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I've Fallen in Love! (Don't Tell Gia)
Greetings from Wisconsin's 1st Congressional District, where I'm detailed in a herculean effort to unseat House Speaker Paul Ryan in the GOP primary here next Tuesday

And yes, I've fallen in love.

With downtown Kenosha!

This little small town right on the shores of Lake Michigan is absolutely fabulous.  Great, friendly people.  Great food.  Great bars.  And great scenery...
Kenosha1 2
View from my motel

View from my coffee shop next door

View of the "Jameson Bar" from my barstool at Mike's Chicken & Donuts

If it wasn't for that "winter" thing - snow, ice, freezing rain - I could definitely live here.

But back to the business at hand...and I have to be short because things are moving here at lightning speed. 

Do you believe in miracles?

Yes, it's still a longshot.  But the Paul Nehlen team has put itself in position for a YUGE upset and seems to be peaking at just the right time.

We've got fire-breathing conservative Ann Coulter and former Congressman Tom Tancredo coming in for rallies later this week and...

Well, you'll see what happened yesterday below in today's "Nehlen News" that I'm re-printing for your reading pleasure.

Maybe, just maybe, we'll shock the world and re-write history next Tuesday.  If you want to follow what's happening in these closing days, do this...

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Dr. Chuck Muth, PsD
Professor of Psephology (homeschooled)

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(Daily Beast) - Following Donald Trump’s criticisms of the father of a fallen war hero, several GOP leaders condemned the Republican presidential nominee’s attack.

(Sean Sullivan | Washington Post) - Donald Trump tweeted a word of thanks to House Speaker Paul D. Ryan's primary opponent for his "kind words" Monday, a notable shout-out that comes eight days before the primary in Wisconsin. . . . A Trump spokesman did not immediately respond to a request for comment on which words Trump was referring to in his tweet about businessman Paul Nehlen. But on his own Twitter feed Monday, Nehlen posted links to articles and pages on his campaign website that accuse Ryan of misrepresenting Trump's proposed Muslim ban and defend the mogul against Khizr Khan.


(Jamie Weinstein | Daily Caller) - Paul Ryan supports Donald Trump for president — but does Trump support the Republican House Speaker against his primary challenger?  It was assumed by many politicos that Trump was supporting Ryan in his primary fight against Wisconsin businessman Paul Nehlen, but the Republican presidential nominee put that assumption into question with a Monday tweet.

(Jeremy Diamond | CNN) - Donald Trump on Monday offered very public praise for a political candidate vying to unseat one of the top Republicans in Washington - House Speaker Paul Ryan.  Trump, who is facing an onslaught of criticism from Ryan and other top Republicans for his comments about the Muslim family of a deceased US soldier, thanked Ryan's Republican primary challenger, Paul Nehlen, on Twitter Monday for his "kind words."

(Los Angeles Times) - Paul D. Ryan, the House speaker, recently voiced support for the family of an Army captain killed in Iraq but never mentioned that they were in the news because of Donald Trump's attacks on them.

(Jaclyn Reiss | Boston Globe) - Is Donald Trump throwing shade at Paul Ryan?  The Republican presidential candidate tweeted praise Monday night for Paul Nehlen, who is the primary opponent for the house speaker’s Wisconsin congressional seat.

(Rachael Bade - Politico) - Donald Trump took to Twitter Monday night to thank Speaker Paul Ryan’s primary election opponent, Paul Nehlen, for sticking up for Trump in his feud with a Muslim couple whose son died on active duty in Iraq. . . . Trump's praise for Nehlen could escalate tensions between the GOP nominee and the most powerful Republican officeholder in the country, who already have an arms-length relationship.

(Cathy Burke | NewsMax) - House Speaker Paul Ryan never mentioned Donald Trump by name in a veiled rebuke Sunday lauding the Muslim family of a fallen Army hero, but the GOP nominee Monday night offered very public praise for Ryan's GOP primary opponent.

(Joel Gehrke | Washington Examiner) - GOP nominee Donald Trump on Monday gave valuable attention to Paul Nehlen, who hopes to defeat House Speaker Paul Ryan in an upcoming Republican primary campaign.  "Thanks to @pnehlen for your kind words, very much appreciated," Trump tweeted Monday evening.

(Jim Hoft | Gateway Pundit) - Speaker Paul Ryan hesitated this year to endorse Donald Trump for president - the record-setting Republican nominee.  On Monday night Donald Trump gave a shout out to Paul Ryan’s primary opponent businessman Paul Nehlen

(Associated Press) - House Speaker Paul Ryan is refusing to respond to Donald Trump's kind words for Ryan's Republican primary opponent.

(Scott Greer | Daily Caller) - A prominent Ted Cruz ally and political operative has set his sights on a new cause: attacking House Speaker Paul Ryan’s Republican primary challenger Paul Nehlen. . . . Paul Ryan’s campaign appears to be taking Nehlen seriously.

Meet the Republican trying to oust Paul Ryan
(Paul Bremmer | WorldNetDaily) - Paul Nehlen is just one of hundreds of candidates running for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives this year, but the businessman and inventor is running as if he’s in a national race. In a way, he is.  His Republican primary opponent, after all, is House Speaker Paul Ryan. And with the election scheduled for August 9, national attention is intensifying as the campaign comes down to the wire.

(Charles Johnson | GotNews.com) - Democrats should vote for Paul Nehlen (or more precisely against Paul Ryan) if only to cause chaos with the Republican leadership.  Who could forget when Mississippi Democrats delivered the primary election for Thad Cochran?  An open primary could mark a close for Paul Ryan’s political career.

(Brendan Kirby | Lifezette.com) - With an uphill primary race against House Speaker Paul Ryan in its final stretch, challenger Paul Nehlen is calling out the local GOP Establishment for trying to build a firewall to protect the incumbent.

(Julia Hahn | Breitbart News) - Ryan will face Wisconsin voters at the polls on August 9th. Should Ryan win his re-election and Trump lose, it is likely that — as Tim Kaine has predicted — amnesty will be enacted within the first 100 days, the TPP will be implemented, and criminal sentencing laws will be reduced, potentially resulting in an increase in the amount of violent crime and recidivism in U.S. communities.

(Ann Corcoran | Refugee Resettlement Watch) - There is only one thing to do in the next 7 days and that is to help Paul Nehlen defeat Speaker Paul Ryan in the first district of Wisconsin. The Republican primary is on August 9th.


(Paul Nehlen) - Liberals and the mainstream media are having a collective meltdown, verging on an aneurism, over Donald Trump responding to the political attack launched against him at the Democrats’ convention last week by the father of a Muslim-American soldier who was killed in Iraq.

Without doubt, Khizr and Ghazala Khan’s son – Captain Humayun Khan – is an American hero who gave his life in defense of the United States of America while serving in Iraq in 2004.  Our nation owes Capt. Khan and his Gold Star parents a debt that can never be repaid.  However…


In response to the media frenzy created by Khizr Khan’s speech at the Democrat National Convention – in which he politicized his heroic son’s death at the hands of a radical Islamic suicide bomber while serving as an American soldier in Iraq – and Donald Trump’s response, Congressman Paul Ryan said in a statement…


"The problem with Paul Ryan is his constant knee-jerk reactions to anything controversial Donald Trump might say without completely understanding the issue." – Paul Nehlen

“Mr. and Mrs. Khan chose to politicize the death of their son when they appeared on-stage in support of Hillary Clinton at the Democrat National Convention in Philadelphia.  Indeed, in his remarks Mr. Khan attacked, ridiculed and attempted to humiliate Mr. Trump and his positions on critical national security issues.” – Paul Nehlen

“Unless you can somehow vet on the front end whether or not a refugee is Shariah-compliant or not, and I don’t know how you do that, then yes, I would completely shut [the refugee admissions program] down.” – Paul Nehlen

“Richard Viguerie, a longtime conservative fundraiser who chairs American Target Advertising and Conservative HQ, agreed with Nehlen that Ryan and other establishment GOP legislators have betrayed conservative Americans. . . . Viguerie, the author of “Takeover,” believes Nehlen is at the vanguard of a power struggle for control of the GOP.” – WorldNetDaily.com

“We’ve focused a lot on Paul Ryan’s corruption and controversial lobbyist associations but we haven’t really discussed the likelihood that Paul Ryan may actually lose his primary race and that Democrats voting in an open primary may be the deciding factor.” – Charles Johnson, GotNews.com, 8/1/16

“In Wisconsin's 1st District, House Speaker Paul Ryan continues to crush primary opponent Paul Nehlen in cash on hand, with more than $9.5 million in the bank to Nehlen's $176,000. Nehlen did, however, outraise Ryan earlier this month…” – Politico’s “Morning Score,” 8/1/16

“Thus far, Speaker Paul Ryan has massively outspent his Republican primary opponent, Paul Nehlen. . . . Nehlen could deliver a surprise performance on August 9th because the election is an open primary.” – Julia Hahn, Breitbart News, 7/31/16


She’s brash.  She’s controversial.  She’s conservative.  She’s a syndicated columnist.  She’s an author of numerous best-selling conservative books.  She’s a regular political commentator on TV.    

And she’s coming to Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District on August 6 for two rallies in support of Paul Nehlen’s challenge to House Speaker Paul Ryan.

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