Sunday, February 5, 2017


Iraq’s Christians Wonder Why Americans Didn’t Protest when they were Being Slaughtered by ISIS

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Outnumbered, Surrounded Trump Stands Tall Against Left

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The Women of the View Call for End to Free Speech and Defend Violence Against Conservatives
Can Trump Impose Christian “Sharia Law?”
Cries of Support for Trump Supreme Court Nominee Neil Gorsuch
Milo at Cal-Berkeley: the Left Fails Again
Donald Trump Jokingly Asks National Prayer Breakfast to Pray for this Celebrity
President Trump calls Freedom of Religion a “Sacred Right”
NYC Taxi Drivers are Uber Pissed
Heartwarming: Soldier Son Wishes Dad Happy Birthday in the Best Way Possible

Study Proves “Fake News” Epidemic was FAKE
Judge makes Embarrassing Mistake in Attempt to Defy the Trump Administration
Revealed: More Clinton Foundation-State Department Corruption?
Whoopi Goldberg Compares Trump to the Taliban – What could go Wrong?
Could there be a Better Solution than a Border Wall?
A Reminder: Liberal Protesters Helping Extremists Murder Christians
News You Can Use for February 5, 2017
Doctors to Avoid Saying ‘Expectant Mother’ as It’s Offensive to Transgenders
January Job Growth a Boon for Trump
Hollywood Fascists Fully Endorse Violence: Don’t Believe Any Denials [WATCH!]
Let the Liberals Leave!
Papa Johns Pizza Mogul Speaks Out Against Regulations and to Defend the Free Market
Californication: The Moral and Political Collapse of California
Pelosi’s Unhinged Attack on Judge Gorsuch
Meet the Selfish Selfie Generation
IG Probe finds BLM Guilty of Misconduct, Bundy Ranch Lawyers Ready to Pounce
Not a Joke: Planned Parenthood says they’re “Non-partisan”

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