Monday, October 17, 2016


Bill Clinton's Long-Time Lover Reveals What He Gave Her $200 To Do

Gennifer Flowers, who had a long-term affair with former President Bill Clinton, has revealed in a new interview that Clinton paid her $200 to do something that most Americans will find both shocking and disgusting. Excerpts were published Friday by Breitbart...

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The Report On Hillary The Media Is Desperate To Hide

If these allegations are true, they could sink Hillary Clinton's candidacy.  That's why the media is covering-up this shocking story; but if people simply pay attention to it an take action, they might be able to effect a quantum change in what happens in the immediate future...

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War With Russia?

After months of speculation, the United States intelligence community finally announced last week that is it "Confident" that Russia is responsible for the recent hacking of recent political figures and organizations. Wikileaks is a primary publisher of the most recent documents and it is clearly evident that they are targeting Unites States politics...

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Did Obama Just Call For Government Oversight Of The Media?

Barack Obama blamed the media's "wild, wild west" ways for ruining public debate. Obama seems to dream of days of old when the TV had three networks which fed lies to all-to-gullible public. So it's interesting that he now says that democracy requires it's citizens to sift through lies and distortions the media is feeding the population...

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