Thursday, April 13, 2017


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Democrats Obstruct 
Attorney General Laxalt's Public Safety Bills

 Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt has been at the forefront of the effort to protect Nevada's most vulnerable citizens. He has aggressively pursued justice in cases involving abuse of the elderly, financial fraud, sex trafficking and others as well.
Outrageously, the Democrats controlling the state legislature continue to stand in the way of some of Attorney General Laxalt's most important, common-sense bills to protect Nevadans.

A recent Reno Gazette-Journal story highlighted the Attorney General's bills, showing he has made it a top priority during this Legislative Session to combat domestic violence here in Nevada.
"Supporting our victims of crime, including victims of domestic violence and human trafficking, remain a priority for me as I continue to look for ways to ensure our vulnerable populations are well-served," Laxalt said. "These bills are the result of my desire to assist Nevada's victims and provide additional support to them through provisions and enhancements in the law."

In one particularly egregious case, Democrat leaders have thus far refused to even give a hearing to Assembly Bill 59, which would promote public safety by imposing additional conditions on sex offenders. 

Democrats have also obstructed bills, introduced by Laxalt, that would, 

  • Address the state's backlog of sexual assault kits.
  • Increase penalties for repeat domestic violence abusers.
  • Make knowingly soliciting a child 14 or under for prostitution a sex-trafficking crime.
Fortunately, some in the media have called the Democrats out on the partisan games they're playing with public safety - specifically, their attempts to undermine a Republican Attorney General with a bright future in public service.
Sean Whaley of the Las Vegas Review-Journal called the Democrats' tactics "posturing for the next election cycle," and added that "what they (Democrats) have is a person, the attorney general, who may run for governor in 2018. He has raised a lot of money and the last thing the Democrats want to do is give him a leg up in a campaign."

Las Vegas Review-Journal columnist, Victor Joecks recently exposed Assembly Judiciary Chairman Steve Yeager, a public defender, over his refusal to hear some of Attorney General Laxalt's most important bills aimed at promoting public safety.

"Attorney General Adam Laxalt has shown himself to be a practical, hardworking problem solver. Instead of offering sweeping ideological bills, his office has submitted 20 bills to increase public safety, enhance ethics in government and help crime victims."
The good news is there's still time for action. The deadline for passing bills out of committee is this Friday, April 14, and you can and should call your state lawmakers and demand action on Attorney General Laxalt's common-sense public-safety bills.
Contact information can be found 
Help send a message to Nevada Democrats that partisan politics should never come before public safety. Adam Laxalt's common-sense bills deserve to be heard, and passed.
Thank you for reading, and for your support of the Nevada Republican Party.
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