two suspects believed to have performed female genital mutilation on girls as young as six years old.

Pakistan: Three burqa-clad sisters shoot and kill man after accusing him of blasphemy

Three armed burqa-clad sisters on Wednesday shot dead a man near Sialkot after accusing him of committing blasphemy 13 years ago.

EU orders member states to DROP migrant crisis border checks

BRUSSELS today ordered European countries to drop internal border checks originally introduced to bring the migrant crisis under control within the next six months.

Brazil: Muslim throws bomb into anti-immigration demo

Here is a local media report in Portuguese. Foes of a new law relaxing criminal penalties for migrants were peacefully protesting -- until a Muslim migrant threw a bomb at them, thereby proving their point.

As Trump Meets Abbas, Victim Families Press Issue of Financial Rewards for “Palestinian” Terrorists

As President Donald Trump greeted Mahmoud Abbas, the President of the Palestinian Authority (PA), at the White House on Wednesday, relatives of Palestinian terror victims and their supporters again raised grave concerns over the generous payments made by the Palestinian Authority to the families of terrorists.

Brigitte Bardot urges French voters not to support Macron: ‘You can see Macron’s lack of empathy in his cold, steel eyes’

Convicted of provoking discrimination, Bardot has been charged and fined five times for "inciting racial hatred" because of her stand against sharia and jihad.

Trudeau rewards a terrorist with citizenship

The left and the enemies of freedom are now virtually indistinguishable.

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