Wednesday, July 27, 2016


BJ3: Can’t wait to hear how The Pope is going to try to smooth out those relations...From: Jenny

BJ3: Yes...POLAND!...From: DON HANK..The tail no longer wags the dog. The elites figured that by this time in history, all the rich and powerful of the Establishment would be able to snap their fingers and the plebes would kiss their derrieres. The EU would be solid as a rock, the Clintons and Bushes would rule like never before, the media would lie unquestioned, etc. But they overplayed their hand, esp with their hordes of "refugees", and now even the Pope is not convincing his flock that he is God's deputy on earth. The Catholics on my list aren't kissing his ring or any other parts. Kindly open the link below.......
Pope Jorge will go to Poland but won't get red carpet

BJ3: Makes “sense” as she raised her husband’s BC issue at the convention of the pro-illegal alien party.
From: sherzieve 
From: "doug walk" ..."the DNC invited an illegal alien to accompany her daughter to tout Hillary Clinton for president. During her speech, which was televised on national TV, the daughter explicitly said her mother is in the United States illegally."  [OPENLY and PUBLICALLY ignoring our law] (This is how "hitlery" would abide by federal LAW if elected, SHE WOULD TOTALLY IGNORE IT LIKE OBAMA DOES"
From: sherzieve  
From: "freedomscry
Germany: Christian Names for Muslim Migrants? Moslems do not want to integrate

From: sherzieve  
From: "doug walk"...
“Yes to the Border Wall … but in Mexico’s South.” The piece praises the idea of border wall, not on the border with Mexico, but on the border with Central America."
(Mexico now want's "TRUMP STYLE" wall, but NOT with America)  [maybe Trump's co. will build it for them, "at the same time"]
Mexican Newspaper: Build a Trump-Style Wall with Central America - Conservative News
Study- Violent Crime Soaring in Major US Cities
BJ3: hmmmmm...From: sherzieve 
From: "doug walk"...
"Well, you imagined it, see, because extensively documented jihad attack didn’t happen, President Barack Obama told the world on Sunday."   (The only truly "Deranged man" is obama  AND his entire twisted deranged cartel including the distinctly mentally ill "HITLERY" ) 
That Jihad Attack on the Orlando Gay Nightclub Never Happened, Says President Obama - Conservative News
From: Jenny...Video: DNC Hands Out Hillary Signs to Press....Mainstream reporters proudly wave "I'm With Her" banners at DNC

...Sarandon Berning- Holds Up Anti-TPP Sign on Convention Floor
Democratic Convention Marred by Boos, Betrayals
BJ3: Ah, Yes...the birthing on new Trump voters.  Regular readers know that we said, way back when, that Trump could pull 30% of no Dem voters..From: Kirk MacKenzie [CitizensNewswire] #1081  
Bernie Booed By His OWN Delegates When He Asks Supporters to Vote for Hillary | MRCTV

From: Charlite...The Late, Great Democratic Party
From: Allan Wall ... My interview on Silvio Canto, Jr.'s show
BJ3: Hi. Monty...As for social media and related, we carefully try to stay away from such...From: Montgomery Blair Sibley  ...Bob...I have created a new social media website ( is completely uncensored as are Facebook, Twitter and Reddit.  I would like to see you archive there your emails for future reference by subject matter.  Additionally, that would allow groups of like-minded individuals to coalesce to act, rather than just read.  You will see if and when you visit ( ) that I have started a group – Bagpipers for Trump. My hope is we will make some noise as only Bagpipers can.
Thanks for reading this, I know you are a busy person. Monty. (no link)
From: Kirk MacKenzie.....
Is it just me, or do NYPD’s new police “uniforms" look eeriliy similar to Israel’s, shown in the enclosed article?
shot fails to protect...This year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is recommending for the first time that low-risk high school students receive the meningitis B (MenB) vaccine, first used in the United States in 2014. The recommendation is actually Category B, meaning that the CDC admits the shot...

From: Jenny...PHOTO: Look What Trump Did With His Plane 1 Day After Getting Nomination

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