Monday, October 17, 2016


Why Every Christian Should Stand Up and Vote for Donald Trump
Reddit joins Anonymous and WikiLeaks in the WAR Against Hillary Clinton!
Planned Parenthood Marks Century of Exterminating ‘Human Weeds’
North Carolina Republican Party Headquarters Firebombed!
Leaked Emails Hint at Hillary’s Health Problems! [VIDEO]
Rigged Elections Worries Causing “Dangerous Energy” Nationally?
Green Party Candidate Jill Stein thinks Trump is the “Less Scary” Candidate!
Judge Defends the 2nd Amendment, Tosses Lawsuit against Gun Manufacturers!
Trump is Right: UCLA Professor’s Stats Indicate Without Media Bias Most Americans Would Vote Like Tennesseans, Texans
Could Bill Clinton’s Allegedly Illegitimate Son Danney Williams Destroy Hillary’s Hopes for the White House
Leaks Prove Hillary is Willing to Risk American Lives for Muslim Refugees!
Remember When? Bill Clinton Once Fought to Keep Refugees Out of His State!
Nevada Politician Defends Patriots calls Government “Domestic Terrorist Agencies”!
Ohio Family Argues Father Killed Daughter Because He Had DIABETES
A Woman Explains Why She Will Vote FOR Trump and Not AGAINST Hillary
Hillary and Obama Can’t Say Radical Islam – But I Can Say the Odious Word Liberal
Vote Donald Trump to “Bring our Money Home”!
Teething Tabs: Herbal Medicine or Deadly Poison
Merkel’s Germany: Money for Nothin’ & Chicks for Free [video]
Will America Make History?
Today, October 17, 1777: British Defeated at Saratoga, NY
News You Can Use for October 17, 2016
Democrat Leader and Candidate for Senate says Hillary Clinton will Use Executive Order to Advance Gun Control
Hillary, will Catholics, and Evangelicals be better off under your Presidency?
Make No Mistake, Hillary is Coming for Your Guns

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