Monday, July 11, 2016


False Flags, Racial Strife and the Call for Crisis Actors

Black Police Officer: “Black Lives do not matter to most Black People”
Community College Professor: Anti-Gunners must Arm themselves, Storm NRA Headquarters and Leave No Survivors
Prisoners Break Out of Their Cell in Texas to Save Guard
FBI Director Said This Would Happen to an FBI Agent If They Did What Hillary Did
War On The Streets Of America: Protesters Attack Police Officers In Major Cities All Over The Nation
Canadian Judge Turns a Blind Eye to Hate Crime Against This White Woman
Obama Releases “HIGH RISK” Gitmo Detainee Fayiz Ahmad Yahia Suleiman, “Poses Threat to USA”
A Prayer for a Nation Divided
Top Mining CEO Forecasts Triple Digit Silver Within Two Years: “The Manipulation Is Coming To An End”
Why Did the Presbyterian Church (USA) General Assembly Pray to ALLAH?
From Babel To Pentecost: How The Kingdom Of God Is Built Upon The Ruins Of Enemy Empires
Judge Has Georgia Newspaper Publisher Jailed After He Requests Public Records on Her
Company Selling Genetic Data On Millions of Americans: “Hand Over DNA, Vial of Spit At a Time”
Berkeley Doctor Says More People Die from Chemotherapy than from Cancer [VIDEO]
Washington Post Praises Islamic "Camp Ramadan" for Children
This Woman in Charlotte, NC Went to the Restroom - Look at what happened
They Know It’s Coming: Insurance Company Risk Experts Have Started Hoarding Physical Gold and Cash Ahead Of Crisis

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