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Vote NO on Question 1
As we head into the homestretch of this election, NRA Nevadans for Freedom wants to make sure everyone in the Silver State is fully informed about Michael Bloomberg’s Gun Control Question 1 and how it would criminalize virtually every private firearms transfer in the state.
To get the facts, join us on Sunday, October 2nd, from 10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m., at Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas for our Nevada Gun Control Question 1 Breakfast and Campaign Update! At this FREE event, you’ll hear the latest updates from NRA staff and elected officials on our efforts across the state to defeat Question 1, and how you can be actively involved in our fight to protect Second Amendment rights in Nevada.

We need your help to combat this misinformation and to educate voters about the truth of this measure— Bloomberg’s Gun Control Question 1 won’t prevent crime, but it will turn well-meaning, law-abiding Nevadans into criminals!
RSVP today to attend this important meeting on Sunday.
We are pleased to welcome Las Vegas city councilman Stavros Anthony to our campaign for freedom. Anthony was recently featured in a guest column in the Las Vegas Sun pushing back on claims that he and others who opposed Question 1 are “fear-mongering.”
“We are simply looking at how Bloomberg has pushed his gun-control agenda in other states: incrementally. We know that Question 1 will lead to even further restrictions of our rights. Don’t be fooled. Question 1 is not “reasonable gun control.” It is part of a larger national agenda to make it nearly impossible for law-abiding citizens to protect and defend themselves.”
Read Anthony’s guest column below and get additional details at our Red Rock Resort Breakfast and Campaign Update. Also, learn about our neighborhood walk in Henderson on October 1.
We are grateful for all you are doing to defend freedom in the Silver State!
Get the facts. Visit votenoquestion1.com to learn more about Q1.


Work Locally with Your NRA-ILA Campaign Field Representative external site
Your NRA-ILA Campaign Field Representative (CFR) is an NRA-ILA staff person who is living in your area, coordinating our volunteer activities with one goal in mind--ensuring pro-Second Amendment voters turn out to "Vote Freedom First!" on Election Day. 
Reno Area
Saul Rios
No On Question 1 Campaign Office
3502 S Virginia Street
Ste A7
Reno, NV 89502
(818) 404-7206
Las Vegas Area
Kevin Kam
No On Question 1 Campaign Office
6375 South Pecos Rd
Suite 205
Las Vegas, NV 89120​
(702) 416-3563
Keely Hopkins

(703) 939-0824
If you want to lend your voice to our growing grassroots campaign to protect freedom in Nevada, please contact our two campaign field offices in Nevada. The offices are staffed 7 days-a-week. While our field officers are in Reno and Las Vegas, we have volunteer opportunities all over the state. Go to www.votenoquestion1.com for details on getting involved!


Don't forget to attend one of our upcoming days of action THIS week to mobilize Nevada gun owners to defeat Question 1:
Las Vegas Phone Call Night
Wednesday, September 28, 2016
5pm - 8pm
Southern Nevada NRA Campaign Field Office

6375 S Pecos Rd., 205
Las Vegas, NV 89120
RSVP here
Reno Call Night
Wednesday, September 28, 2016
5pm - 8pm
No On Question 1 Campaign Office
3502 S Virginia St., A7
Reno, NV 89502
RSVP here
NRA Nevadans for Freedom NW Las Vegas Neighborhood Walk 
September 30, 2016
9am - 12pm
PT's Brewing Company
3101 N Tenaya Way
Las Vegas, NV 89128
RSVP here 
NRA Nevadans for Freedom Henderson Neighborhood Walk
October 01, 2016
9am - 12pm
Sierra Gold
1341 W Warm Springs Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89014
RSVP here
NRA Nevadans for Freedom Reno Neighborhood WalkOctober 01, 2016
10am - 1pm
No On Question 1 Campaign Office
3502 S Virginia St. A7
Reno, NV 08502
RSVP here
Western Trails Gun Show
October 01, 2016 - October 02, 2016
Texas Station
2101 Texas Star Ln
North Las Vegas, NV 89032
RSVP here
Join NRA on October 2nd at 10:00am for our Nevada Question 1 Breakfast and Campaign Update! At this event you'll hear important updates on ballot Question 1 from NRA staff and elected officials, and learn more about how you can be involved to help protect Second Amendment rights during this year's critical elections. Please RSVP for our free NV Q1 Breakfast and Campaign Update! A light breakfast and NRA materials will be provided to all attendees. For more information, please contact Grassroots Field Coordinator Keely Hopkins at 703-939-0824 or keely@nrailafrontlines.com


Breaking through the noise in the background checks initiative
Breaking through the noise in the background checks initiative external site
The Sandy Hook shooting in 2012, where 28 people died in a Newtown, Conn. school shooting – including 20 children 7 years old or younger – sparked a national debate on gun violence and legislation. Nevada was no different. In 2013, the Democratic-controlled Legislature narrowly passed a bill that would require background checks on all firearms transfers. However, Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval vetoed the measure, saying it was an “erosion of Nevadans’ Second Amendment rights.” One of his main concerns was that giving a gun to a family member would require a background check. Out of that veto, the Question 1 ballot initiative requiring background checks on all gun transfers was born, especially with no chance in the 2015 Legislature as Republicans controlled both chambers.
Question 1 a first step in eroding Nevada’s gun laws external site
In a recent editorial (“NRA’s wailing doesn’t drown out facts on background checks,” Sept. 4-10 edition), The Sunday claims the Question 1 gun-control ballot initiative is an “attempt at reasonable gun control” and portrays opponents as “fear-mongering.” But in the same breath, The Sunday acknowledges expanded background checks would will not solve gun violence and adds, “it is a step in the right direction.”


Don't NYC my Nevada Gun Rights external site
Join Governor Sandoval, and sign our pledge to oppose the Question 1 and send a clear message that his New York City anti-gun policies are not welcome in the Battle Born State!


Question: My best friend has just separated from her partner due to a domestic violence incident, and wants to borrow a gun because she thinks he is stalking her. Is this loan allowed under Question 1?
Answer: A temporary loan of a gun to a friend for defensive use isn’t exempted under the initiative unless the loan is “necessary to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm,” and the loan lasts only as long as necessary to prevent such threat. A fear of a possible future attack isn’t enough. Unless these and the other elements of the defensive use exception apply, this loan is allowed only if you and your friend satisfy the background check, paperwork, and fee requirements at a federally licensed gun dealer’s premises.
Question: What is the fee for a firearm transfer under Question 1?
Answer: Question 1 authorizes a licensed dealer to charge a "reasonable fee," but nothing in the initiative sets or limits this fee. Conducting background checks and filling out paperwork for guns that are not part of that dealer's inventory can be time-consuming. Typically, a dealer will charge anywhere between $20 to $50 for processing each private sale or transfer. For example, a non-exempt loan of a firearm will involve an initial fee for the transfer between the owner and borrower, and a second, separate fee for the “transfer” back to the owner.


As a gun owner in Nevada, your freedom is in more danger than ever before. Donate here. Every dollar you contribute will be spent fighting to save your gun rights on Election Day in YOUR STATE.
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Vote NO on Question 1
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