Monday, March 20, 2017







Watch: Trey Gowdy Just Put James Comey In His Place With 1 Question He Can't Deny
Posted by Jeff Neukom
Trey 'Bulldog' Gowdy finally got his chance to grill FBI director James Comey, and he did NOT disappoint... Read more…

Just In: Comey Finally Testifies, Makes Jaw Dropping Wiretapping Admission
Posted by Randy DeSoto
James Comey just appeared before congress, and he made a stunning admission under oath that IMMEDIATELY got everyone's attention... Read more…
BREAKING: Eric Trump And Wife Make Unexpected Announcement About Their Future
Posted by Randy DeSoto
Things have taken a sudden turn for the Trump family... WOW. Read more…
Tom Brady's Stolen Super Bowl Jersey Was Just Found.... However, There's A Twist
Posted by Jack Davis
They've finally found Tom Brady's Super Bowl jersey, but where it was found is almost too strange to believe... Read more…
Tomi Lahren Could Lose Her Job.... Here's The Stunning Reason Why - Shock Report
Posted by Jack Davis
Tomi Lahren is in hot water... Do you think she deserves this? Read more…
CNN Host Loses It On Live TV... Goes On Profanity Laced Rant That's Dropping Jaws From Both Sides
Posted by V. Saxena
Liberals are having meltdowns left and right, but what this CNN host did just took things to a whole new level. Read more…
Liberal Lawyer Drops Trump Travel Ban Bombshell On Live TV Few Saw Coming
Posted by Jack Davis
This took guts to say. Do you agree with him? Read more…
Poll Asks Who Voters Trust More, Trump Or Paul Ryan.... The Results Are Simply Stunning
Posted by Jack Davis
This really does say it all... Read more…
Ann Coulter Just Asked The 1 Question About Middle Eastern Refugees Everybody Is Refusing To Ask
Posted by Andrew Kerr
Wow...Ann Coulter just came right out and said it... Read more…
Intel Committee Chair Drops Trump Russia Bombshell That'll Have Democrats Scrambling
Posted by Andrew Kerr
This just put a severe dent in one of liberals' biggest narratives... Read more…

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