Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Breaking: Manhunt for Coward “Facebook Live” Murdered Ends in Suicide 

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President Trump tells Fox News that Illegal Immigrant Criminals are “Getting the Hell Out” 

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Crowds Across America Boo Democrats, Pelosi called “Criminal” by Angry Protester 

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Democrat Candidate for Georgia Special Election Doesn’t Actually Live There… but says it’s “Home” 
American Flag Collapses as Democrat Speaks 
Public High School Censors Student for Criticizing “Safe Spaces” 
The Devil we Know or the Devil we’re Fighting? 
MSNBC: Democrats have No Leaders, and No Hope for Leaders anytime Soon 
Attorney General Promises to “Battle” Sanctuary City Leaders “Every Step of the Way” 
The Supreme Court has ALWAYS been Politicized! 
President Trump Reportedly Getting most Foreign Policy Advice from GOP Establishment 
Turkey’s “President” Cheers National Vote to Give Him More Power 
Media still Wonders: Do the American People Care about President Trump’s Tax Returns? 

Obama Personally Ordered Hillary to Concede on Election Night 
Another Trump Win: ICE Captures Most Wanted Illegal Alien 
Trump’s Ultra Liberal Opponent in Georgia has some Very Deep Pockets 
News You Can Use for April 18, 2017 
Vice President Mike Pence Lays Down the Law on North Korea 
CNN’s Jake Tapper says Hillary Clinton is Delusional 
Will Alex Jones’ Divorce Paint Infowars As A Sham? 
Facebook Continues Censorship of Conservative Views, YouTube Follows Suit 
ISIS Is Too Disturbing, Even for 9/11 Al Qaeda Conspirators 
U.S. Military Helicopter Crashes on Golf Course in Maryland 
United States Ramping Up Assets Near Korean Peninsula, Kim Jong Un Vows More Missile Tests 
China and Russia Caught Tailing U.S. Navy Near North Korea as Tensions Mount 
Obama and The Cult of His Own Celebrity Go Yachting with Megastars 
The Mother of All Bombs, or Mother of All Fails? 
President Trump: An Interventionist or an America Firster? 

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