Monday, July 11, 2016


Stunning New Allegation By Woman Who Accused Bill Clinton Of Rape

Juanita Broaddrick has rarely discussed the details of her encounter with Bill Clinton claiming it was too graphic and horrific. However, she is now opening up to reporters confirming that she was raped...

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Obama Plotting To Turn Over The Internet To Hostile Nations

Senator Ted Cruz calls what Obama is doing a "great threat" and The Blaze also reports that Cruz claims it would "allow foreign governments to prohibit speech that they don't agree with."...

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Trump Putting GOP Pro-Life Plank In Jeopardy?

Conservative leaders are meeting to adopt the Republican Party’s national platform. Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump has said that he wants to change the current platform to promote abortions in certain cases. However, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin says...

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Shocking New Revelation About The Dallas Shooter

More and more disturbing news has been coming to light regarding Dallas shooter Micah Johnson. During negotiations between the police force and Johnson, officers say he laughed, sang songs and wrote “RB” in blood on the walls, but that's not all that has come to light...

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