Thursday, April 13, 2017


After Democrats nearly won a conservative seat in Kansas' special election Tuesday, it is more important than ever to defend the Georgia seat next week! Democrat Jon Ossoff is being propped up by leftists who hate America. Will you help defeat him?

Democrats are cheering the close results of a solid conservative seat in Kansas last night. Headlines are filling social media saying Democrats have the momentum and they can win next week in Georgia.
We don't know what Kansas means in the long run but we know we can't sit still while Democrats are raising money and attacking the conservatives in the Georgia race!
With your support we released a video ad last week targeting radical Democrat Jon Ossoff about lying and misleading statements regarding his experience and business ties to anti-American Al Jazeera. 
These are just a few of the headlines being thrown around by liberal activists and Democratic leaders:
"SHOCKWAVES: Kansas Shows Dems Can and Will Win Georgia and Take Back The House" - Huffington Post
"Close Kansas Race Bad News For Conservatives in Georgia" - NY Times
"Georgia Dems Have Momentum and Money After Kansas" - Washington Post
"Earthquake in Kansas: GOP Running Scared - Dems Now Favored in Georgia" - NPR
Democrats are giddy over the prospect of winning the Georgia special election. They have raised a record amount of money and have leftist activists all over country trying to help Ossoff. That's why our work is needed now more than ever. Our advertising is exposing Jon Ossoff and his lies. 
Since we released our video two weeks ago, Youtube restricted it after liberal activists flooded the comments and complaints section. We put it back on and now these same activists are trying desperately to restrict it again.
Meanwhile Ossoff is sending fundraising pleas to his followers accusing us and Republicans of "fascism" "racism" and being "a stain on America."  
We can take the heat from being called names by leftist activists but we need your support to make sure the video continues to make a difference to voters. 
Ossoff is following the Obama leftist playbook. Lie to the people, make statements you can't back up, then call anyone who tells the truth a racist bigot. Sadly it's working for him. He has raised record amounts of money and the media is backing him up at all times. 

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Thank You for Defending Freedom!

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