Friday, February 10, 2017


President Donald Trump pledged Thursday he will soon unveil a “phenomenal” tax cut plan. [Read more]

Our cities have become hotspots for crime. By Donald Trump creating a task force to spearhead these issues with federal aid and training we would see crime rates improve overall. Families of communities should feel safe. [Sign Petition Here]

A man approached a 23-year old, Carol Miracle.  She was to be his next victim.  He put a gun to her head to while robbing her.  The robber was unaware she had a holstered handgun on her hip. [Take Poll Here]

President Trump’s counselor Kellyanne Conway is not apologizing for hawking Ivanka Trump’s merchandise on cable news, even as the House Oversight Committee floats disciplinary action against her. [Read more]

A panel of three San Francisco appeal judges voted last night to keep the block on the so-called Muslim travel ban in place. [Read more]

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