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The War For Our Mind & Soul Continues

Former FBI Comey Facing Multiple Felonies

May 18th, 2017

By Capt. Dave Bertrand (Ret.)
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The Hannity Report (link) is an outline of how serious the situation in Washington D.C. has become, paralyzing the entire nation from conducting serious business and presents a National Security issue of which may not be settled anytime soon.

Lou Dobbs says that "we are now at war."

Political and historian analysts agree, if the Communist Dems succeed, blood will spill across America  

The "Deep State" is attempting to destroy this president after THEY were hit across the head by a 2 x 4 on the night of the election.

Hannity presents an expose' of how absurd the Dems have become and the threat each one of them pose for America....including Neocons like John McCain. (See video below)

Note: A compiled list of the main culprits leading this coup against the Republic is needed and should be made available for when the time comes and arrests are necessary. Patriotic Americans are NOT going to sit back and allow this coup to succeed.

Sean Hannity also points-out the fact that "former FBI Comey has committed a felony and could face 3 years in prison" if AG Jeff Sessions would only act now. If the "memo" Comey wrote to himself is real and authentic, at the time that President Trump supposedly asked Comey to end the investigation against Flynn, Comey was then obligated by law to report that misconduct (immediately), but yet the "memo" scandal shows up much later and has yet been officially looked at. Note: Comey wrote the "memo" to himself.....

It should also be pointed-out, if the (self written memo) justifies a real "obstruction of justice" by President Trump and can be proven, then Comey ALSO faces perjury charges for his May 6th testimony to Congress, stating that he was "not aware of any political attempt" to stop an investigation of Flynn.

Americans face a challenge like no other since 1775 when the Revolution was in the beginning stages as skirmishes broke out in various locations within the 13 colonies. We are there again....

Hannity goes to great lengths to provide the truth about the clear and present danger we all face, and we could easily see Hannity on the chopping block at FoxNews because of this report you must watch and spread around the world. 

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