Monday, October 17, 2016


Submitted by: Robert Quinn

America-Our Stolen Country-Session 5

To America...Land That I Love                       
     A major function of the Media is to keep America aware of how well our elected officials adhere to the Constitution. By concealing important news from the Public the Major Media betrayed our Country while pretending to be it's eyes and ears. Sentinals of Truth became saboteurs of Society. Hundreds of lawsuits from Caucasions, African-Americans, Hispanics and other plaintiffs challenging Obama's claim of "natural-born" American citizenship have been ignored by the Media; ads challenging his eligibility....rejected; hundreds of thousands who challenge him with e-mail petitions...ignored; reporters chastized for bringing up the issue. A CBS Nationwide advertising site subsidiary refused to lease any site to Worldnet Daily for electronic signposts which simply read Where's the Birth Certificate? CBS knew those four words pertained to Barack Obama's "claimed" eligibility and they didn't want America to know his eligibility was being challenged. A guilty conscience needs no accuser. When States began to consider requiring valid long-form "Certificates of Live Birth" of all Presidential aspirants, including Obama, for the 2012 election, he suddenly claimed that his missing long-form Certificate, a document which he, a former Constitutional teacher, had never mentioned as even existing,had been found. Remember, he deliberately used an ineligible,fraudulent short-form "Certification of Live Birth" to justify his eligibility in 2008 (a criminal act) and continued to use it for three years, until he heard of the States (see above) considering the need of valid long-form birth certificates. No problem....just whip up another forgery!
                                                    Blind Allegiance Personified   
     When Obama claimed the Hawaiian Health Dept. had found his missing long-form "Certificate of Live Birth" in 2011,after three years of his never mentioning its existence, General Colin Powell (ret.) couldn't wait to tell South Carolina Univ. graduates that "he particularly enjoyed when Pres.Obama took out his long-form birth certificate and blew away Donald Trump and all the birthers" Pathetically the General didn't spend any time verifying the legitimacy of Obama's "find". His wish became father to his thought and he believed. In reality, what Obama took out was another "whipped up" fraudulent document, this time a long-form "Certificate of Live Birth". For those who may not be aware, General Powell's reference to "blowing away Donald Trump" was because Mr.Trump had previously offered Obama five million dollars(yes).in writing, which Obama could have used for many causes, including assisting minority students seeking educational advancement, if, in return, he would allow experts to examine this newly-found certificate to confirm it's legitimacy. This Obama couldn't allow and General Powell must have been aware that close scrutiny could lead to serious consequences! Obama never acknowledged Mr. Trump's initial offer, nor Colonel Terry Lakins request to furnish proof of his eligibility. So, when the "Birthers Summit" offered General Powell $15,000 to allow them 3 hours to challenge Obama's new certificate and then to hear the General's response, he simply followed Obama's examples by ignoring their offer. Too bad he didn't pass this information on to the School graduates he had earlier spoken to. They surely were not going to get it from the Major Media.
     The previous silence of Obama had doomed Col.Lakin's faithful military career of 18 years. Now,Donald Trump's new offer of 50 million dollars(you read that right), an offer 10x greater that his previous one, would have sent 10x as many students to school but Obama's complete silence spoke volumes. Whenever his ineligibility was in danger of being exposed his silence and that of the Media would make a mummy seem like a chatterbox. Obama's "transparency" must be wearing an on-off switch, to be used as required.
     Incidentally, General Powell had been accepting  six-months of my writings on the eligibility issue (along with all others on my e-mail list) until he received one in which I mentioned Obama's 2011 fraudulent "find". Then, the General e-mailed me with instructions to remove him from my e-mail list Until then, he never challenged anything in my letters. Respectfully, I removed him from my list. He had chosen to blindly accept the words of a notorious deceiver, Barack Obama, and I feel sure that he never apologized to the School graduates he had misled.
     It's too bad that the Major Media never notified the American Public of the absense of truth in Obama's Transparency. Whenever his counterfeit kingdom risked implosion, as it did after experts  examining his newly-found long-form "Certificate of Live Birth" unanimously declared it "fraudulent" He then had all his records locked away from public scrutiny, realizing that exposure would have resulted in expulsion....his expulsion from the Office of Commander-in-Chief!                             to be continued
bcc:U.S.Supreme Court   
bcc:all on my e-mail list, who are free to pass this on to any and all, with my thanks.

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