Sunday, February 5, 2017


Submitted by: Kurt J Wagner


It's unbelievable how the voice of the majority of the American people is ignored by the corrupt judges! They are breaking law. IMO - Hussein O did the same and it was OK. To be honest: IMO Trump's plans aren't going far enough! I would hope for even more (probably not from the beginning, because it would cause too much problems with the LIEberals and their followers but at least in the long run)

The people want to be safe, don't want to end up like the people in Europe, especially in Germany. We don't want invaders, we don't want a crime rate that's going through the roof! We don't want followers of an insane and dangerous ideology here in the USA. Until 15 years ago, communists weren't allowed to come to the USA and when you're traveling from Germany to USA you still have to answer the question "have you been a member of the NAZI Party" at the form you have to fill out (guess what would happen if you would answer "yes"....) and at the application for the naturalization was the same question. Islam is worse than Communism and the Nazis combined, so why should we let these people in??? When it was/is (and I agree with that) OK to ban communists and NAZIs, why is it not OK to ban followers of the Islam-ideology?

Everybody who demonstrates against the ban should be personally responsible for one of the invaders, should give him shelter in his/her house, pay for any expenses, his/her "foster-child" causes and go to jail for the crimes his/her "foster-child" commits. And the judges should be held responsible as well. Time to start making a list of names from people who must be considered traitors...

Everyone in the established system tries to sabotage Trump! And the international medias and politicians are celebrating (heard it from Germany).

In the way how the LIEberal Demon-rats together with the traitors from the establishment GOP (e.g. Juan McPain and others) are fighting Trump every step of the way, the GOP should have fought Hussein Obama - then we wouldn't be in the mess we are.

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