Friday, February 10, 2017


Confusion Reigns Over Trump’s Popularity Ratings, But He’s Not as Unpopular as the Press Claims

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San Diego Schools Using Muslim Group with Ties to Terrorism to Fight Islamophobia

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Islamic Morality Police Murder Girl, 10, for Stepping Outside

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Breaking: Tom Price Confirmed as Secretary of Health and Human Services
Dallas Politicians Want Illegals to Make Texas a Blue State [VIDEO]
President Trump RIPS John McCain for Emboldening the Enemy!
Rumors of ICE Sweeps in California Cities, Colleges
You Won’t Believe What a Berkeley Rioters Spokeswoman Says in This Interview [WATCH]
This Company Beat CNN, Helped Trump Win, and Now the Media is Freaking Out about their Next Venture
Liberal Author Bret Easton Ellis Rips our PC Culture, Defends Milo Yiannopoulos
Military Leaders Testify US Defense Readiness in ‘Insidious Decline’
NBA Superstar Ruins His Classy Reputation by Demeaning President Trump

Why Liberals are Leaving the Left and Embracing Conservatism

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Obama Commuted Bradley Manning’s Sentence, but Left an American Hero in Prison
Drudge says the GOP should be Sued for Defrauding the American People on Obamacare Repeal and Tax Cuts
Persecuted Pastor Prevails after State Forces Him to Turn Over Copies of His Sermons
James “Fu** the Jews” Baker tells Trump to Implement Carbon Tax
Democrats Now Pushing Bill to Add a White House Psychiatrist to the President’s Staff
The Panic Pushing Climate Alarmists Cannot Prevail
Judge Caught Aiding and Abetting ISIS
News You Can Use for February 10, 2017
African-Americans Speak Out Against Elizabeth Warren to Defend Jeff Sessions
House Democrats’ IT Contractors Under Investigation for Multiple Crimes
Will the Flames From the Iranian Missiles Seal Obama’s Lips?
Are “Bias Response Teams” destroying Free Speech on College Campuses?
We Don’t Need Tax Reform, We Need Tax Cuts!
Black Rifle Coffee Calls Out Starbucks on Refugee Hiring
Conservative Congressman Introduces Bill to ABOLISH the Department of Education

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