Tuesday, April 18, 2017


By George Rasley, CHQ Editor

Asking the right questions doesn’t mean that Justice Gorsuch will reach the right decisions in these or any future case before the Court. However, conservatives can take encouragement that Justice Gorsuch is starting from the plain language of the Constitution and the statues Congress has passed, not the whims and fantasies of other judges.

Carpetbaggers Come Back To Georgia
By CHQ Staff

Georgia suffered once before when carpetbaggers invaded the Peach State, and it will suffer again, should carpetbagging Democrat Jon Ossoff and his liberal Hollywood friends gain the victory in today’s Congressional District 6 special election.

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100 Days of Trump: Gorsuch reaches the ‘big leagues,’ now it’s time for him to produce 

By Jeffrey A Rendall 
Justice Neil Gorsuch hears his first oral arguments and could be the key to important conservative issues. Plus, You can’t always define the establishment but you know ‘em when you see ‘em, and, Big shock: New poll says GOP is suffering under Trump.


American Patriots to NBC Sports: Fire Craig Calcaterra 

By George Rasley, CHQ Editor 
Those Americans who spent Easter morning at church may have missed the latest establishment media outrage, this time perpetrated by Craig Calcaterra, lead baseball writer for NBC Sports.


Pence Says Trump Will End Decades Of Failed North Korea Policy 

By CHQ Staff 
"We're going to abandon the failed policy of strategic patience. But we're going to redouble our efforts to bring diplomatic and economic pressure to bear on North Korea. Our hope is that we can resolve this issue peaceably," Pence said in an exclusive interview at the Korean DMZ.


100 Days of Trump: The establishment will fight Trump well beyond his first 100 days 

By Jeffrey A Rendall 
Signs of a strong start to Donald Trump’s administration but there’s a long way to go. Plus, If “Trumpism” does exist what does it really mean?, and, Tax return protests prove the left isn’t getting any closer to accepting Trump.


Is a Populist Christian Movement Needed to Renew the Faith?

By George Rasley, CHQ Editor 
Just as millions of American voters picked up copies of the Constitution and began to ask out of touch elite politicians “where does it say you can do that,” we Christians should pick up our Bibles and ask out of touch elite church leaders, “where does it say same-sex marriage and transgenderism are OK”, and “where does the Bible endorse the heresy that claims God and Allah are the same”?


100 Days of Trump: To Make America Great Again Trump must trust conservatives to help him 

By Jeffrey A Rendall 
Nearing the end of President Trump’s first 100 days it’s imperative that he realize there are many Judas Iscariots out there who would be more than willing to sell him to his enemies for 30 pieces of silver. He needs conservative personnel – now.


Today's Headlines:

The Republican Congress Must Get Its Act Together NOW 

Roger L. Simon, PJ Media 

The Republicans in the legislature are a disgrace. They can't get it together to compromise on anything and move forward -- no tax reform, no healthcare, no nothing. They are overwhelmed by a combination of overweening ego and rigid ideology -- a lethal cocktail. What their behavior is doing is creating an inevitable situation where they lose control of Congress and ultimately the White House to the Democrats. 

War Cries vs. ‘America First’ 

Patrick J. Buchanan, The American Conservative 

The promise of a Trump presidency—that we would start looking out for our own country and own national interests first and let the rest of the world solve, or fail to solve, its own problems—appears, not 100 days in, to have been a mirage. Will more wars make America great again? 

How Is Attacking Syria an ‘America First’ Policy Objective? 

Doug Bandow, CNS News 

Trump explained his flip-flop: “I now have responsibility for Syria.” But that’s what one would expect the politicians he defeated to say. President Trump should recognize that he was elected as steward of the American republic and its people. To fulfill that responsibility, he should keep the United States out of the Syrian Civil War. 

No, Trump is not a neo-con 

Rich Lowry, New York Post 

All neo-cons may be hawks, but not all hawks are neo-cons, who are distinctive in their idealism and robust interventionism. We haven’t heard peans to democracy from Trump, or clarion calls for human rights. He hasn’t seriously embraced regime change anywhere (even if his foreign-policy officials say Assad has to go). He shows no sign of a willingness to make a major commitment of US ground troops. 

The Battle of Berkeley 

David French, National Review 

We are now teetering on the edge of a truly terrifying incident, one trigger-pull away from a slaughter. Campus and urban progressives have a choice to make. Is this a nation of laws? If it is, then it’s time to grow a backbone, protect free speech, punish rioters, and expel those who disrupt the educational environment regardless of ideology. There should be no more sympathy or leniency for the lawless social-justice warrior than there is for the lawless neo-Nazi. 

Admit It: Donald Trump Is Exceeding Your Expectations 

Melissa Mackenzie, The American Spectator 

All in all, the first 90 days have exceeded modest expectations. That’s better than destroying them and crushing dreams. It’s okay to admit it unless your name is Evan McMullin. Everyone else, though, can take a moment and admit that President Donald Trump is better than imagined and might even turn out to be a decent president.

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Dear Reader, What's Crooked Hillary been up to since the election? Well . . . According to one Washington insider, she's been busy behind the scenes plotting an impeachment... And this video has the proof . . .

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