Thursday, May 18, 2017


Special Prosecutor Named For Russia Probe, Investigation Moving Forward 

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Republicans Begin To Raise Specter of Impeachment in Washington

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Mr. Clarke Goes To Washington: Sheriff David Clarke Joining Homeland Security 

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Kim Jong Un’s Mishaps Won’t Deter Seattle’s Disaster Prep 
More Washington Turncoats Outed By Leak-A-Palooza: Trump Paid By Putin? 
Stocks Get Rocked As Washington D.C. Turns Dicey 
McCain Dusts off “Snake In The Grass” Routine to Attack Trump…Again 
Remembering the many Obama Leaks that the Media Never Cared About 
Democrats Plan “Summer Camps” to teach Liberals how to “Resist” 
Indiana Bans Sanctuary Campuses 
The Comey Memo won’t be what the Media Hopes 
The Mafia has Nothing on the Corrupt Democrat Party 
Shock News: Did the Department of Defense Wrongfully Kick out Thousands of Soldiers? 

Another Surge Coming for Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan? 
Under Siege | Political Cartoon | By A.F. Branco 
Is Seth Rich’s Murder Being Covered Up? 
Should Trump Fire Everyone and Start Over? 
Dilbert Comic Exposes the Massive Fraud of Climate Change 
News You Can Use for May 17, 2017 
Delta Tapping Big Brother Tech to Reduce Wait Times at Baggage Check 
The New Yorker Claims That The American Revolution Was A Mistake 
Trump’s “Police Week” Not The Only Blue Lives Matter Story This Week 
WHITE HOUSE LOCKDOWN: Yet Another Fence Jumper in Washington 
Israeli Housing Minister Floats Bold Idea for Dealing with Syria 
Of Course: Dim-Witted Democrats Prematurely Shrieking for Impeachment
Senator Ben Sasse says America has allowed our Young Adults to Act as Children 
Why the Seth Rich Story is the Most Important Story 
Democrats didn’t Care when Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama Revealed Classified Intel 

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