Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Submitted by: David Bertrand

Hillary has "Absence Seizures" and is very serious

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Lisa Haven provides us with her brilliant analysis of selected DNC emails, for many of you that fear opening those emails for whatever reason(s)....she does it for us and what I found very interesting, besides the fact the Democratic Party is in massive damage control mode.... information she discovered concerning 10 dangerous medical conditions that Hillary has should disallow her from the presidency PERIOD !

Towards the end of her 18 minute presentation, she describes a condition Hillary has called, "Absence Seizures," a condition that lasts about 30 seconds and causes rapid eye blinking and head bobbing....but worse, she doesn't even know it has happened. (See Hillary head bob during an interview). These seizures are likely from a brain injury she sustained.

The woman is a mess and her party (pretty much) admits to that fact, in the few emails Lisa covers......

Folks...this is serious shit and we all have to be educated on what the enemy is doing at all times. Consider the Lisa Haven video as today's lesson.


Here's a few captured emails of high level DNC characters for your edification.

Lisa Haven's analysis of the DNC and Hillary Clinton

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