Thursday, May 18, 2017


Was Comey Lying then or Now? 

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Geraldo Rivera Slams Anti-Trump Media 

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Is Susan Rice Hunting for an Immunity Deal? 

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Dianne Feinstein Admits STILL “No Evidence” of Trump Wrongdoing 
Conservative Leader Wonders ‘Where is the Crime?’ 
You’ll Never Guess Who Might be the Next FBI Director 
The Rumors were True – Rep. Jason Chaffetz Announces Retirement 
Liberal Democrat who has been Calling for Impeachment Admits “No Evidence” of Collusion 
Wherein I Agree with Oprah – Money will Never be Enough 
Memos of Revenge 
Breaking: Unnamed Sources says Liberal Media Elites are Terrible! 
Democrats say Ignore any Evidence Linking our Staff to WikiLeaks 
Massive Latino Gang Bust in LA Neuters Deadly MS-13 Organization 

Ghastly Scene in Times Square Has NYC Citizens Spooked 
Are Police Preparing for Trump Impeachment Riots? 
DEMOCRAT Warns Against Deep State Trump Coup: Clear and Present Danger To U.S. 
BREAKING: Roger Ailes Reported Dead 
The D.C. Swamp Comes for Trump 
North Korea Sees Writing on The Wall, Preps For Cruise Missile Strike 
Trump Gets Fooled by Fake Global Cooling Image, but there’s More to the Story 
News You Can Use for May 18, 2017 
Kim Jong Un’s Mishaps Won’t Deter Seattle’s Disaster Prep 
More Washington Turncoats Outed By Leak-A-Palooza: Trump Paid By Putin? 
Stocks Get Rocked As Washington D.C. Turns Dicey 
McCain Dusts off “Snake In The Grass” Routine to Attack Trump…Again 
Remembering the many Obama Leaks that the Media Never Cared About 
Democrats Plan “Summer Camps” to teach Liberals how to “Resist” 
Indiana Bans Sanctuary Campuses 

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