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The War For Our Mind & Soul Continues

Subject: Your Morning Intelligence Brief (April 18th, 2017)

Ed Note: Two additional U.S. Aircraft Carriers (and fleet) are moving into position with the USS Carl Vinson off the coast of the Korean Peninsula. Behind the USS Carl Vinson....Russia and China are following the USS Carl Vinson with their Navy ships.

While China urges the U.S. to use caution, the Russians have similar advice. How this will play-out depends on what Munchkin-Un does in coming days.

With a potential war in the near future, Americans have lost interest in the recent Susan Rice (un-masking) of electronic intercepts and the big one....Hillary Clinton's enormous illegal acts that violated the Espionage Act.

Of course....the Dems and RINOS are happy as hell with a war soon, but mostly because....the Democratic Party train wreck continues to be off-the-rails. Their leadership base has shifted to domestic terrorism support of ANTIFA and their party leaders don't know if they are coming or going. The future of the DNC hinges on a war, anywhere, anytime.

Many believe Trump has gone off the rails himself and being pushed into a war to appease the globalist agenda for a unified one world government a.k.a. the New World Order. Like a dog shoved into a corner, the dog will come back fighting.....and President Trump has to do what is necessary to fight the New World Order and that begins with cleaning-up Obama and Hillary's mess around the world. It's a "Catch 22" situation he has to deal with, but HE must keep his eye on China and Russia during this NK conflict.--Dave Bertrand 

Today's Featured Article / Report

Arrested ISIS Leader Makes BOMBSHELL Confession About Barack Obama

(Angry Patriot) – Evidence emerged revealing the deep connection between Barack Obama and Islamic terrorists.
Pakistani authorities have arrested Yousaf al-Salafi, a known leader of ISIS. While interrogating the Islamic terrorist, Pakistani police obtained a confession that ISIS received funding from the Obama administration. (via The Express Tribune)

Yousaf al-Salafi told his captors $600 was sent to him through American institutions for every soldier he recruited and sent to fight for ISIS in Syria.

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Microsoft for first time acknowledges receiving secretive request for user dataWashington Times - Microsoft for the first time ever Thursday disclosed receiving a National Security Letter, making the tech titan the latest of its ilk to acknowledge being served with a secret request for customer data. The FBI can compel businesses, banks and other entities to surrender all sorts of sensitive customer records with a National Security Letter, or NSL, without seeking or obtaining judicial approval. The requests are typically accompanied by gag orders that prevent recipients from acknowledging their existence as well, but passage of the USA Freedom Act in 2015 allows those orders to be eventually lifted after the fact if the FBI agrees…. In disclosing the NSL, Microsoft joins other companies that have revealed receiving similar requests upon passage of the USA Freedom Act, including Yahoo, Google, Cloudflare and the Internet Archive. The FBI issued more than 400,000 NSLs between 2003 and 2011, the Justice Department said previously. In addition to acknowledging the 2014 request, Microsoft said in Thursday’s report that it received 25,837 requests for user data from law enforcement agencies around the world between July and December 2016, including mostly requests out of the U.S. and Europe.

Trump has been easing Obama-era gun restrictions. You just may not have heard
McClatchy - With little attention, President Donald Trump’s administration has been quietly loosening firearms restrictions in the United States after successfully seeking the support of gun owners on the campaign trail. His agencies narrowed the definition of “fugitive,” a change that cuts the number of people who’ll be included in a database designed to keep firearms from people who are barred from owning them. Federal officials have also signaled that they may no longer defend the Army Corps of Engineers’ ban on carrying loaded firearms and ammunition on federal lands. Trump signed a bill behind closed doors that killed an Obama-era regulation that required the government to add to the no-buy list people whom the Social Security Administration has deemed eligible for mental disability payments. He signed another one that lifted restrictions on hunting on federal lands in Alaska. With Republicans in control of the White House and Congress, gun rights groups are on the offensive for the first time in years, aggressively looking to push a series of new laws on Capitol Hill and regulations in various federal agencies to ease restrictions.

Bill Would Nullify Obama Plot to "Diversify" Your Neighborhood
The New American - Legislation has been introduced in Congress to defund and overturn a controversial Obama administration decree from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to transform and “diversify” American neighborhoods under the direction of Big Brother…. And the measure would end a “geospatial database” mandated under the scheme to track the racial and income composition of each area, a key element of the scheme to redistribute people based on their melanin content and earnings…. Under the expansive regulations, cities and towns that accept federal money from the HUD would be required to submit to vast federal controls over their policy decisions. For instance, if a community receives an HUD grant, the AFFH [Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Act] purports to mandate costly demographic analyses at the local and regional level to determine whether there are enough low-income and minority residents living in each neighborhood, as defined by HUD bureaucrats. The giant database would include records on residents including income, race, color, religion, national origin, and much more. 

Signed Into Law: Montana To Limit License Plate Tracking and Warrantless Electronic Data Collection
Activist Post - Montana Gov. Steve Bullock signed two bills into law that will increase privacy protections in the state and hinder at least two federal surveillance programs…. HB149 prohibits the use of ALPRs [Automated License Plate Readers] except for specified purposes…. Under the new statute, law enforcement agencies will be allowed to use ALPRs for specified law enforcement purposes only. These include identifying stolen vehicles, locating missing persons, locating individuals with outstanding warrants, locating vehicles involved in homicides or other major crimes, and “case-specific investigative surveillance.” Any data collected by an ALPR cannot be stored from more than 90 days without a preservation request, or a state or federal warrant. A preservation request will only be valid for one year and will have to be renewed for continuing data storage…. HB147 prohibits any state or local government unit from obtaining the stored data of an electronic device without a warrant, unless it has the consent of the owner or authorized user of the device, or in accordance with judicially recognized exceptions to warrant requirements. The law will also allow police to access electronic data if the owner has already made the stored data public, or if there exists a possible life-threatening situation. Any data obtained in violation of the law will likely be inadmissible in court. The bill also includes provisions authorizing the state attorney general to apply for an injunction or to commence a civil action against any government entity to compel compliance with the law.

Steve Stephens suspect in Facebook Live killing, Cleveland Police say
Washington Times - The search for a suspected killer who posted gruesome Facebook video of a fatal Cleveland shooting put authorities in surrounding states on the lookout Monday after police said the man might have left Ohio. Cleveland police allege 37-year-old Steve Stephens, a case manager at a behavioral health agency, shot a 74-year-old passer-by on Sunday in an apparently random attack…. Police said early Monday that Godwin is the only victim so far linked to Stephens, despite the suspect’s claim in a separate video on Facebook that he killed over a dozen people…. Authorities have warned people in Pennsylvania, New York, Indiana and Michigan to be alert for him, and the FBI is assisting in the investigation.





Daily Caller          Mexican 'Refugees' Arriving In Canada In Greater Numbers 
Mexicans are seeking asylum in Canada at a rate that projections indicate will be at least four times greater than that of 2016. -- The number of Mexicans claiming to be refugees at the Canadian border is already higher in 2017 than it was for the entire year of 2016. -- According to the latest figures from the Immigration and Refugee Board, March indicated the the number of refugee claimants is increasing every month, with 110 new cases. With the figures from the first two months of the year factored in, that makes for 266 so far, already up from the 241 cases recorded last year.......
WTOL        SCOTUS won't hear illegal alien removal case 
The Supreme Court has opted to not hear a case regarding the federal government's expedited removal of undocumented immigrants. -- The court announced the decision Monday. -- At issue were undocumented central American women and children apprehended as soon as they arrived in the U.S. without authorization. -- The immigrants were seeking asylum, and their lawyers argued they faced what they called "gender-based violence" if they returned home.......
KABC-TV          Demonstrators protest LA Sheriff Jim McDonnell's 'sanctuary state' bill stance 
Eight protesters were taken into custody as demonstrators held a rally outside the L.A. County Sheriff's Department headquarters on Monday, calling for an end to what they described as the sheriff's collaboration with the president's "deportation force." --Demonstrators with the group "Caravan Against Fear" began gathering in downtown L.A. around 11:30 a.m. -- Organizers said they are against Sheriff Jim McDonnell's stance on Senate Bill 54, which would limit cooperation with federal immigration laws.......
BuzzFeed        Search for Missing Illegal Alien 'Rights' Activist Begins in US, Mexico 
Standing on the side of a busy Mexican highway, a Southern California immigrant rights activist turned his Facebook Live to beg for help, saying a group of criminals had been chasing him for days. -- “I seriously need help,” Hugo Castro, a US citizen who works with the San Diego-based Border Angels, said in Spanish on Thursday. “My battery is going to die, I'm not going to move from here.” -- He hasn't been seen since. -- In a statement, Border Angels, which advocates for immigrant rights on the US-Mexico border, said Castro disappeared somewhere between Mexico City and Puebla.......
Conservative Base        Despite Angry Democrats and activists, Trump's Top Cop Announces Plan to Prioritize Criminal Alien Cases  
This week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions traveled to the US-Mexico border, to speak with Department of Homeland Security personnel. Sessions told U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents at the Port of Nogales in Arizona that more illegal immigrants should be prosecuted as criminals. According to Sessions' memo, the person in the position known as a border security coordinator, will be directed to coordinate with the Department of Homeland Security to ensure border security prosecutions........
Washington Times       Arizona State class holds anti-Trump protest instead of final exam 
An Arizona State University professor reportedly allowed her human-rights class to hold an anti-President Trump protest instead of taking a final exam. -- Angeles Maldonado, who teaches Global Politics of Human Rights at the university's Tempe campus, gave her roughly 20 students the option of taking a test or creating a group project, The Arizona Republic reported. -- The students chose the group project, which turned out to be a demonstration largely protesting Mr. Trump's immigration policies, the newspaper reported.......
Breitbart          Mexican Cartel Gunmen Murder Toddler, Family in Shooting Spree -- *** Graphic *** 
Cd. Victoria, Tamps. -- Cartel gunmen murdered a two-year-old boy and his family in the most recent execution in a trend of violence without end. -- On Sunday early morning, a team of gunmen stormed a home in the Infonavit Aldama neighborhood, a housing project in the city. -- The gunmen went around the perimeter shooting the four family members, including a two-year-old boy. -- A series of graphic photographs obtained by the Cartel Chronicles project reveal in gory detail how the gunmen killed Jose Esteban Huerta, 37, his wife Yolanda de la Cruz Urbina (40), their daughter 19-year-old Yahaira Elizabeth Huerta de la Cruz and two-year-old Jose Ramiro Huerta de la Cruz.......
Fox News      DHS' Kelly defends more ICE, border hires; says illegals must be 'dealt with' 
Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly made clear Sunday that President Trump is unwavering in his commitments to close U.S. borders to illegal immigrants and remove those already in the county illegally but refuted the idea that the administration is assembling a so-called deportation force. -- Kelly acknowledged the possibility of hiring as many as 10,000 new Immigration and Customs Enforcement employees and thousands more border patrol agents but said the bolstered effort is a “law enforcement force.”......
LA Times        L.A. legal fund to fight immigrant deportations draws criticism over who deserves representation 
Fearing mass deportations under President Trump, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and County Supervisor Hilda Solis stood together in December to unveil a $10-million fund to hire lawyers to defend local immigrants without legal status. -- Modeled after programs in other cities, the L.A. Justice Fund will use city and county money and private donations to help those facing deportation proceedings.......
LA Times          Break away from the USA? The effort to cleave California faces its own split 
If there's one thing Jed Wheeler and Marcus Ruiz Evans agree on, it's that things in California need to change. -- The state sends too much money to Washington, they say, and is both politically and culturally out of step with a country that lacks its openness and vitality. -- “We can solve our own problems and don't need to wait on a government 3,000 miles away,” said Wheeler, echoing Evans' suggestion that Democratic-leaning California would be far better off going it alone as a separate country.......
David Olen Cross -- Salem       Oregon's Marion County First in Foreign National Crime in March 2017 
On March 1, 2017 Oregon's Marion County had 236 of the 974 foreign nationals (criminal aliens) incarcerated in the Oregon Department of Corrections (DOC) prison system; the county was first in foreign national crime in the state with 24.23 percent of the criminal aliens in DOC prisons. -- The following table reveals how Marion County residents were harmed or victimized by the 236 criminal aliens incarcerated on March 1st in the DOC prison system with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) immigration detainers.......
Glenn Spencer      
Diamondback Rattlesnakes real --- I almost stepped on one
Summer has arrived in Arizona and the snakes are hungry. Yesterday I stepped off my front patio deck and spotted this Diamondback slithering along near my truck. I let it slither off into the desert.



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