Friday, July 29, 2016


Dear fellow patriot,

Democratic Vice-Presidential nominee Tim Kaine just made a shocking admission that should bury Paul Ryan.

Kaine said he is looking forward to working with Paul Ryan because Ryan will help get Hillary Clinton's agenda implemented! According to Kaine:
"[Ryan] wants to do things.... There's going to be room to make some things happen."
Specifically, Kaine told Telemundo that they would "work together" with Ryan to get amnesty passed in the first 100 days of Hillary Clinton's presidency!
Tim Kaine just made my case for our campaign to DUMP RYAN! I simply couldn't have said it better. The Hillary Clinton team does not see Ryan in any way as an obstruction to their radical agenda. In fact, Tim Kaine is looking forward to working with Ryan to "make things happen"!
We simply must DUMP RYAN, but I have less than two weeks to get the job done.

We are still short of our most urgent, immediate funding goal to get our new "angel moms" TV ad out and expand other efforts right now.

Can I count on you to help? 

Please go here to help me launch our new ad and expand our efforts to DUMP Tim Kaine's ally, Paul Ryan:

Simply put, Ryan is the most open borders, pro-Wall Street, anti-worker member of Congress in either party.

That's why Tim Kaine is excited to "get things done" with Paul Ryan.

Let's make sure that never happens! Help me DUMP RYAN on August 9.

Paul Nehlen

P.S. Our new "angel moms" TV ad is being finalized today. I need to raise $20,000 OVER AND ABOVE our budget in the next 48 hours. Please help me fight back against Ryan's Establishment-funded barrage. Go here:

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