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Roy Moore Is Under Attack From Mitch McConnell! The Senate Leadership Fund Has Put A Target On Roy Moore's Back! Will You Help Fight Back?

Roy Moore
 “I have had a lot of study in the Constitution of the United States. I understand its meaning, and I understand how far away we’ve drifted from that document. Underlying all of this is virtue and morality, which comes from God, and we’re trying to deny that God upon which our morality is founded.” - Roy Moore
The RNC wants Luther Strange to defeat Roy Moore. The National GOP and Mitch McConnell are doing everything they can to attack Roy Moore with a vicious smear campaign. 
From World Net Daily: 
Moore finds it a bit odd that the National Republican Senatorial Committee, or NRSC, is all-in for a man appointed to the Senate just three months ago.
“He was appointed by the (former) governor and the law provided that an election should be held forthwith, so treating him as an incumbent isn’t exactly what they should be doing,” said Moore, who pointed out the NRSC’s money plans were announced after Moore got in the race last month.
“They didn’t do it about anybody else but me. They did it after I announced that I was in the race,” Moore said. “They restricted consultants. They imposed large amounts of money for Sen. Strange. They did it because I’m in the race, and they know that I will not follow the agenda of anyone else. I’ll do what I believe is right under the Constitution and in the sight of the people of this state.”
Moore’s comments on consultants refers to the NRSC warning any political operatives that they will never work with the group again if they offer assistance to any of Strange’s rivals.
However, Moore also thinks the NRSC is wasting its money.
“Trying to control the people of Alabama just doesn’t work, and it’s futile to do so,” he said. “They know better than to be controlled by people in Washington, D.C. They see me as an outsider. I recognize I’m not an insider to Washington, D.C.”
Your support is needed to help Roy Moore win the Alabama U.S. Senate special election. The election is being held to fill Jeff Sessions' former Senate seat and the primary takes place in August! Your contribution of $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1000, or more, is needed to support Roy Moore with voter outreach and advertising. 
Roy Moore is a proven defender of conservative principles. He has a record of standing up to the federal Supreme Court during his time as Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. In fact, he refused to issue gay marriage licenses even though the federal Supreme Court demanded that he do so. As a true conservative Christian, he also stood up to Washington and refused to remove the Ten Commandments from the Alabama State Supreme Court. 
“All the issues that arise in the Senate, whether it be foreign relations, the military, health care, domestic issues, immigration all go back to a basic understanding of what the federal government should do and what it should not do. The 10th Amendment, as we know, says the powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution or prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively or the people. Yet we see the federal government, particularly in the judicial branch, stepping into state powers like marriage and divorce and dictating issues they have no jurisdiction over.” - Roy Moore 
This race is too close to call. The field is very crowded between conservative patriot Roy Moore, shady "incumbent" Luther Strange, and U.S. Rep Mo Brooks. Mitch McConnell's Senate Leadership Fund is spending $2.6 million to attack Roy Moore and your support is needed to fight back!
Mitch McConnell's hand picked candidate is former Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange. Disgraced former Alabama Governor Robert Bentley appointed Luther Strange to the U.S. Senate in return for a corrupt promise to not investigate the use of taxpayer funds to cover up an affair in the Governor's mansion! Luther Strange's appointment is shady! 
Will you help elect Roy Moore win the Alabama U.S. Senate race? In the Senate, he will work to fight illegal immigration, balance the budget, and defend the Second Amendment. He will also work to build a wall on the border, ban Muslim immigration, and repeal ObamaCare. Please contribute $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1000, or more, to support Roy Moore!
Also, checks can be mailed to:
Patriots For Economic Freedom

P.O. Box 90
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