Monday, March 20, 2017


Submitted by: David Bertrand

 John W. Spring
North Korea has just tested its powerful rocket engine that can launch a Long-Range Missile or and ICBM with a nuclear warhead capable of striking large cities along the Atlantic Seaboard of Canada and the United States. Pyongyang has actually had the capability to strike the East Coast of North America for several years. However, apparently the intelligence community in Washington has not been aware that a missile fired from the Korean Peninsula could travel so far. But when the North Koreans were able to launch a rocket that could send a satellite in orbit, they also had the capability to strike at the heartland of America.
Unfortunately for the American people, several years ago, the Obama Administration made its decision to “scrap” a Missile Defense System that would have been able to intercept and prevent a Long-Range Missile from East Asia or the Middle East from striking the United States. That program would have probably become operational very soon if it had not been cancelled. Now, it would require years beyond 2020 before such a system might be able to protect our people.
Whether or not such a Missile Defense System becomes operational depends upon the Trump Administration and the United States Congress. While the spending for Defense has increased, it is not yet clear if that budget will provide for Civilian Defense as well as Military Weaponry.
While the intelligence community in Washington and the news media in the United States have avoided addressing these concerns until very recently, foreign intelligence and overseas news have mentioned them for quite some time. However, for some unexplained reason, the Obama Administration had apparently decided to keep America uninformed of this actual danger.
Even the so-called Iran Nuclear Deal becomes rather meaningless for the United States and the West when Iranian nuclear physicists are able to accomplish their research, development and production at underground facilities in North Korea. In the meantime, America faces a serious dilemma that it may not have experienced since the Cuban Missile Crisis.
For the record, I had attempted to inform President Barack H. Obama with analytic reports related to the Middle East and East Asia, including North Korea, many times. However, as an “outsider” my reports were ignored. I am hoping that President Donald J. Trump will read and review my reports as did President John F. Kennedy more than 55 years ago. But it would help if all of you would forward this article to your friends who care about America. Thank you.

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