Friday, July 29, 2016


BJ3: And another should be added for discrimination against non-business customers by not allowing them to upgrade to the same Windows 10 as the enterprise version...
Microsoft faces two new lawsuits over aggressive Windows 10 upgrade tactics 

Microsoft makes Windows 10 hardware change for PC security  Starting on July 28, Microsoft is making TPM 2.0 hardware-based security layer a requirement on Windows 10 smartphones, PCs and tablets.
...The Donald Shuts Down NBC Reporter- 'Be Quiet, I Know You Want to Save Her'

Obama Says All Is Well with America... Compares Trump to Jihadists
Gohmert: Time to Say Thank You, Goodbye to McCain... and Elect Kelli Ward
SHOCK- Hollywood Dem Turns on Hillary AT DNC… Issues Stunning Trump Statement
From: Jenny...Leftist Protester Catches On Fire from Burning U.S. Flag.....Police and protesters attempted to treat the injuries and worked together to carry off the burned protester.
From: Jenny...WOW! DNC Turned Lights Out on Bernie Hecklers in Audience to Control Optics

Bernie Delegate: DNC is Replacing Sanders Supporters With Paid Seat Fillers to Create Fake Unity...Dem establishment desperate to avoid optics of half-empty convention...
From: D Johnson...
The DNC is full of empty seats after Hillary nomination!
From: blueislandbobsue...
Just another action to prove their FRAUD and DECEPTION, TO PUT IT MILDLY!!!  God Bless and Protect our America...
From: "Nancy Battle"   From: Lea2319...HEHE...THIS IS JUST TOO GOOD!!
DNC exposed on video installing noise machines to simulate clapping during Hillary speech

BJ3: Precisely what is needed...From: Pastor Lee   From: Dave Bertrand...A Trump Win Destroys Both Parties and Exposes The Traitors of Our Republic
Trump Enters Danger Zone as Hillary Slides, Assassination Now a Distinct Possibility...Danger lies ahead for Trump and the prospect of liberty.


BJ3:’s about time they did something...Italy Deports Radical Imam, Named Daughter ‘Jihad’

From: Jenny...France Announces Formation of National Guard as State of Emergency Continues Militarization turning France into autocratic police state...

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