Tuesday, April 18, 2017


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Venezuela illegally issued 10,000 passports to Syrians and Iranians

A former director of Venezuela’s Office of Identification, Migration and Foreigners said that during his 17 months in the post, the socialist government gave at least 10,000 Venezuelan passports and other documents to citizens of Syria, Iran and other Middle Eastern countries.

Tunisian High School Celebrates Osama bin Laden and 911

Kapitalis, "an information portal specializing in Tunisian news," is reporting that a high school in Sbetila, Tunisia is celebrating Osama bin Laden.

Muslim driver mows down five pedestrians in Spain

A 20-year-old Moroccan Muslim mowed down five people as they waited for a bus near the La Caixa head offices along the Avenidas in the centre of Palma.

The West is losing the war with Muslim supremacists

Muslim supremacists make no distinction between the pacifist Sweden and the more interventionist France, or between a Catholic priest in Normandy and an Israeli Jew in Jerusalem. They are at war against Judeo-Christian-Liberal West.

Record breaking number of migrants invade Europe over Easter weekend

Easter weekend. The irony is not lost on me. This and the dictatorial putsch by would-be caliph Erdogan in the Turkish "elections" this weekend bode most ill for Europe.

WATCH: South Dakota Muslim Brandishes Guns & Assault Weapons in Threatening Video From Christian Conference, “Be f**king terrified.”

In America, there is now a separate set of laws for Muslims and non-Muslims. Sharia in America. If a non-Muslim was armed to the teeth obscenely threatening Muslims with massive firepower at a mosque in their parking lot, he would be arrested, his face smeared across every newspaper and nightly news program across the country.

Trudeau liberal government: Muslim Immigration Minister ends Iranian LGBT refugee program

This is something I have seen time and time again. Islam trumps all.

CNBC Asks Facebook Fans: ‘Do You Agree With ISIS?’

The left unmasked. They continue to expose who and what they really are, validating what my colleagues and I have been predicting and warning of for years. The leftist/Islamic alliance.

Trump Approval Rating Jumps to 50%

Trump's approval ratings will continue to grow concurrent with the positive results of his policies. The better Trump does, the more uncivil the traitorous left will become.

Former FEC Chair: We Must Regulate Political Speech on the Internet

Freedom of speech is the foundation of a free society. Without it, a tyrant can wreak havoc unopposed, while his opponents are silenced. They blame truth and sites like the Geller Report for their crushing election defeat in November. So they mean to shut us down. Not once did they consider that the election was the result of their catastrophic failures. The Democrats are anti-freedom, anti-America, anti-individualism.The left cannot win in the war of ideas, so they must silence the opposition. Crush freedom.

Mike Pence, Donald Trump Go Bold on North Korea

Mike Pence warned North Korea that this is not the Barack Obama era any longer and that President Donald Trump wouldn't hesitate to go bold.

Berkeley Cops Sit in Patrol Car and Watch as Trump Supporters Attacked

Berkeley police officers were caught on video sitting idly by as supporters of President Donald Trump are openly attacked.

Arizona State U Prof Lets Students Organize Anti-Trump Protest Instead of Taking Final Exam

A group of about 20 students decided to create a project and the best way to do it would be to start an anti-Trump demonstration to voice their concerns about the perceived human rights violations by the administration.

DRAIN THE SWAMP: Taxpayers Fund Lawyers To Defend HIGHLY PAID Federal Managers Under Fire

Taxpayers are forced to cover much of the costs of defense attorneys for highly-paid federal managers facing termination or criminal charges, thanks to a cozy deal engineered in part by a law firm whose lobbyists helped draft and gain passage of legislation requiring it.

Christian Man Tortured for Crime of Befriending Muslim Woman

A Christian man in Pakistan was tortured mercilessly and burned with hot irons. Why? Because he dared to befriend a Muslim woman.

WATCH VIDEO: Australia Islamic group calls wife-beating “a beautiful blessing”

Politicians and advocacy groups have slammed a Facebook video by an Islamic group which condones domestic violence and describes hitting wives as "a beautiful blessing".

Nine of the ten worst countries for Christians are Muslim

Although there has been an uptick in violence against Christians in the region, Egypt is hardly alone in a long list of countries -- many in the Middle East -- that are violently hostile towards Christians.

Libya: The Last Country America “Liberated” From An “Evil” Dictator Is Now Openly Trading Slaves

Despite the destructive consequences of the 2011 invasion, the West is currently taking a similar trajectory with regard to Syria. Just as the Obama administration excoriated Gaddafi in 2011, highlighting his human rights abuses and insisting he must be removed from power to protect the Libyan people, the Trump administration is now pointing to the repressive policies of Bashar al-Assad in Syria and warning his regime will soon come to an end — all in the name of protecting Syrian civilians.

Ataturk is dead: Turkey’s President Erdogan claims victory in vote to give him sweeping new powers

Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has claimed victory in a referendum granting him sweeping new powers, hailing the result as an "historic decision".

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