Monday, March 20, 2017


Facebook Bias Against Conservatives Strikes Again

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Transgender Controversy Taints International Weightlifting Competition

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Government Cyanide Booby Trap Kills Family Pet, Sprays Child

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JUSTICE: Secret Service Agent Removed After Anti-Trump Remarks
Fallout From Snoop Dogg Video Continues After Controversial Fox Host’s Remarks
Tim Cook, Apple CEO, Gives Globalization The Green Light in Recent Speech
FBI Director Comey Confirms Russia Did Not “Change Vote Tallies” in U.S. Election
Senator on Wiretapping: “We Know One Thing for Sure… Obama…did Spy on” Trump Team Member
President Trump says Democrats Invented Russia Story to Distract from Election Loss
Will the GOP’s Version of Obamacare Be Monstrous?
TV Star says Hollywood like 1930’s Germany for Conservatives
Fox News Host says Liberals are Trying to Change the Constitution to End the Trump Presidency
18-Year-Old Illegals Allowed into the 9th Grade Brutally Rape a 14-Year-Old Girl Right in a School Bathroom

What Rep. Steve King’s Supposedly ‘Racist’ Statements Teach
Hillary Clinton, The Democratic Party Are In Familiar Roles—Losers
NFL Teams are Reportedly Avoiding Colin Kaepernick because They’re Worried Trump will Tweet about It
Rand Paul Uses “the Art of the Deal” to Fight the GOP Healthcare Bill, Ted Cruz Worries about being Tarred and Feathered
Nowhere Left to Run
News You Can Use for March 20, 2017
BREAKING NEWS: Late Night White House Bomb Threat at Checkpoint
Trump Victim of Despicable Billboard in Phoenix, Nazi Symbolism and All
Paris Airport Attacker Motivated By Wishes to “Die For Allah”
Former Secret Service Agent: President Not Safe in White House
Trump Gets To Work on Flint, Michigan Water Crisis
How a couple of Russian Cyber-Spies pulled off one of the Biggest Cyber Heists in History
Arizona’s Conservative Candidate for Senator Endorses Trump’s Budget
The Top 5 Reasons Men do NOT Vote for Women
Why would Anyone think the Government would Spy on Them?

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