Monday, May 22, 2017


Update: Suicide Bomber Suspected, Concert Terror as Explosion Leads to Multiple Fatalities and Injuries 

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Clint Eastwood Blast Political Correctness…And He’s Exactly Right 

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White House Budget Plan Saves Taxpayers in a YUGE Way 

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New List of Trump Accomplishments Proves Liberals Wrong 
Conservative Argues Press “Criminalizing” Trump, Making “Fake News Stories” into “Facts” 
Trump MidEast Trip Earning Rave Reviews, Media Surprised 
Scholar calls Trump-Russia Collusion Story “A Big Lie” 
Texas Takes Common Sense Route on Transgender Bathrooms 
Michael Flynn Eviscerates Senate “Fishing Expedition”, Defies Subpoena 
Trump Capable of “Impossible” Feats According to Egyptian President 
DNC Begins to Panic as Seth Rich Story Continues to Gain Traction 
Still… No Evidence of Life 
National Security Advisor McMaster says Media has “Hamstrung” Trump’s Ability to Accomplish Anything in Regards to Russia 

Media Began Calling for Trump Impeachment 3 Days BEFORE Inauguration 
President Trump Delivers Powerful Message of Peace in the Middle East, tells Muslim Nations to Confront Terrorism and “Drive it Out” 
Middle Eastern Leaders Believe Trump is the Right Man to Bring Peace to the Region 
President Trump Promises America He’ll Demand Change from the Muslim World 
The End of the Collusion “BS” 
Atheist Makes Up Bible Verse Uses it to Criticize Christians 
News You Can Use for May 22, 2017 
Google Bias On Full Display After Ailes’ Passing 
Corruption at The Pentagon: DOD Slush Fund Sniffed Out 
China Executed U.S. Spies Claims New Report 
Kim Jong Un Continues Provocative Missile Launches, Conflict Now Imminent 
Parental Drug Abuse Forced 85,000 Children into Foster Care in 2015 
Liberal Media Angry about Repeal of the Energy Star Program 
Millennials are Ignoring the Old Economic Advice 
News You Can Use for May 21, 2017 

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