Thursday, April 13, 2017


Black Lives Matter Thug Arrested For Conspiring with ISIS

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Media Calls Kellyanne Conway “the Darkness,” Bob Schieffer argues Media should have been Harder on Trump

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Another Sanctuary City Bites The Dust

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How Times have Changed
ISIS Gets ENORMOUS Wake Up Call With World’s Most Powerful Conventional Bomb
Trump Bolsters States’ Rights in Fight Against Planned Parenthood
United Airlines in More Hot Water…This Time with Russia?
Assad Goes On Record To Say Chemical Attack Was “Fake News”
Border Agents’ Job Getting More Dangerous as Illegals Fight Back
Satellite Images Reveal North Korea’s Big Plans for Thursday
More Forces Join America, China in Korean Peninsula
Spicer’s Comments were Bad, but Liberals are being Hypocrites
The Rise of the West

People are Missing, but they aren’t Missed

News You Can Use for April 13, 2017
North Korea To World: Get Ready For Thursday!
Kellyanne Rips and Roars on Media Improvements Under Trump
Rumors of SEAL Team Six Prepping For Kim Jong Un Assassination Persist
Trump Gets Poll Pump Up After Syria Strike
Russian Nuclear Bombers Spotted Flying Near Japan
Fear Over World War III Strikes Google Search Stats
Will North Korea Go With Nuclear Submarines After Missile Mishaps?
Putin Terminates Temper Tantrum, Decides to Meet With Tillerson After All
AG Sessions tells the World: “The Border is NOT Open. Please Don’t Come.”
Liberal Jew Slams Democrats for Politicizing Sean Spicer’s Comments on Nazis and Chemical Weapons
Melania Trump Wins Major Legal Victory after being Libeled by the Mainstream Media
President Trump Slams Putin for Supporting “Truly Evil” Bashar Assad
Defense Secretary Mattis Lays Out the Proof of Syria’s Crimes, Comments on Russia and North Korea

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