Tuesday, August 2, 2016

A Choice, Freedom or Socialism

Submitted and Written by: John Porter

Americans everywhere;
      On November 8 this year we, the citizens of the United States of America, are going to be faced with a monumental decision of epic proportions which will determine if we are going to remain a nation of individually free people or one of a people subjected to an all-powerful regulatory and dictatorial Socialist government. We will choose whether to hire Hillary Clinton president, a student of Saul Alinsky and confirmed Socialist, or whether to hire Donald J. Trump, a billionaire American businessman, and keep the United States Constitution as our foundation of freedom. Yes, it will be one or the other, and we do have the power and responsibility to make that decision. Surely we can sit for a few moments and reason together simply as American friends and neighbors, not Democrat or Republican, on this gargantuan issue.
      Please hear me out, for with a great deal of thought and careful consideration
I submit to you this nation was not established to be one ruled by leaders of various political parties. It was to be ruled by the people themselves, you and me. As Abraham Lincoln said, "of the people, by the people, for the people." This idea had never been tried before in the history of mankind. The men who founded this never-before-tried-method-of-government put into place a document, which if followed without exception, would always remain a nation of people governed by themselves.

      Along that vein of thought, Lincoln also said, "Our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation conceived in liberty...", and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal." He went on to say, speaking of being engaged in the Civil War, "We are met here on a great battlefield of that war, testing whether that nation or any other nation so conceived and so dedicated can long endure." I propose to you that we too, on November 8,2016, will meet together on a battle field called voting precincts to test whether that nation will any longer endure.
      Every American should put aside "political party affiliation," for there was no such thing in existence when this nation was founded. We were just Americans in a very unique country which had been conceived in liberty, living free from government regulations and oppression, reaping the rewards of our own efforts and individually helping those who couldn't provide for themselves. Those liberties are all guaranteed and protected by our Constitution. The Constitution was the fulfillment of the beliefs proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence. These were the beliefs for which the men who founded our nation were willing to fight and risk their lives and fortunes. That marvelous document is the EXPRESSED CONSENT OF THE PEOPLE GRANTING POWER TO AN INSTITUTION CREATED BY THEM FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF SECURING OUR GOD GIVEN INALIENABLE RIGHTS.

      The fundamental American concept of government is that a LEGITIMATE GOVERNMENT can only exist for this purpose and that its JUST POWERS can only be derived from the consent of those governed. The United States Constitution is THE LAW OF THE LAND, each and every government institution and the persons whom We The People consent to managing them, are bound and restrained by it. I do not believe that Hillary Clinton holds this conviction and wouldn't think twice in violating the oath of office to "uphold and defend the Constitution".

      Barack Obama has regularly demonstrated his total disregard for the foundation concepts of America, thus the true meaning of his campaign promise to "fundamentally transform" our structure of government.
He has scoffed at America's history and the Constitution. He has shown despise for our cherished traditions. He ridicules those among us who believe in "American Exceptionalism" and proclaims publicly that he does not. He, along with people like Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers and Saul Alinsky have mocked our Christian origins and hates our freedoms and prosperity. Their goal is to Socialize America. We have all heard Hillary Clinton publicly state she intends to continue and "build upon" Obama's policies.
      There is no doubt we have some serious problems and challenges in the economy, deficit spending, high taxes, unfair trade agreements with foreign governments,Islamic killers, and many other issues but the real danger we face, as a nation, is that of Hillary Clinton becoming president and continuing to "fundamentally transform" America into a nation with a government which no longer exists by the consent of the governed, but a Socialistic government in which the people have very little say.

      There is not a single example on planet earth where Socialism has worked. Socialism has never been, and never will be, about justice for the people but about power. Socialists like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and others, intend to destroy our Constitution by ignoring it and appointing Supreme Court judges who will change it from the bench. They have already started us down this path, but we can not allow this to be completed. We must return our federal government to its Constitutional bounds.

      We have gone so far it cannot be done in only a few days without doing a lot of harm to our social fabric. I believe, however, that we can begin by a carefully planned elimination of all unconstitutional federal control, regulation, and taxation and shifting the ones which are legitimate government functions to state and local governments where the people (we) can more easily control their management. The advances of Barack Obama and his current Socialist agenda can be stopped and reversed only IF we will be resolved and dedicate ourselves to replacing him with Donald Trump instead of Hillary Clinton.

      We are the people, the governed, the electors, and
we are facing a choice which only we can make. I hope and trust we can make that choice, not bound by a political party or anything else, but just an American.
"But I'm not sure about what Donald Trump will do," you might say. If that is your case, he is still the person to elect, for we know exactly what Hillary Clinton will do. She has made it very clear that she intends to continue down the current path we are traveling now. We will all step into a voting booth some where in this country on November 8 and choose either Hillary Clinton and the shackles of Socialism or Donald Trump and the United States Constitution with its Freedoms of Individual Liberty. Which ever ideology you choose will eliminate the other for generations to come. May God guide your contemplation on this most important decision.

Thank you:
God bless America.

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