Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Fellow Conservative,
In 2014, the Black Conservatives Fund launched an unprecedented boots-on-the-ground campaign to win over black voters in Louisiana in the race against liberal Senator Mary Landrieu.
Our targeted efforts in black precincts around Baton Rouge increased black voter turnout, TRIPLED Republican votes among the black community, and helped deliver this crucial Senate seat to conservative Bill Cassidy!
We targeted voters in historically liberal black neighborhoods around the capital city who were fed up with Barack Obama’s disastrous policies with a comprehensive campaign of phone calls, mailers, and door-to-door efforts.

We knew that we needed 5% of the black vote to win, and we exceeded that goal in our targeted neighborhoods!
After our success in 2014, we are ready to roll out an extensive 2016 Plan for Victory in critical swing states, just like we did in Louisiana.
When black voters aren’t contacted by conservatives, many will just vote for the liberal Left because of filtered news, targeted propaganda, and community pressure.
Many blacks never even hear about alternatives to the Democrats’ agenda, which is why the liberals can depend on upwards of 90 percent of the black vote. As long as they’re the only ones regularly communicating with them, the Democrats will continue to dominate the black vote.
But Blacks in America have suffered under the liberal policies of Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid. They’re waiting for an alternative to the failed policies of the Left — and we’ve made it our mission to deliver it!
BCF is the only group in America who has gone into targeted black neighborhoods, implemented aggressive on-the-ground campaigns, and assembled a documented track record of turning out the black vote for conservatives.
Liberals have come to expect that black voters will just show up to the polls and vote for them, and conservatives have been hesitant to engage black voters.
The strategy that helped Senator Cassidy beat liberal Mary Landrieu in Louisiana is exactly what we’re going to roll out across the nation, and we will deliver a sizable portion of those black votes to conservatives.
If we can peel off just a few percentage points of the black vote for Republicans, it will become vastly more difficult for Democrats to win elections.
We will contact black voters in targeted precincts every way we know how — with flyers, mailings, phone calls, and most importantly — door-to-door visits.
BCF is the ONLY group in America that is mobilizing black conservative activists to engage black voters face-to-face.
As an ever-growing number of black voters are sick and tired of failed liberal policies, they want a change. These good people need to hear about limited government solutions. They need to understand how conservative policies will benefit them.
The number of field offices we can open depends on how much we can raise. In 2014, it cost us $50,000 for our Louisiana office, and this year we’re hoping to be in at least 5 crucial states.
The Democrats have always had a strong ground game, which isn’t covered by the media.
We have the people on the ground who can pull this off, but we need to raise the money to launch these campaigns.
We proved that we can swing the black vote in Louisiana. Now we have to take our plan and implement it across the nation.
For America,
Ali A., Senior Advisor
Black Conservatives Fund

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