Friday, February 10, 2017


by Lee S Gliddon Jr

I do not know the prices of airline travel from the countries named in President Trumps 'Travel Ban,' but I think those prices are substantial. Question is, 'Where is the money coming from?'

I have a sneaking suspicion that there is some type of fund that Obama established that provides funds for travel.

Question is, 'Is that money ever repaid?'

With there being no money earnings generated by our government, other than through taxation, this would mean that we, American citizens, are funding our own invasion!

This is something that is worthy of investigation...Ya think?


  1. Debbie Warren comments: Here you go, Lee....per your email question... If they are on 'public assistance' they get 15,000 loan to start personal business...nice huh? These illegal alien invaders and 'refugees' are loaded down with our Social Security funds, no or low interest loans that don't get repaid...and much more. Did you ever try to get help from the funds you paid into all your life? Forget it...only select parasites get those forms of assistance and entitlements. Then there is the issue of Oblather bringing in all those unattended 'minors' that were mostly grown men. They were transported (trafficked) in at our cost and then millions given to Catholic, Baptist and other 'charities' to resettle the parasites while keeping their locations secret from those of us who paid for it.


  2. Peri McMillan comments: I’m sure you’re probably right since We The Taxpayers are paying for all the freebies the illegals get when they come here.

  3. Millie Karnap comments: Yes we are and another reason they all need to be gone!