Thursday, May 4, 2017


Snowflake Super Model Wants Trump To Pay Medical Bills For “Anxiety” 

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Colbert Defiant After Homophobic Rant, Refuses to Apologize 

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Facebook Bolstering Censorship Team Under “Hate Speech” Ruse 

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Media’s Liberal Slant Causes Record Number of Cable Cutters in Last Quarter 
Liberals Rewrite Bill Nye History to Push Transgender Agenda 
North Korea Slinging Insults At EVERYONE, Including Supposed Allies 
Russia Sends Jets, Bombers Toward Alaska – U.S. Intercepts 
Red Lines, Folly, Lies, Weakness and Strength: Donald Trump Saves the Day 
TSA Issues Serious Warning Over Truck Ramming Attacks 
Maxine Waters Caught Lying about Lying… Again 
Another End of the World Prediction 
BIG DAY: Health Care Showdown Scheduled for Thursday 
New Obama Biography Reveals Cocaine Use and Infidelity of Future POTUS 

Young Europeans Poised For Revolt Against Elite, Poll Shows 
Former Obama Aide Declines to Testify in Russian Election Probe 
Trump Taunts N. Korea With Successful Nuke-Capable ICBM Launches 
Iran Enters Submarine Missile Game Ahead of Possible World War 
Preparations to Take Out North Korea’s Nukes Complete Says Military 
Horror in Massachusetts: Driver Plows Car Into Crowd, Killing Auto Auction Attendees 
Rush Limbaugh Wonders if this Budget Deal Proves that the GOP will Cave to Democrats on Everything? 
Hillary Clinton says she takes “Personal Responsibility” for Election Loss… but it was Comey and Putin’s Fault! 
DNC Chairman says “No Human Being is Illegal” 
Red Lines, Folly, Lies, Weakness and Strength: Obama’s Syria Failures 
The GOP’s Worst Enemy? 
Christianity Under Atheist Assault in Pennsylvania 
Celebrate Jewish Independence, Happy 69th Birthday Israel! 
News You Can Use for May 3, 2017 
Berkeley Students Take Absurdity of Censorship to Next Level, Blame Police for “Triggering” Minorities 

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