Friday, February 10, 2017


President Trump addressed a law enforcement conference in Washington D.C. where he expressed his shock and dismay at leftist judges blocking the border security policies set forth in his recent executive order. [Read more]

llegal Immigration is getting out of hand and it has been for many years. The construction of a wall on our southern border to Mexico, the leading culprit to illegal immigration into the United States, would greatly reduce the successfulness of someone attempting to get past our border. In addition, it is time to stop catch and release. If we stop an illegal immigrant, they need to be detained. Our border is so open; it is allowing drugs and criminals to freely enter as they please. [Read more]

Republicans are fighting back and no longer taking a back seat to the Democrats [Read more]

The levels at which China appears to be planning a missile attack on US military bases in the Pacific have been detailed in a new report. [Read more]

The first trailer for Dear White People has been unveiled — and not everyone is pleased. [Read more]

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