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Bertrand Daily Report he War For Our Mind & Soul Continues

Subject: Your Morning Intelligence Brief (May 5th, 2017)

May 5th, 2017

Ed Note: Does anyone doubt that Russia, China and the U.S. have orbiting space based weapons (and other large platforms), referred to as "Star War Technology" by the Reagan Administration? That technology was said to have brought down the Soviet Union. Other technology is often seen as UFO's that cannot be identified as being a conventional aircraft, especially the several incidents where UFO's hovered over Minuteman ICBM Missile Sites in Montana, shutting down systems. If the westward ho wagon trains of the 1800's had seen a Cessna 172 buzz by at 200 feet, the telegraph wires would burn-up with everything from space aliens or Satan's appearance. Modern day Christians for a very long time, denied off world species existing in the vast universe and within the last few decades have "caved-in" and call the visitors as "Falln' Angels." Be it us from the future or warp capable starships coming and going....the reality is the simple fact, they are here and have been for thousands of years, of which the Bible expresses in Ezekiel. Very few of them are on the side of humanity, but many are dangerous. The war is happening (on earth and in the stars) and what the super powers have as war technology is beyond anyone's comprehension, (provided technology by off world identities) and is the basis for why the New World Order must be fought. --Dave Bertrand (Twitter) #Dave Bertrand (@bertranddave1)  

Today's Featured Article / Report

Secret Space Program and UFO Intervention

This is best illustrated in the case of former FAA Division Chief for Accidents and Investigations, John Callahan, who kept documents concerning a large UFO witnessed by the crew of a Japanese 747 aircraft on November 17, 1986. His documents not only corroborated the UFO sighting, but years later helped the pilot get reinstated by the airline that had grounded him for talking to the press.(D.B.: I was in Alaska at the time and had the opportunity to talk with Anchorage (ARTCC) controllers that watched the UFO's on radar. The UFO's continued to circle around the 747 as the jet approached Anchorage)

Unfortunately, it is rare for hard evidence to be available to directly support a whistleblower’s testimony. That is especially so when we are talking aboutUnacknowledged Special Access Programs where possession of hard evidence proving a specific program exists is a crime that can quickly lead to imprisonment for up to 10 years, and other significant penalties.

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Sanders on Trumpcare: 'Take This Bill and Throw It in the Garbage'

ALERT: Euro impending collapse, but don't worry - FX is simple



Officials Boot Parents Off Delta Flight, Threaten To Put Infants In Foster Care [VIDEO] (D.B.: When stewardess hated their title, they wanted to be called "Flight Attendants,"....what's next? "Flight Security Agents" with a side weapon? Come-on CAPTAINS be captains again instead of plane drivers and take control of your crew!)


As health care costs explode, hospitals are now trying to force patients to PRE-PAY for treatment(Natural News) The rise of high-deductible health insurance plans under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), nicknamed Obamacare, has led to a rise in unpaid hospital bills among the insured population. This has prompted more hospitals in America to require patients to pay before they are wheeled into the operating room. Thanks to Obamacare, millions of Americans now have a health insurance plan. Attracted by the lower monthly cost, many people are choosing for the bronze and silver plans, which can carry deductibles of up to $15,000. According to a poll by the Kaiser Family Foundation, nearly half of Americans already have difficulty paying for an unexpected $500 bill. The most widely used Obamacare health plan, however, has a deductible of $6,000 for an individual and double the amount for a family, which is an 18 percent spike compared to 2014, reported Reuters.

10 Impressive Echinacea Benefits to Support Your Health
Dr.Edward Group - Echinacea is a powerful and beneficial herb used by people around the world to maintain good health. Every part of the plant, from the roots to the flower petals, is bursting with vital nutrients. With a reputation as a natural cold remedy, many people enjoy echinacea in one form or another, whether as a tea, a supplement, or even the raw plant. Here, we’ll look at ten impressive ways echinacea can support your health…. 1. Echinacea can have a powerful impact on the immune system; over 14 clinical trials have confirmed its ability to encourage good health all year long. 2. Reduces Redness and Swelling - Systemic swelling, redness, and discomfort in the body can have multiple sources, including an unhealthy diet or strenuous exercise. Consuming echinacea or applying skin care products that contain echinacea essential oil can help reduce and alleviate tissue irritation. 3. Promotes the Health of Cells - Many of the compounds in echinacea support immune cells and encourage healthy cell growth. 4. Facilitates Oxygen Transport - Echinacea increases erythropoietin production in the bone marrow, this, in turn, promotes red blood cell production and increases the capacity of the blood to transport oxygen. 5. Supports Oral Health - Echinacea has been evaluated in combination with other herbs like sage and lavender and found to reduce bad breath. It’s believed this effect is partly due to echinacea’s ability to neutralized the harmful organisms that cause bad breath….



Breitbart          MS-13 Members Charged with Machete Attacks in U.S.A. 
Three MS-13 gang members living in the Long Island town of Westbury have been charged with attempted murder following their alleged involvement with two machete attacks. -- Brothers Fidel Hernandez, 23, Jose Hernandez, 26, along with Miguel Urias Arguenta, 18, are now facing murder charges following two separate attacks–including one which involved a 19-year-old male victim. -- According to a report by Nassau County Police, Fidel Hernandez attacked the victim with a machete during one of the incidents, while Jose Hernandez, armed with a handgun, fired bullets at the victim. Arguenta was at the scene of the attack and later fled on foot with the Hernandez brothers......
Fox47 News         Woman tries crossing border with heroin strapped to buttocks, is arrested 
Nogales -- U.S. Customs and Border Protection said a woman arrested at a U.S./Mexico border crossing in Arizona had a large amount of heroin strapped to her buttocks. -- Three pounds of it, to be exact. -- The photo shared by customs has gone viral on Facebook. The woman is 47-years old and is from Nogales, Arizona. -- Here is a list of other Nogales border arrests made that day......
Reuters       U.S. coaxes Mexico into Trump plan to overhaul Central America 
The United States is plotting an ambitious attempt to shore up Central America, with the administration of President Donald Trump pressing Mexico to do more to stem the flow of migrants fleeing violence and poverty in the region, U.S. and Mexican officials say. The U.S. vision is being shaped by Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary John Kelly, who knows Central America well from his time as chief of the U.S. Southern Command, when he helped the administration of former President Barack Obama design his Alliance for Prosperity. That $750 million initiative sought to curtail migration from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador through development projects as well as law-and-order funding to crack down on the region's dominant gangs.......
Texas Insider       Texas Leads 14-State Coalition Asking U.S. Supreme Court to Uphold Arizona's Driver's License Policy on Illegal Aliens 
Attorney General Ken Paxton today announced that Texas and 13 other states filed a petition for a writ of certiorari in the United States Supreme Court to uphold Arizona's right to deny driver's licenses to undocumented aliens. --Rulings by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals force Arizona to issue driver's licenses to people granted federal work permits through the Obama-era's 2012 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. In February, six dissenting judges on the full 9th Circuit wrote that the court's decision against Arizona's driver's license policy creates “a world where the president really can pre-empt state laws with the stroke of a pen.” ......
The Blaze         Is Marilyn Mosby encouraging prosecutors to use double standard for "immigrants?" 
Baltimore state's attorney Marilyn Mosby wants prosecutors to use “discretion” when it comes to minor, nonviolent cases involving immigrants. -- “As the current administration in Washington continues to increase its efforts to enforce immigration laws, we, as prosecutors, are the torch bearers of justice in this city, thereby we must utilize our prosecutorial discretion as we do in every case by considering the unintended collateral consequences that our decisions have on our immigrant population,” Mosby's office said in a recent memo, WBAL-TV reported. ......         MPI: Argues that the Border Is Under Control 
The left-leaning Migration Policy Institute released on May 4 two reports aimed at convincing Congress and the public that the border with Mexico is under control and further resources, such as new construction is unnecessary. One report is termed “A Revolving Door No More?” which cites official data showing that recidivism [the illegal return of deported illegal aliens] has dropped by 80 percent. The other is “Advances in U.S.-Mexico Border Enforcement.” -- The two reports and a panel presentation on the reports, led by former Immigration and Naturalization Service Commissioner Doris Meissner, were aimed a painting a picture of a secure border. But that depiction is misleading. ......
McAllen Monitor        Funding for 10 new immigration judges in works  
In an effort to cut down on a growing backlog of immigration cases, U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar, D-Laredo, announced Wednesday he successfully included language in the Omnibus Appropriations Act to hire at least 10 additional immigration judges. -- These 10 new judge teams --- which each include a new federal immigration judge plus support staff --- are in addition to the 55 new judges (and their staff) that Cuellar helped secure funding for in fiscal 2016. This would bring the nationwide total to 384 immigration judges --- the largest number ever. ......
OC Weekly          OC Supervisors to Consider Jailing More "Immigrant" for ICE at Theo Lacy 
The Orange County Board of Supervisors will vote on adding 120 beds for immigrant detention at the Theo Lacy facility this Tuesday, two weeks before the Santa Ana jail contract with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) expires. The proposed change to the county's current five-year contract would bring the number of immigrants able to be detained up from 838 to 958. With a daily rate of detention at $118 per person, revenues are expected to increase by $5 million annually through July 2020. ......
Breitbart          Tompkins County Sheriff reacts to ICE's arrest of illegal alien in Ithaca 
Tompkins County Sheriff Ken Lansing has worked in law enforcement for more then 40 years. He says in his experience, it has been quite rare to have federal agents arrest someone in Ithaca the way they did Tuesday. -- Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials say agents took the Mexican-national, who was in the country illegally, into custody on Cascidilla Street, in what they called “a routine targeted enforcement action.” Between January 20th and March 13th of this year, ICE agents have arrested 203 illegal immigrants in upstate New York. 148 had criminal convictions in addition to their immigration violations, while the remaining 55 had only immigration violations, according to ICE officials. ......
ABC4 Utah         Mexico Ambassador: relations with U.S. "at a critical point" 
Building a wall along the Mexico border will lead to increased tensions between the two countries. -- And the Mexico ambassador to the U.S. said his country's mistrust of Americans has nearly doubled in recent months. -- "There is a concern that words matter and we have to be careful of how we talk to each other because it affects our populations," said Ambassador Geronimo Gutierrez. -- Gutierrez was named ambassador to the U.S. three days after President Donald Trump took office. He is in Salt Lake City making various stops with state officials, college presidents and attending an energy summit.......
VC Reporter        Illegal alien deported 6 times faces long prison sentence 
An undocumented immigrant arrested in Port Hueneme for allegedly peeping and burglarizing homes in early April faces a long prison sentence for having entered the country illegally on multiple occasions. -- Guillermo Damaso, 39, was arrested on the morning of April 5 when officers responded to reports of a man running through backyards near the 1500 block of North Sixth Place in Port Hueneme. A local female resident told police that when she heard her window opening, she noticed a man attempting to enter; and after being confronted, the prowler fled.......
NewsBusters         Univision, Telemundo Cover Trump Supporters’ May Day Counter-Protest 
To their credit, both Univision and Telemundo did include in their coverage of the usual May Day mayhem in Los Angeles a surprising counter-protest by a contingent of bold Trump supporters. -- Though both top Spanish-language networks' reports were not without the usual over-the-top Trump bashing (anchor Jorge Ramos opened the report by referring to “the attacks of Donald Trump's administration against undocumented immigrants”), at the protest itself correspondent Jaime García did catch up with Raymond Herrera, a Trump supporter who showed up to basically say it's a different ballgame now in the United States, and there's a new sheriff in town.............
Breitbart          Nearly 70 Mexican Border Tunnels Discovered in 5 Years 
A report released by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) this week demonstrates all tunnels discovered were under the U.S.-Mexico Border. -- The report revealed that from fiscal years 2011 through 2016, 67 cross-border smuggling tunnels were discovered along the U.S.-Mexico border. Sixty-two out of the 67 smuggling tunnels were in the Border Patrol's Tucson, Arizona, and San Diego, California, sectors which are known strongholds of the Sinaloa Cartel.......
LA Times        California's senators just proposed a path to legal status and citizenship for farmworkers  
California's two Democratic senators filed legislation Wednesday that would shield farmworkers who are in the country illegally from deportation and create a path to citizenship. -- “Everywhere I travel in California, I hear from farmers, growers and producers from all industries --- wine, citrus, fruit and tree nuts, dairy --- that there aren't enough workers,” Sen. Dianne Feinstein said in a statement. “Farm labor is performed almost exclusively by undocumented immigrants — a fact that should surprise no one."......
Daily Astorian       Cannon Beach adopts "inclusivity resolution" 
The Cannon Beach City Council's decision to adopt an inclusivity resolution to support the town's immigrant and refugee community was met with a standing ovation Tuesday. -- The resolution, which “embraces, celebrates and welcomes its immigrant and refugee residents and their contributions,” is not the same as becoming a sanctuary city. Cannon Beach joined the North Coast trend after Astoria and Warrenton passed similar resolutions earlier this year.......

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