Monday, July 11, 2016


This little girl is talking about the GMO food she eats,
backed by Obama, made by Monsanto, that caused

MONSANTO, the same company, Obama did not stop 
from hiring Black Water, the most lethal mercenary army 
in the World…
But Obama did protect them in 2016, by signing HR. 933,
letting them continue to use government money to 
genetically modify seeds, making more deadly food then 
ever, for you and your children to feast on.
Here’s how you stay healthy with a self reliant, unlimited Food source.
(Watch it now, as the minute a government “stoolie,” sees it, it will be banned by google.)
Monsanto’s Plan:  To continue to buy up farms, and food
supplies (they own 91%) and have complete food control.
Food = POWER
Some seem to think they are in cahoots with our government and
FEMA to create a forced food crisis, leaving good citizens like you, 
starving unless you fall in line to Obama’s total control agenda.
Watch this video, and you’ll never need to stand on a FEMA line…
… or rely on the government at all…
You’ll be totally self reliant having all the nutritious food you need, in a space NO ONE can see, right here.
Lou Snipes
The Concealed Network

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