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A Clockwork Orange Culture Worldwide
Winding Down the Endtime Events !!!

As evil violence and murder rules the planet ...
Our Nation is repenting, in revival and preparing
the way of the Lord. It will take divine intervention. 
This is not just an election. It’s a fight for the heart
and soul of our country. We’ll be able to combat the
mainstream media’s lies, stop Crooked Hillary from
ever setting foot in the White House, and WIN the
fight to Make America Great Again! We will never
forget your support. Thank you, Team TRUMP ...
Verily, this is the Truth without apology ...
With Hallelujahs and thanking all those
WTF - We The FreedomFighter beloveds
which post the Truth ...
Maranatha !

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Beyond RNC Epilogue‎ - DNC Ends before it Begins !!!

There is no compromise - we must save our Nation
as per our Father Lord God Almighty ....
Donald is of Holy Spirit fire ...
Indeed, Hallelujah ...                     

Trump doubles down on contentious claims
GOP nominee goes after Kasich, Cruz and other critics
by David Jackson - USA TODAY

Donald Trump is not backing down from a number of contested convention-week statements, including pledges to change NATO, a border ban that would affect Muslims and a number of countries, the tone of his acceptance speech, his refusal to release his tax returns and threats to fund opponents for Republicans who oppose him. The Republican presidential nominee said he would “probably” create a political action committee to fund opponents of Ohio Gov. John Kasich, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and one other person he wouldn’t name during an interview broadcast Sunday on NBC’s Meet the Press. “Yes, I will probably do that at the appropriate at time,” Trump said, though that is not his “No. 1” priority. [...]
Thanks beloved Ave Victoria ...

For America ! - Brad Parscale - Digital Director, Trump for President
Paid for by the Trump Make America Great Again Committee, a joint fundraising committee
authorized by and composed of Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.
 and the Republican National Committee.

Listen carefully to Donald ...
LIVE: FULL COVERAGE Day 3 of Democratic National Convention,
PLUS - DONALD TRUMP Press Conference set to HD
Live streaming now - 7/27 - FOX 10 Phoenix
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LIVE STREAM - Donald Trump Press Conference / Q+A Miami Florida set to HD
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John Hinckley Jr. released after 35 years ...
what the HeLL - Charlie Manson should also be released after the 1969 Helter Skelter ...
Would-be Reagan assassin John Hinckley to be freed after 35 years

WASHINGTON - John W. Hinckley Jr., will be released from a government psychiatric hospital
more than 35 years after he attempted to [...]

END TIMES SIGNS July 27 2016. Signs In The Heavens And On Earth: Bible Prophecy (10:15) set to HD
Published on Jul 27, 2016 - End Times Productions
Events are happening on a daily basis that prove we are in the End Times.
Time Is Running out, repent before its too late !

Political elite: Self-interest disguised as principles, public service for personal profit
by Lawrence Sellin PhD.

It is the consolidation of power that engenders corruption, but it is indifference that sustains it. Up until recently, our permanent, professional political class was largely content spending their entire careers living off of taxpayer revenues, while, at the same time, finding new ways of squandering our hard-earned cash on projects and services meant more to ensure their reelection than providing any tangible benefits to their constituents. Concomitantly, they expanded the reach of the federal government, further limiting our liberty with laws designed to consolidate their power and justify their useless existence. Apparently, life as public parasites was simply not enough. The new paradigm for the permanent, professional political class is public service for private profit. [...]

Trump showed at RNC he’s approaching the presidency like a smart CEO
by Herman Cain

One of the reasons I’ve been favorably inclined toward Donald Trump’s candidacy right from the start is that he saw something I saw when I ran four years ago. America needs a president who understands executive decision-making. [... ]

Race to the White House: Hillary Clinton's poll numbers decrease (2:17)
Published on Jul 25, 2016 -  FRANCE 24 English
FRANCE 24 live news stream: all the latest news 24/7

Poll: Trump gets bump following GOP convention
by Eliza Collins - USA TODAY w 68 pix Trump gallery

Donald Trump got a 6-point bump and has passed Hillary Clinton coming out of the Republican convention, according to a new CNN/ORC poll. The poll had the Republican nominee at 48% and Clinton at 45% in a head-to-head match-up. CNN's survey earlier in July had Clinton ahead 49% to 42% over Trump. The findings from CNN/ORC come the same day a CBS poll http://ttp// has the presumptive Democratic nominee tied with Trump, with each at 42%.Trump celebrated the polls Monday morning. Great POLL numbers are coming out all over. People don't want another four years of Obama, and Crooked Hillary would be even worse. #MAGA — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 25, 2016
RealClearPolitics  now shows Trump edging Clinton by 0.2 points in its latest rolling average of polls. The polls come on the first day of the Democratic convention in Philadelphia as the party tries to come together following the resignation of chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz on Sunday after the release of a batch of emails that show some top party aides favored Clinton during the primary. [...]

Trump tries to use Kaine pick to attract Sanders backers
by David M Jackson - USA TODAY

Donald Trump is still appealing to Bernie Sanders backers, and he’s now trying to use Tim Kaine as a lure. “The Bernie Sanders supporters are furious with the choice of Tim Kaine, who represents the opposite of what Bernie stands for,” Trump tweeted Saturday about Hillary Clinton’s new running mate. “Philly fight?” Trump followed up with a post attacking the Virginia senator himself: “Tim Kaine is, and always has been, owned by the banks. Bernie supporters are outraged, was their last choice. Bernie fought for nothing!” [...]

A Clockwork Orange (1971) w trailer
A Clockwork Orange (film)
A Clockwork Orange is a 1971 dystopian crime film adapted, produced, and directed by Stanley Kubrick, based on Anthony Burgess's 1962 novel A Clockwork Orange. It employs disturbing, violent images to comment on psychiatry, juvenile delinquency, youth gangs, and other social, political, and economic subjects in a dystopian near-future Britain. [...]
This article is about the novel ...
In 2005, A Clockwork Orange was included on Time magazine's list of the 100 best English-language novels written since 1923 [...]

Thanks beloved Craig Maus - CSA ...
As evil madness prevails worldwide ...
- mon amis, c'est tres mechant et mal ... (3:50) set to HD
Published on Jun 1, 2016 - Our Eye On Islam
More riots from Paris, France. This is what the media WILL NOT show you !!

Priest Beheaded By ISIS In France ! (0:37) set to HD
Published on Jul 27, 2016 - Our Eye On Islam
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Yavoh ~ He is coming !
Yahweh - Yeshua -  Ruach Ha-Kodesh
Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh אֶהְיֶה אֲשֶׁר אֶהְיֶה  
Minute by minute updates here ...
Watching for Yeshua Ha-Mashiach,7340,L-3089,00.html
Pray at the Kotel - the Western Wailing Wall
Entire Media News on this Planet
click continue to use

w vids Palestinian Authority aims to sue Britain for 1917 Balfour Declaration to remove Arabs
July 26th, 2016 AP newswire UK: Palestine Finds Legal Loophole, State of Israel Doomed
Britain is responsible for all Israeli war crimes since 1948 because it created the 1917 mandate which saw Arabs removed from their land to make way for the state of Israel, a top Palestinian diplomat has said. Originally signed by UK Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour, the agreement officially sanctioned the Zionist movement’s aims, leading to its later colonization of what was then the Ottoman-held territory of Palestine. Now the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) chief foreign minister, Riyad al-Malki, has told the Arab League that Britain will be held to account for its part in what Palestinians still see as a cataclysmic event. [...] (6:10) set to HD (1:49) set to HD
Published on Apr 7, 2015 - RT UK

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Thanks beloved Lorene ...
This is regarding the 20,000 leaked DNC e-mails and is 47 minutes long.
DNC Leak Scandal: Wasserman Schultz Resigns! | Mike Cernovich and Stefan Molyneux (47:21)
Published on Jul 24, 2016 - Stefan Molyneux

Thanks beloved Dr. Lyle Rapacki ...
By now you are aware of the extensive email document dump Wikileaks provided about the DNC. 
Mentioned below is a partial listing of said emails that are now in the public domain.
There are 20,000+ emails that were released into the public from the account of the
Democrat National Committee.  Quite revealing, nasty, dishonesty highlighted within
the higher echelons of the Democrat Party, unquestionable close ties by and between
the Democrat Party and liberal national media to coordinate political and social news.

The partial listing below are some of the more eye-opening emails and subjects.

DNC member killing horses for insurance money.
DNC making fun of black womans name.
DNC telling each other, “I love you too. no homo.”
DNC requesting a pull an MSNBC commentary segment.
DNC controlling the narrative with time released stories.
DNC conspiring to create false Trump information and release with Reuters.
DNC Hillary supporters infiltrated Sanders campaign.
DNC members going to complain to Morning Joe producers about his mentioning of a “rigged system.”
DNC discussing their relationship with NBC/MSNBC/CNN and how to get better treatment.
Super PAC paying young voters to push back online Sanders supporters. Paid shills.
Phil Griffin Meeting Briefing
DNC being messed with by the Washington Examiner.
DNC discussing Hillary’s policies as unfeasible.
$200k for a private dinner with Hillary.
Offering to send interns out to fake a protest against the RNC.
Faking outrage and pasting in a video later.
A mole working inside of the Sanders campaign.
Bringing up Sanders religion to scare the southern voters.
Possible money laundering by moving money back and forth to bypass legal limits. 
Politico writer sending his stories to the DNC before he sends them to his editor.
DNC feeding CNN the questions they want to be asked in interviews.
Creating a fake job ad for a Trump business to paint him as a sexist.
Hillary funding 2 million dollars in a cooridanted campaign in battleground states to win back the Senate.
DNC is upset that their “allies” didn’t send in protestors so they sent out interns.
“Clinton Foundation quid-pro-quo worries are lingering, will be exploited in general.”
$50,000 – Lawrence Benenson.
Daily Fundraising Report for the DNC.
Content & Social Strategy Discussion.
Re: BuzzFeed and DNC connection.
Draft linking news articles about trump to use as negative press.
Fwd: State Dinner Countdown.
Some chick is angry she hasn’t been given more stuff from
the Obama administration … might be interesting to follow up.

Re: State Dinner Countdown.
Tim O’Brien: Trump’s Fixation on Inflating his Net Worth is a Cause for Concern.
RE: May Fundraising Numbers.
Hillary for America Raised $26.4 Million in April, Began May
with More than $30 Million Cash on Hand.
Re: For approval: Trump supporter graphics.
Press talking points, states Hillary is their candidate, dated May 5, 2016.
More of a smoking gun than the ambiguous talk in the emails themselves.
Consultant calling megyn kelly a bimbo. Has PDF attached that says the same.
DNC trying to get away with violating the Hatch Act.
Democrats using interns to organize fake “protests.”
RE: Action on DNC tomorrow (Immigration Raids).

Leaked DNC emails ignite new tensions around convention
Sanders vows to rally around Clinton despite controversy

by Nicole Gaudiano - USA TODAY

 WASHINGTON - Democrats hope to project an image of unity Monday as Bernie Sanders delivers opening remarks at the party’s national convention. But an email scandal and the subsequent resignation of the national party’s top official threaten to undermine that theme. The Vermont senator said Sunday he wasn’t shocked but was “disappointed” by Democratic National Committee emails that suggest DNC officials were hostile toward his presidential campaign and favored former secretary of State Hillary Clinton. In one email among the thousands released by Wikileaks, a DNC official suggests the party could use questions about Sanders’ faith to hurt him in the South. In another email, the DNC’s chairwoman, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla., refers to Sanders’ campaign manager as a “damn liar.” On Sunday, Wasserman Schultz said she will step down as DNC chairwoman at the conclusion of this week’s convention in Philadelphia. But she also said she plans to open and close the convention and to “address our delegates about the stakes involved in this election not only for Democrats, but for all Americans.” [...]

w vid It will be hard to prove Russians are behind DNC hack, experts say
by Elizabeth Weise - USATODAY

The leaked documents show antipathy toward Sen. Bernie Sanders, which infuriated Sanders supporters.
SAN FRANCISCO - Computer security researchers say it’s difficult to definitively say the cyber theft of files from the Democratic National Committee was perpetrated by Russian hackers as some media outlets have reported. “Just because you find an AK-47 at a crime scene doesn’t mean a Russian pulled the trigger,” said J.J. Thompson, chief executive of Rook Security, an Indianapolis-based firm. On Friday, WikiLeaks released what it said were 19,252 emails and 8,034 attachments from leaders at the Democratic National Committee. The documents, which the DNC has not dismissed as fraudulent, show antipathy toward Bernie Sanders, who had hoped to win the party’s presidential nomination. They infuriated Sanders supporters and led to U.S. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s announcement she would step down as the committee’s chair. On Sunday, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, Robby Mook, said on ABC’s This Week that the emails had been extracted by the Russians to help Donald Trump’s campaign. To support his claim, Mook cited “experts.” [...]

Trump Nation and Clinton Nation

Leader of DNC will step down
Emails showed Clinton favored over Sanders
by Heidi M. Przybyla - USA TODAY

Debbie Wasserman Schultz will step down as chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee at the conclusion of this week’s convention, the Florida congresswoman said Sunday in a statement. The announcement follows the controversy over the release of party emails that depicted staffers favoring Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders during the primary campaign. [...]

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Yo, Malik. You need to watch your back !
by Judi McLeod

Yo, Malik, now that it’s out of the bag that you intend to vote for Donald J. Trump,
you’ll definitely need to watch your back. Many of us know that too many graves vote Democrat. [...]

Did Twitter suppress the DNC Wikileaks story?
by Matthew Vadum

Given what we know about Twitter and the leftists who run its Thought Police force, my off-the-cuff guess is YES, Twitter did it. Twitter doesn’t deserve the presumption of innocence in the court of public opinion because it is a serial offender. [...]

Voting with your conscience not really an option
by Judi McLeod

The America-wrecking ‘progressives’ are heading to their all glitz and glamor
Democratic National Convention tomorrow, laughing hilariously every step of the way. [...]

Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigns amid proof Democrat race was rigged to ensure Hillary win
by Dan Calabrese

I don’t know what Rob will do without Debbie Wasserman Schultz, one of his favorite foils.
First Jennifer Granholm faded into irrelevance, and now DWS has resigned as chairman
of the Democratic National Committee in the aftermath of the WikiLeaks document dump that proves
she and the DNC were in cahoots with the Hillary campaign throughout the primary race against Bernie Sanders. [...]

Thanks beloveds SuzanneShort and Nancy Battle ...
“Google is directly engaged with Hillary Clinton’s campaign,”

Assange said in a video. “Of course, when she is in power…she is a problem for freedom of speech. We know what she is going to do. She made the chart for the destruction of Libya—she was involved in the process of taking the Libyan armory and sending it to Syria.” Julian Assange’s ‘glorious gift’ to DNC shows how Crooked Hillary earned her moniker. The U.S. news media should take lessons on journalism from Julian Assange’s Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton coverage and give credit where credit is due to the real whistleblower of DNC corruption, Republican presidential hopeful Donald J. Trump. During the Bush administration and thereafter, Wikileaks founder and citizen-journalist Julian Assange was the Washington, D.C. super-gadfly who released tens of thousands of pages of government documents that not only embarrassed George W. Bush and his minions but also Barack Obama, whose idea of transparency appears to be Nixonian. Pages and pages of emails obtained and then released by   WikiLeaks reveals that Donald Trump was absolutely correct: the Democrats were involved in a massive conspiracy at the highest levels of the DNC to assure Crooked Hillary a victory over her rival, Bernie Sanders. Trump had said this from the beginning and now it’s been confirmed and being covered by news outlets extensively on the day before the opening of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. When asked about why Assange dislikes Mrs. Clinton so much, he noted: “She’s a war hawk with bad judgement who gets an unseemly emotional rush out of killing people.” [...]

In our election, Russian leader keeps getting into the picture
by Glenn Harlan Reynolds - USA TODAY

Call it the Putin Election if you want, because we have two candidates leading the pack who seem, in one way or another, likely to prove congenial to Russian President Vladimir Putin. On the Democratic side, we have Hillary Clinton, whose secret private-server emails are almost certainly already in the hands of Russian intelligence (probably along with several other nations’ spy services as well). What that means is Putin can embarrass Hillary — or worse — whenever he wants. We’re getting a small foretaste of that in the release of hacked Democratic National Committee emails. The emails show dirty tricks aimed at Bernie Sanders, including a plan to attack his lack of faith. They also show the DNC and Clinton folks getting awfully chummy with some allegedly professional journalists and putting pressure on news organizations. They show DNC staff worried that letting a Florida lawyer with ties to sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, whose private island Bill Clinton had visited several times, host a fundraiser might cause trouble.
These have already brought heat to the Clinton campaign, as Bernie supporters lash out at a system that looks rigged. But the real point, I suspect, is to deliver a message: Hillary is vulnerable, and if she crosses Putin she’ll pay. The leaks are allegedly from a hacker calling himself Guccifer 2.0, but given that many suspect this is just a blind for Russian intelligence and given that Hillary has some shady Russian deals in her background, too, I’m pretty sure the message is received. So if you don’t want a president who’s likely to be influenced by Putin, you should vote for Donald Trump, right? Well, the good news is that Putin probably won’t be blackmailing Trump. The bad news is that he might not have to because Trump has openly admired Putin, and the two appear to be on the same page about many things. [...]

The bottom line of HeLL on Earth ...

Hillary Clinton Names Pro-Abortion Tim Kaine VP, Says He’s “Catholic” Who “Supports Abortion”

Abortion activist Hillary Clinton today tapped pro-abortion Virginia Senator Tim Kaine has her vice-presidential running mate. The Virginia politician is on record as trying to have it both ways — saying he is both a “traditional Catholic” and a strong supporter of abortion. Kaine has a pro-abortion record and the potential Clinton running mate is not following anyone. As LifeNews previously reported, Kaine said he is a “strong supporter of Roe v. Wade”  despite supposedly being a “traditional Catholic.” “I have a traditional Catholic personal position, but I am very strongly supportive that women should make these decisions and government shouldn’t intrude,” Kaine said. “I’m a strong supporter of Roe v. Wade and women being able to make these decisions. In government, we have enough things to worry about. We don’t need to make people’s reproductive decisions for them.” [...]

Why Obama's half-brother says he'll be voting for Donald Trump
President Obama’s Kenyan half-brother wants to make America great again — so he’s voting for Donald Trump. “I like Donald Trump because he speaks from the heart,” Malik Obama told The Post from his home in the rural village of Kogelo. “Make America Great Again is a great slogan. I would like to meet him.” Obama, 58, a longtime Democrat, said his “deep disappointment” in his brother Barack’s administration has led him to recently switch allegiance to “the party of Lincoln.” [...]

Munich and much more ...
Published on Jul 23, 2016 - Mr Doom

Golly gee, we win over Germany,
most likely even over ISIS, yep fraid so ...
w vid Police: Munich shooter fascinated by mass killings
No link found to terrorism, only signs of depression
by Kim Hjelmgaard and Doug Stanglin - USA TODAY

MUNICH - Germany’s interior minister said Saturday that investigators turned up no link between Friday’s deadly shooting rampage in Munich and international terrorism, but did find that the 18-year-old German-Iranian gunman was fascinated with mass killings, particularly an attack in Norway five years ago. Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere, Germany’s top security official, identified the gunman in the attack that left nine people dead only as David, while the German media gave his name as Ali David Sonboly. The gunman died of a self-inflicted gunshot. De Maiziere said David researched a 2009 school shooting in Germany, as well as the attack by anti-immigrant agitator Anders Behring Breivik, who killed 77 people in Norway in July 2011. Initial investigations suggested that the shooter, the son of two asylum seekers from Iran who came to Germany in the late 1990s, had been treated for psychological problems. Police Chief Hubertus Andrae said Saturday there were signs the gunman suffered from depression. The dead included three “youngsters,” police said. Three people among 27 injured remained in critical condition. The shooting began outside a McDonald’s and later erupted at the Olympia shopping mall. Munich police said the gunman apparently hacked a Facebook account and sent a message urging people to come to the mall for a giveaway. [...]

4 people killed in Texas shooting, authorities say
USA Today Network KVUE-TV, Austin, Texas

BASTROP, Texas — Four people were killed Saturday in a shooting at a Texas apartment complex, authorities say. According to Bastrop Police Detective Vicky Steffanic, the fatalities included one adult man, two adult women and a child. One child was transported to the hospital with minor injuries. “The shooter is among the dead and there is no further threat to the public,” Steffanic said. Authorities did not identify the victims. Steffanic declined to comment on a motive for the shooting. The shooting was reported after 6 p.m. at an apartment complex in Bastrop, about 35 miles southeast of Austin. At least one nearby resident told the Austin American-Statesman that those found dead were residents of the complex.

Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight,
and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us,

Hebrews 12:1 KJV

A Clockwork Orange Culture Worldwide
Winding Down the Endtime Events !!!

WTF - Here is the perfect example of how far away from God the planet culture has gone.
Sleezy Club Blu is a bottoms down strip pit - an evil place of satanic worship with the
sacrificial murder of children and 'parents' allowed their children to attend ...

3580 Evans Ave - Fort Myers, FL

Club Blu Swim Suit Glow Party
Club Blu was hosting 'swimsuit glow party' open to Fort Myers teens when shooting began
by Michelle Williams

An early morning shooting during a teen night at a Florida nightclub killed at least two people and injured 17. Around 12:30 a.m., Fort Myers police were called to Club Blu for a report of a shooting in the club's parking lot. "Upon arrival, officers located several victims suffering from gunshot wounds," the department wrote in a statement. "Injuries ranged from minor to life threatening." Three have been detained in connection with the shooting. The Fort Myers business was hosting a "swimsuit glow party" Sunday night, according to Club Blu's Facebook page, offering discounted admission to all in swim attire. The event was open to teens and pre-teens only, Club Blu said in a statement, with some as young as 12 years old in attendance. The middle and high school students were leaving Club Blu when shots rang out in the business' parking lot, Club Blu said. "We tried to give the teens what we thought was a safe place to have a good time," a statement from the business reads. "As the club was closing and parents were picking their children up, that's when all this took place." The ages of victims range from 12 to 27 years old, Cherly Garn, a spokeswoman for Lee Memorial Health System, told the Associated Press. The names of those killed have not been publicly released. [...]

w vid Fort Myers club shooting: What we know
Steph Solis and Matthew Diebel - USATODAY

Photos: Shootings at Fort Myers Club Blu on teen night
At least fifteen people were shot and two people were killed after gunfire erupted outside
a Fort Myers nightclub on teen night late Sunday night and continued in other locations. 
Three people have been detained.

w vid Florida shooting: 2 confirmed killed, 14-17 injured at Club Blu nightclub in Ft. Myers
... Lee Memorial hospital, which is treating 16 victims from the shootings, says that
the youngest person is just 12 years old, while the oldest is 27. Four people still remain in hospital,
while one is in a critical condition and another is in a serious condition. [...]

Florida: shooting in Club Blu nightclub in Fort Myers, at least 2 dead (0:19)
Published on Jul 25, 2016 -  FRANCE 24 English

Lehigh basketball star Stef'An Strawder killed in Club Blu shooting
#basketball star Stef'an Strawder among those killed
@lehighsenior #basketball star Stef'an Strawder among those killed 
#swfl #ClubBlu #shooting
— Michael Harris (@NPMichaelHarris) July 25, 2016

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C-SPAN DNC 2016 convention

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#ClintonNation: This is why Americans are voting for Hillary Clinton
by Rick Hampson -  USA TODAY

Fact check: Night 1 of Democratic convention
by Robert Farley -

The WTF speech from evil bobblehead Hillary ...
Before the DNC convention starts ...
Globalist Hillary mentions PNAC ...
Hillary Clinton VFW Convention FULL Speech 7/25/16 Charlotte (29:38)
Published on Jul 25, 2016 - LesGrossman2015
Hillary Clinton repeatedly criticized Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump during a speech at the VFW Convention in Charlotte Monday – her second appearance in the city this month. Clinton, the former secretary of state, took the stage at the Charlotte Convention Center at 11:30 a.m. It’s the same venue where Clinton campaigned with President Barack Obama on July 5. Her speech ended at around noon.
Started live streaming at 12 noon EDST and has not stopped - FOX 10 Phoenix
by Desert Diamond  - West Valley, Nevada -  
Hallelujah !!!

Convention roll call nominates Hillary - BLM victims - pervert Bill speech ...
Day 2 takeaways: In the spring of 1971, Clinton met a girl
by Paul Singer and Cooper Allen, USA TODAY

LIVESTREAM: BREAKING: Bernie Sanders Delegates Walk Out
- Democratic National Convention Day 2 (8:17:03) set to HD
Live Streaming 20+ hours ago - FOX 10 Phoenix
Day 2 of the Democratic National Convention. "Mothers of the Movement" is the theme.
pervert President Bill Clinton
Former clueless President James Carter
Joe Sweeney, 9/11 first responder
~ BLM anarchists mothers ...
Gwen Carr, mother of Eric Garner
Sybrina Fulton, mother of Trayvon Martin
Lezley McSpadden, mother of Michael Brown
Geneva Reed-Veal, mother of Sandra Bland
and more ...
I pray this is some kind of joke from HeLL ...

Scorched earth ...
California fires rage, raze homes w pix gallery
by Steph Solis - USA TODAY

Two wildfires continued to rage across California on Sunday, forcing the evacuation of thousands of homes and leaving at least one scorched body in the aftermath. Since Friday, firefighters have battled the Sand Fire that burned 34 square miles near the city of Santa Clarita, north of Los Angeles, and the Angeles National Forest. Sixteen square miles burned in the Big Sur region about 300 miles to the north. Eighteen homes were destroyed. The Sand Fire “started consuming houses that were non-defendable,” Los Angeles County Deputy Fire Chief John Tripp said, adding that the fire whipped through the area “like a freight train.” [...]

Jerika Bolen has a terminal disease that is destroying her body.
But this special night was about life,
not death: a farewell prom to say goodbye

by Jim Collar - The (Appleton, Wis.) Post-Crescent

APPLETON, WIS. - They came from California, Florida, Indiana and points in-between. A You-Tube star made a surprise appearance, members of a favorite boy band poured their hearts out in a video message, and flowers arrived from around the world. All for a 14-year-old girl from Appleton, Wis., they had never met. Jerika Bolen has spinal muscular atrophy type 2. The disease destroys nerve cells in the brain stem and spinal cord that control voluntary muscle activity, and a lack of movement causes the muscles to waste away. Jerika has never walked. Her pain is a seven on a scale of one to 10 on her best days. She speaks and has some movement of her hands, but the disease — and pain — are only going to get worse. Earlier this summer, with the support of her ever-dedicated mother, Jen, she decided that, while she can still make her desires known, she will be put in Hospice care, un-But first, she wanted her last wish — a prom. Dubbed “J’s Last Dance,” she took to the dance floor Friday night as a steady stream of well-wishers flooded into the Grand Meridian ballroom in Appleton to say goodbye to a girl whose attitude in the face of heartbreaking misery has been inspirational. [...]

IOC cops out with Russians to federations on doping crisis
by Nancy Armour - USA TODAY

Russian whistleblower Yulia Stepanova can’t take part in Rio because of a previous doping ban. The International Olympic Committee has sold its soul. Worse, it has sold out all those clean athletes who have been begging for someone to have their backs, along with the woman brave enough to reveal Russia’s dirty secrets. Integrity, decency, fair play — those are no longer the ideals on which the Olympic movement proudly and firmly stands. They have become chips to be bargained away in exchange for money, support and power. What’s the disappearance of a few hundred positive tests among friends when compared with $51 billion to further the myth that the Olympics are a celebration of the world at its best? By refusing to impose a blanket ban on Russia for the Rio Games, despite damning evidence of a widespread doping program traced to the highest reaches of its sports administration, the IOC left no doubt whose side it’s on. And it sure isn’t the athletes. [...]

w vid ISIL claims two of its 'soldiers' hacked to death
84-year-old Father Jacques Hamel celebrating Mass

by Matthew Diebel - USATODAY

Five people – the priest, two nuns and two worshippers – were inside the church in Saint-Étienne-du-Rouvray, near Rouen, when it came under attack, the AP reported. Archbishop Dominique Lebrun of Rouen identified the slain priest as 84-year-old Father Jacques Hamel. Three people were rescued unharmed, Brandet said. The hostage-taking occurred during morning Mass, he told reporters. The Islamic State claimed responsibility for an attack on a French church Tuesday in which an elderly priest was killed and four hostages seized. The two attackers, whom the terror group described as "soldiers," according to the Associated Press, were later shot and killed by police. Another person inside the church, near the Normandy city of Rouen, was seriously injured and is hovering between life and death, [...]

w vid At least 19 die in Japan knife attack
Japan knife attack suspect: 'It’s better that the disabled disappear'
by Kirk Spitzer - USA TODAY

TOKYO – An apparently disturbed man arrested in a stabbing rampage at a care facility for mentally disabled people near Tokyo on Tuesday had earlier warned authorities that he might carry out the attack, according to police and local news media. At least 19 are dead and 26 injured after the man, a former employee, allegedly broke into the facility early Tuesday and went room to room stabbing patients with a knife. He was arrested without incident after he turned himself in at a police station nearby, according to Kyodo News Service. It is one of the worst mass killings in Japan since World War II. [...]

80 people dead ...
Kabul bombing raises worries about Islamic State threat
Terrorist presence is small and weakened but still venomous
ISIL could inflict more damage in Afghanistan
by Jim Michaels - USA TODAY

The weekend suicide bombing in Kabul that killed 80 people raised worries that the Islamic State may be gaining a foothold in Afghanistan even as the U.S.-backed government makes headway in its fight against the Taliban. Saturday’s attack targeting the Shiite Hazaras minority was one of the deadliest attacks in the Afghan capital in more than 10 years. The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the bombing that occurred during a peaceful demonstration. “We might be seeing more of these large-scale attacks,” said Patrick Johnston, a terrorism analyst at the RAND Corp. “That becomes a huge security concern.” The attack bore the hallmarks of the Islamic State, which launches massive strikes against civilian targets to heighten tensions between Shiites and Sunnis. [...]
w vid

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All of you Facebook users out there will be interested in this article ...

The Facebook Menace - Algorithms with Agendas - Don't be his bitch.
By every available measure, Facebook is this planet’s most influential news source. One billion six hundred fifty million people devour its News Feed every month, which is sufficient influence to alter real-world events. Unsuspecting subscribers believe that news presentations on Facebook are the uncorrupted selections of impartial computer algorithms untainted by human prejudice or political predilection. According to a Pew study, fully 63% of Facebook users consider it to be a news service. Memo to clueless Facebook habitués: none of this is true. [...]
Here's a bit from it:
If you were so foolish as to install a Facebook app on your iPhone or Android without reading all the fine print with a lawyer at your elbow, then you granted permission for Mark Zuckerberg and his nosy band of techno-toadies to eavesdrop on all of your cellphone conversations; they overhear whatever you are tuned in to on your radio and television. If you are chatting about sex toys with your lover, then expect to be presented with advertisements for dildos and K-Y jelly on your computer. This was confirmed by Kelli Burns, a mass-communications professor at the University of South Florida, who talked about chosen topics near her cell phone and soon received related advertisements on her Facebook News Feed. These phones have a microphone function that allows Facebook to eavesdrop on you even when your cell phone is not in use. As a Facebook subscriber, you have made a handshake deal with the Devil: In return for amazing connectivity you have become Mark Zuckerberg’s bitch. For iPhone users: Go to Settings >> Facebook >> Settings >> now slide the microphone switch to the left until the display turns from green to white. That turns off the microphone. For Android users: Go to Settings >> Privacy >> now change the permissions in the Facebook app. If this doesn’t work, contact your cellphone carrier for help. 

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END TIMES SIGNS July 27 2016. Signs In The Heavens And On Earth: Bible Prophecy (10:15) set to HD
Published on Jul 27, 2016 - End Times Productions
Events are happening on a daily basis that prove we are in the End Times.
Time Is Running out, repent before its too late !

Published on Jul 26, 2016 - Mr Doom

Published on Jul 25, 2016 - Mr Doom

Published on Jul 24, 2016 - Mr Doom

ALIEN Outposts On Moon & Mars? Whistleblower Exposes Nasa Lies 7/24/16 (21:18)
Published on Jul 24, 2016 - secureteam10
Moon dome links: &
Ken's website:

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Sulfur Dioxide Gas + Fires erupt at Yellowstone - EQ 3D (17:12)
Published on Jul 24, 2016 - dutchsinse
Dozens of viewers asking about reports that plumes of SULFUR DIOXIDE GAS are showing
up with Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Carbon Monoxide (CO) reaching around the perimeter
of the large underground magma chamber associated with Yellowstone Supervolcano.

See the Sulfur Dioxide gas levels here:,42.61,3000/loc=-110.153,43.620
See the smoke from the sudden "fires" here:
w vids See the detailed graphics showing the new found size of the Yellowstone magma chamber:
The magma chamber has been found to reach far West into Idaho, and North into Montana from recent studies / tests done by professionals. We covered this new magma chamber story when it broke this past year
Download the full version of earthquake3D here:
Free version here:

Signs In The Heavens And On Earth:
END TIMES SIGNS Bible Prophecy Pt.26 (11:20) set to HD
Published on Jul 26, 2016 - End Times Productions
Time Is Running out, repent before its too late !

Demons, Illuminati, Gay Agenda. Satan is in Contro l!
Use GOD to PROTECT you during the End Times !! (11:26)
Published on Jun 25, 2016 - End Times Productions
GOD will save your soul and protect you !

Published on Jul 26, 2016 - The WTF Files

Lightning beam UFO ...
Huge 6 point star In Arabian Desert, NASA's Mars Secret & More! 7/26/16 (14:21) set to HD
Published on Jul 26, 2016 - secureteam10
Arabian Desert Formation:

7 Things About EARTH Science CAN'T Figure Out (9:20)
Published on Jul 26, 2016 - Strange Mysteries

5 Most Common Myths About Space (5:15)
Published on Jul 23, 2016 -  #Mind Warehouse

Water Tunnel Discovered Beneath Mayan Temple In Palenque (3:29)
Published on Jul 26, 2016 - DAHBOO77

FLAT EARTH Science - Dr. Stanton Friedman & Mark Sargent Round Table (2:45:15)
Published on Dec 20, 2015 - Chris Geo

The dumbing and numbing ...
Our Youth knows nothing ! This Video Is Truly Terrifying !! (2:07) set to HD
Published on Jul 27, 2016 - Our Eye On Islam
Stupid is what stupid does...

Shocking Secret Of Ancient Egypt - Full documentary (45:51) set to HD
Published on Oct 7, 2015 - Special Documentary

Empire State Building Struck By Lighting w slo-mo (0:27)
Published on Jul 26, 2016 - SefferyJr ♏

On NOVA - When lightning strikes Documentary - Sprite analysis (53:33) set to HD
Published on Jul 5, 2015 - World History Videos

Breaking - 99.993% Chance of Giant Planet in the Solar System
- Caltech - New Documents (1:06:59)
Published on Jul 23, 2016 - Leak Project
Breaking news and data, hot off the press. Some of the top mins concur = There is a 99.993% chance of a Giant Planetary Body in our solar system. Here is the document to verify. Thank you Jason for your contribution and Special Thanks to the California Institute of Technology , Michael Brown , Konstantin Batygen & All that have participated.

Published on Jul 23, 2016 - The WTF Files
All indicators are pointing to the return of Planet X, 7X or Planet Nibiru, as soon as this December 2016! Climate change has already begun around the world just as predicted by John Moore in 2009. Bob Fletcher has been researching the possibilities of Planet X, Nibiru, Nemesis, Wormwood for over 25 years. He recently came forward to lay out his findings with the world. If you are truly concerned about those you love and the future of this planet. Please Share this info. with everybody you know. It may be the most important information you ever share! Fletcher Says the first sightings will likely be in the month of December 2016 or 2017. With the serious effects hitting the earth over the following 4-5 months after! 

Russian Alert: NIBIRU PLANET-X Space Event Imminent! The preparation has begun (15:54)
Published on Jul 23, 2016 - USA-UK News

Something You've Never Seen is Happening Worldwide! (2016-2017) (12:08)
Published on Jul 23, 2016 - Jason A
Are we Living in the Last Days? Strange Happenings from around the world in just this
last week end times shootings new world order America Europe world news events.

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Sun, Earthquakes, Weather, New Ceres Mystery | S0 News Jul.27.2016 (5:11)

Missing Dark Matter:
Green Foam:
New Windmap with CAPE:
USGS Quake Challenge:
Layman’s Version of Sun/Quake Explanation:
Our Twitter Alerts:

More articles on the methane holes exploding.

Red Lake Urmia
Like the Aral Sea, Iran’s salty Lake Urmia has shrunk rapidly during the past few decades. As it grows smaller, the lake grows saltier. And as it grows saltier, microscopic organisms are periodically turning the water striking shades of red and orange. The Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA’s Aqua satellite recently captured a transition in the color of Lake Urmia between April and July 2016. [...]
New Dwarf Planet Candidate:

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