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BJ3 Comment: “Hillary’s Deteriorating Condition”...
   As many of you noticed, we did not run many columns about Hillary’s “deteriorating” condition. Some readers called and said, “You’re suspicious, aren’t you? Do you think we are being played?”
    Well, we were “suspicious” on numerous fronts because, as we said, the person being dumped in the van seemed much thinner than Hillary. Plus, that person’s hair was straight, light blond...And, NEVER ONCE did the cameraman get even a partial shot of her face...a no-no in their circles, especially when they did get facial shots every other time.
   The last 3 or so weeks, we feel was all about a media frenzy with Hillary grabbing the attention of severely lowered expectations. Even the 3 days before the debate, same story...further lowered expectations.
   That was the targeted perception. “Everyone” was keying on Hillary...that she would look awful, was refused “coughing breaks” and a chair due to her “feebleness”. People would project: “When she came out on stage, how awful would she look? Would she fall?” and on and on. Even being suspicious, we still said “poor woman”.
   In football lingo, it’s basically called “the upset special”, the set-up...And all that , for sure, was crystalized when Lester Holt, near the end of the debate, asked one question (pre-planned), “Mr. Trump, you had said that Mrs. Clinton does not look presidential. What did you mean by that?”  An all time gotcha if we ever heard one.
   To his credit Trump had never attacked her “deteriorating” condition and was able to say that he was referring to her stamina.  Oh, but, my goodness, how quickly she recovered from her “pneumonia”.  Either that or one of those two Hillarys was not Hillary. For those who say Hillary won the debate, just ask them, “Oh, So you won’t be voting Trump?”

BJ3: Yep, Louie and I did agree on that...A possible set-up...
From: LOUIS Z...We won tonight...
I wanted to remind you of that re 9/11...and thinking about the whole scenario when Hillary Clinton had that so-called episode, I thought it might be a rope a dope......after tonight's debate I believe 99% that to be true.

From: sherzieve...
From: "doug walk"
"With billionaires and notable figures like Joseph Ricketts, Sheldson Adelson and even Sen. Ted Cruz now backing him, Trump’s chances of actually winning the election were looking better than ever."(The choice is clear, "Make America Great Again" or "Bring America Down Like Venezuela Did")  [That's your choices this election]
BREAKING: #NeverTrump Billionare Makes Massive Announcement... the Game Just Changed  http://conservativetribune.com/nevertrump-billionare-announcement/
BJ3: Trump was right again...BJ3: So why are they being allowed to invade? (Rhetorically speaking)...

BJ3: Well, we would have wanted the same...Trump- Blacks Wanted Me to Raise Birther Issue

From: Sher Zieve...
Do Obama and the Soros created and funded "Black Lives Matter" anarchists own this, now, too?
Civil rights museum denies Trump visit request
From: sherzieve...And another one who needs to go to jail...or prison...From: "doug walk" ..."An Ohio public school superintendent is insisting that he will continue to question homeschool parents after being advised by a legal group to restrict his inquiries to within what the law allows." (Another "dictator wanna-be" who doesn't have to follow the law) [Housecleaning time]  !!!!!!
OH superintendent on homeschool: 'I will question parents as I see fit'
From: Devvy...TAKE THESE ANIMALS OUT AND SHOOT THEM... http://devvy.net/cgi-bin/dada/mail.cgi/r/alerts/900601168252/bobjen3/optimum.net/ 

From: Sher Zieve...If Hillary wins...this will increase almost beyond measure.
Fresno street race crowd attacks CHP vehicle http://www.fresnobee.com/news/local/crime/article104168346.html
From: Savage...Savage: Exposing Marxist-Islamic axis now called 'hate speech'
From: sherzieve...
From: "John Rolls" ...
Liberals Demand Trump be Arrested for ‘Hate Speech’ – Petitioning Attorney General for Indictment –Video

From: COPmagazine@aol.com...
From: Kirk MacKenzie ...Outrage Ensues After Facebook Closes Multiple Activist Accounts
From: sherzieve...Oil is NOT a Fossil Fuel...
Just a reminder that the Left continues to lie, even when the "truth is out there!"oil is being replenished all of the time and is not a fossil fuel.
http://www.viewzone.com/abioticoilx.html   http://www.rense.com/general63/refil.htm   http://www.wnd.com/2008/02/45838/

American sailors refuse to stand for Star Spangled Banner http://www.speroforum.com/site/e.asp?l=CLJFQLWPGS18&u=ZUCFKGSSFE59

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