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Surprise, surprise -- Media do best to hide religion of mall shooter

Started by Robert M 

Armed gunman who killed five in the Cascade Mall, Burlington, Washington
Armed gunman who killed five in the Cascade Mall, Burlington, Washington
Does it make one an “Islamophobe” to strongly suspect that when a 20-year-old man walks into a shopping mall and shoots five people that he’s probably a Muslim?
If so, then color this Arab-American an “Islamophobe.”
As I got on my computer to check the news this weekend, I was pretty sure that’s what we would find.
While the news reports were all avoiding calling Arcan Cetin a Muslim, preferring say only that he was an immigrant from Turkey, where the Muslim population is 98 percent, I decided to do a little surfing.
I found his Tumblr page. And there it was.
“Say ‘SubhanAllah’ 10x and then reblog this, do not stop REBLOGGING it. Lets see how many people we will get to recite SubhanAllah,” he posted.
What does “SubhanAllah” mean?
“Glory to Allah.”
It’s not surprising that the media couldn’t find it.
They didn’t want to. I’ve seen this phenomenon too many times over too many years – beginning with the Beltway Sniper many years back.
They look in all the wrong places for the motivation. I know how this works having worked for 20 years in the so-called “mainstream media.” Their first hope is that the serial killer is a tea-party Christian. They haven’t found one yet, but they’re still looking and hoping. Next prayer is for an active member of the National Rifle Association. Still looking. Today they hope a Donald Trump supporter to go postal.
Unfortunately, Arcan Cetin posted on his Facebook page, “We win I vote for Hillary.” When that post got a lot of attention in the social media world, the mediaites proffered an explanation. He lost a bet over a football game and had to endorse Hillary. Sure. Whatever.
Can we get a grip yet?
Is it time to admit we have a problem with Islam?
Next they will tell us they can find no connection between the kid and the ISIS. Watch for it. He wasn’t carrying an ISIS card when he was arrested. That proves it’s not terrorism.
Then they will tell us it was a crime of passion. Perhaps one of the four women he killed had been involved in a relationship with him. Doesn’t change a thing!
This guy killed five people – four of whom were women in a makeup department of Macy’s. I’ll place another wager and guess none of the four were wearing a hijab.
It still comes down to the fact that we have a Muslim problem in the West. When are we going to recognize it – and stop importing them, stop subsidizing the resettlement of Muslims for whom we are unscreenable?
Has our nation gone insane? Or are Democrats just this desperate to attract future voters that they would ensure more bloodbaths, rapes, anti-Semitism, a future of misogyny and terror?
Has anyone been watching what has happened in Europe?
We’re paying to import human time bombs. Are some of them innocent refugees? Sure. But there are many more innocent refugees among the Christian population of the Middle East who are being systematically slaughtered. These people actually assimilate into American society. They are grateful for the chance to escape jihad, not initiate it within the Great Satan that is America. I know from personal experience.
Go to any Arab community in America. They are now dominated by Muslims. Why – when most Arab-Americans are actually Christians? Because the Christians assimilate. They move out. They become indistinguishable from any other Americans. The Muslims stay. They keep their customs. They maintain their lifestyles – lifestyles that revolve around the mosques, too often lifestyles of resentment, bigotry, misogyny and hatred.
Are these broad generalizations? Of course. But there is truth in this one.
Who says we have an obligation to import massive numbers of Muslims? Where is that written – except in the Ameri-phobic psyches of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton?
Again, I don’t fear Muslims. I don’t hate them. Many are nice people who wouldn’t hurt a fly. But a significant percentage are not. And Islam, as a way of life, is not compatible with liberty. If you disagree, show me a Muslim society that is conducive to tolerance for non-Muslims – let alone liberty for women.
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