Thursday, May 4, 2017


RINOCare 2.0 Passes House
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Today's Articles

Documents Reveal Hillary Clinton Was Targeted By Grand Jury 
Australian Mother Who Murdered Her 7 Children & Niece Won't Stand Trial 
Republicans Pull A Democrat on Healthcare Bill: Many Haven't Read It! (Video) 
A Dose of Discernment if Needed to "Drain the Swamp" 
Looking For Frodo (To Run For Congress) 
Trump Slams Clinton After She Blames Loss On Comey and Kremlin: “Perhaps Trump Just Ran A Great Campaign?” 
Liberal Writers Say Asking Questions Is the New Climate Change ‘Denial’ 
U.S. General Confirms: Special Operations Teams Will Be Sent To Take Out North Korean Nuke Sites 
Donald Trump: James Comey ‘the Best Thing’ That Happened to Clinton 
McCain Complains About Trump’s ‘Disturbing’ Praise Of Dictators 
The ’51st U.S. State’ Declares Bankruptcy As Corporate Insiders Sell Stocks At The Fastest Rate Since The Last Financial Crisis 
A Porn Star Cried Out In Desperation And Asked God To Show Her That He Is Real – Guess What Happened Next? 
This 1952 Planned Parenthood Pamphlet Stated Abortion "Kills the Life of the Baby" & is "Dangerous" to the Mother 
Reports: University of Texas Student Helps Stops Mass Stabbing with Gun 
FBI Director Comey Made Inconsistent Statements About Trump Dossier 

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